Monsanto Poison
There's a world outside your window
And it's a world of dreaded fear
Where the only water flowing is a bitter sting of tears
And the Christmas bells that ring there are the clanging chimes of doom

"Do They Know It's Christmas Time" by Band Aid
After a recent Christmas carol service, I got chatting to a local farmer who dropped into conversation something that not only alarmed me in regards to the corruption in the commercial food industry, but also just how vulnerable we are to the profiteering of the 'food' producing multinationals:

When you buy a roasting beef joint from one of the major chains in the UK, were you aware that the beefy part is sourced locally but the fat around it - essential for cooking the roast - is flown all the way over from Brazil, cut up and slapped around it before sale?

The reason for this, I'm told by the farmer who has full knowledge of these absurd practices, is that the large supermarket chains squeeze local farmers by insisting that the fat content of the procured meat must be below a certain level. In doing so they greatly reduce the price at which meat is purchased for the supermarket shelves. It would stand to reason that the pressure would also encourage the use of hormones/feeds/varieties that produce lower fat carcasses. If I understood correctly, the consumer ends up paying a similar price for the beef that's been transported locally and the fat that's been shipped halfway around the world.

Now, I don't know, how it can be cheaper for the supermarkets to import the fat from Brazil, perhaps it is a by-product from some food-processing monolith. This isn't uncommon, as we know, in the globalized planet in which we now live. For their Christmas dinner, undiscerning consumers will enjoy turkey from Brazil and dog salmon from China. However, what really concerns me is just how little we are told about where our food comes from and what's in it. We are unwittingly part of the world's largest experiment and in this example we don't know whether the Brazilian fat comes from cows fed on GMO's or not. The likes of Monsanto are using their vast wealth and lobbying power to obfuscate important information that rids us of the freedom to make choices that could save our lives.

Monsanto are Evil

Monsanto works hard to hide the birth-defect generating and organ disrupting nature of GMO's. They are responsible for the murder of children and rampant destruction of our natural habitat. They are guilty of systematic Human Rights abuses, the destruction of Farmers livelihoods, secret poisoning of the population with Roundup™ and the release of the greatest environmental plague ever.

The truth is out and Forbes pretty much sums up the current consumer opinion of Monsanto the GMO Monster:
"Monsanto is so despised by environmentalists that Google's first suggested search term for the St. Louis company is 'Monsanto evil.' Readers ... voted Monsanto the world's most evil corporation in a January poll, giving the corporation a whopping 51 percent of the vote."
After Hungary's tough stance on GMO's it was refreshing to see France take a stand against GMOs with GM maize unlikely to hit French fields next year despite the end of a ban on Monsanto maize.

The latest damaging publicity involves a report from 20 food and conservation groups in developing countries that found that GMOs had failed to increase the yield of any food crop but had increased the use of chemicals and growth of superweeds. If that is not enough, further reports highlight that the active ingredient in Roundup™: glyphosate, is being left behind in residue on crops leading to mental illness and obesity.

Monsatan's Little Helpers

To reverse it's well-deserved negative publicity, Monsanto has dug deep into its vast cash reserves to launch a PR bribery campaign which essentially involves paying famous people lots of cash to be 'ambassadors' aka snake-oil-salesmen:
Europe's largest and most influential biotech industry group, whose members include Monsanto, Bayer and other GM companies, is recruiting high-profile "ambassadors" to lobby European leaders on GM policy.

Leaked documents from a PR company working for Brussels-based EuropaBio claim to have "had interest" from Sir Bob Geldof; the chancellor of Oxford University and BBC Trust chairman, Lord Patten; former Irish EU commissioner and attorney general David Byrne, and "potentially" the involvement of former UN secretary general Kofi Annan and pro-GM science writer Mark Lynas.

The 10 or more ambassadors will not be paid directly, but the lobbyists have offered to write, research and place articles in their names, arrange interviews and speaking engagements with the Financial Times and other international media, and secure for them what could be lucrative speaking slots at major conferences.

In addition, EuropaBio says it will introduce them to the highest-level European bureaucrats and MEPs in order for them to make the case for GM within EU institutions.
This is much the same way that Big Pharma carries out its practice of bribing doctors and academics to promote their ineffective and toxic products. Not exactly cash-in hand, but there is a blatant financial reward for selling your soul to Monsanto. It must be a tempting reward too, to make Sir Bob Geldoff reply to questioning with a non-denial denial:
Geldof told the Guardian: "I have no recollection of having any knowledge of EuropaBio and have no recollection of ever being asked to be an ambassador. GM, subject to all the known and usual caveats, does have a place for instance in the fight against starvation. The trick is to ensure that this technological advance is not simply a business opportunity but a human one to the benefit of the world's rapidly increasing population."
The "I have no recollection" retort is a classic politician line that we hear far too often in these days of top level deceit and complicity. The Urban Dictionary definition gives a fair interpretation with a quotation from the 1994 film "Clear and Present Danger" starring Harrison Ford:
Typically invoked by governmental officials during sworn testimony to the U.S. Congress to deny potentially damaging -- politically and/or criminally -- behavior.

Jack Ryan: Who authorized this?
Robert Ritter: I'm sure they'll ask you that.
Jack Ryan: Who authorized it?
Robert Ritter: I have no recollection, Senator
Maybe I'm being a bit harsh on Sir Bob. The Monsanto lobbyists are clearly being very sly and aggressive, but something about his reply smells of reconstituted porkie pies. So I don't expect he'll produce a re-worded release of his classic Boomtown Rats song entitled: "Tell me why I don't like Monsanto" or a new Monsanto-flavoured festive chart topper for Band Aid: "Poison the World, Let them know it's Christmas time". He is also using language that is carefully worded to support them and not support them. Either through choice or through ignorance of the research that shows GMO's do not have a place in helping combat starvation.

The Guardian states that the six-month campaign, will culminate in a dinner (genetically modified foods are not served in Monsanto cafeteria so I doubt this dinner will contain any) and meetings with the EU in May, will start next month when 10 ambassadors are expected to sign a letter the evil GMO shills will place in the Financial Times.
The document also seeks to persuade ambassadors that their position is widely shared. "Industry, the scientific community and NGOs are already playing an important role in making the case for GM. For example, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have been supporting and advocating the use of GM crops and recently outlined six reasons for them doing so."
It's quite interesting to see the use in the letter of a technique know as Nudge Theory. Championed by Obama and Cameron, it is the Politicians psychological tool of the moment. Nudge theory allows that people are not necessarily rational, but will be influenced by what their peers are doing. In this case, trying to convince the targeted "ambassadors" that Monsanto is a great company that they should become spin-doctors for, because their friends Bill and Melinda are proud Monsatan's little helpers.

Knowledge of Bill and Melinda's investment of $23.1 million in 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock should be enough of a red flag to anyone who still has doubts on the ethical bent of Monsanto. Far from being Africa's saviours, the Gates Foundation is clearly up to no good in Africa, moving stealthily to assist in opening the African seed market to global corporations it has invested in.

If You Don't Take Responsibility For What Goes Into Your Stomach, Somebody Else Will!

Whoever ends up falling for the sweet honey trap and eats the forbidden GMO fruit from the Monsanto garden of Hell, will do themselves no long-term favours. All we can do as consumers is to get educated and inform others on the devastating impact that GMO's are having on our health. We really have no choice but to make a concious effort to ensure we are getting the best possible food we can.

For me, it wasn't easy but I'm pleased to say that for the past few months I've avoided buying food from supermarkets. I just go in now for chemicals and cleaning products, which is pretty much all they sell anyway. Following a paleo-inspired diet I've found a very friendly and welcoming local farm shop. The difference in both food quality and shopping experience is just amazing. It is now a real treat to shop, never a chore and my money goes on quality and delicious locally produced food. Not the soul-destroying, hectic supermarket experience of buying miss-labelled hybrids of unknown origin decorated in gaudy, hypnotic packaging.

It reminds me of the saying related to watching television: If you don't take responsibility for what goes into your head, somebody else will!

Merry Christmas!
And in our world of plenty
we can spread a smile of joy
Throw your arms around the world
at Christmas time