Three For The Show Pt.1

August 16, 2011


I sat down today with the full intention of writing about the comet Elenin. I started my research, first speaking with my very close friend and associate, Raymond Ward. He's incredibly informed and talented. I went through page after page on the Internet. The comments and the conclusions about these three comets that are coming put me over the top. I know, I know... We have published some pretty over the top kind of material ourselves. But we were really one of the first sites to challenge the status quo on the Internet. So what. Anyway...

One site was very slick, cool looking and had a lot of opinions; a beautifully designed and organized page. Another belonged to a former TMG friend/member, not very well done. But... well... I was going to write something very crass and very nasty... But I'll keep my boundaries intact! I'll let his design and conclusion stand for themselves and like we always say, 'you decide for yourself'! Anyway...

If you're reading this page, you are more likely than not going to be a return visitor. So you know more than the usual reader concerning comets and astronomy (but if you're new, welcome! read on!). But let me cut to the chase, save you some time, give you the facts and let you deal with what I've got to say. Here are the particulars we have seen:
1. Comets Elenin
2. Dramatic increase in the number of earthquakes
3. Dramatic increase in the number of strong earthquakes
4. Elenin positions and EQ dates coincide
5. We have been documenting clashes in our upper atmosphere
6. There has been some evidence larger ships have been over EQ sites
7. It now appears that there are three comets coming into a "conjunction" in the very near future
Part One: Comet Number One: Elenin

As you likely know by now, Elenin's relative position to the earth coincided strongly with disastrous events on our planet; the massive Chilean earthquake; the massive New Zealand earthquake; and the destructive earthquake and following tsunami in Japan.

Just to recap a bit of our position on the nature of comets, we strongly believe In the theories put forth by James McCanney on the nature of comets. He proposed that comets are electrical in nature. Time after time, NASA has found comets to be nothing more than asteroids in makeup. In fact it has been shown more times than not that comets are dry and have no ice or water on them. The theory proposing that comets are dirty snowballs has fallen flat on it's face and in fact we believe that in the next few decades or even only years we will see the NASA theorists moving toward the electric comet theory and away from this tired old belief. That has always been the way they work!


The ELectric Earth
Back to the meat.... Everything in our universe, simply put, has a charge, an electrical charge. Even your body depends upon electrical charges, no matter how minute, to make your bodily systems work! Your heart beats because an electrical charge passes through it from your brain. The Earth has a charge. The resulting aurora borealis is a displayed charge of particles, effected by the sun's output. These are only two examples of millions. Everything has an electrical charge. It is a powerful entity in our universe. More powerful than gravity.

And with electrical charge, there is usually a positive and negative side of the charge (electrical engineers, please forgive me and bear with my simplistic explanation). Comets are only different from asteroids, AND PLANETS, because they are traveling at very high rates of speed through the solar wind. When you pass an object through a charged field at a high rate it draws a charge and is itself then charged, or that is a node of charge. Not unlike passing a wire through the flame of an acetylene torch (a different force, but the reference is visually similar). This is the main reason that we support McCanney's argument. I would also recommend that you take a good look at for more insight.

When a comet comes in through the galaxy, it usually travels, again, at great speeds, but it also is usually hitting the solar wind (which, on the plane of the planets, goes in one direction). It hits that solar wind, or plasma at a higher than usual angle as compared to the planets and asteroids. This "friction" in addition to the great power of the solar wind, causes these usually smaller than planet-like objects to become charged and display, not only one tail to their rear, but another tail out their nose toward the sun. I say sun, because that is usually the target of this negatively (or positively) charged 'horn' (please forgive my adjective, some of you will understand) attached to the head of the comet. Comets have even been known to discharge x-rays.

These two charges, positive and negative, just like your reading lamp, one positive wire going toward the plug and one wire coming away from the plug - negative - connect to the source, the sun. They don't run side by side, but in a great circle or arc generally to and from the sun. Unfortunately, these forces can become more complex, duplicating and/or multiplying themselves, due to being attracted (or diverted) by other sources or causes. In our case, we are concerned with these charges connecting with our planet earth. Just like being out in a lightening storm, lightening may divert from one target and shift to another, or hit them both! They say when you have to be out in bad weather and you feel that tingling sensation, indicating a lightening strike coming your way, you should curl up in a ball as close to the ground as possible to avoid it hitting you. Unfortunately the earth has no where else to go! When that charge comes our way, we take it. And I mean, we take it! If it's large enough, and it comes our way, it usually does great harm. It may result in increased weather extremes, or it may result in a deeper effect, earthquakes. We receive a usually normal charge from the solar wind constantly. It can fluctuate, of course. However, when there's an additional charge, the charge must be dissipated someway, somehow. These charges from comets only come our way when certain conditions occur. One of these conditions is "angle". This is the issue presented by some on the Internet concerning the position of Elenin and the three earthquakes and tsunami mentioned above.


An electric comet (not Elenin!)
Now to the specifics on Elenin. First let me say, in light of what I've written above, that the effects of comets are not merely based on their size and gravity (I would cautiously direct you to a NASA website - but please come back! - where Don Yeomans talks about Elenin. He basically "pooh poohs" anyone's thoughts but his own). If we only considered the effects of comets based on their gravity, the only reason to be concerned would be if the trajectory was aimed at our nose. Even if a comet were planet size (and some are!), the effect of gravity would be tolerable. But there's more! Gravity is NOT the sole force in the universe! Again let me say, electromagnetic forces are the greatest forces in the universe besides God himself, and honestly, He uses those EMFs a lot! No, comets cause problems because of the incredible electric charges they pass through and effect in our solar system. And of course, not all comets reach this electrical potential. On one end of the spectrum we call them comets, very highly charged. On the other end of the spectrum we call them asteroids, hardly charged at all.

Elenin is highly charged, and has immense electrical potential.

I am always suspicious. Maybe it's in my nature or something. Maybe it's because this has happened before. The discoverer of Elenin wasn't a big telescope setting on top of some mountains somewhere. It was discovered by an amateur Russian astronomer, in Russia, but using a remote telescope (International Scientific Optical Network's Robotic Observatory) from New Mexico! Now... Would you like to interview this guy? Good luck! What about a plain amateur astronomer here in the U.S.? Too easy to access. No, we have a guy thousands of miles away, so no one will question him. My guess, Elenin, or whatever they called it several years ago, has been on the radar for a long time. Which is even more frightening.

As I was pointing out above that angle has a large part to do with the comet's behavior, effect and power. There have been many associated earthquakes and weather effects that could be related to this comet. Here are a few earthquakes:
Elenin - Earth - Sun. Feb 20 2008 Indonesia 7.4
Elenin - Earth - Sun. Feb 25 2008 Indonesia 7.2
Elenin - Earth - Neptune May 12 2008 China 7.9
Elenin - Earth - Sun Feb 18 2009 Kermadec 7.0
Elenin - Mercury- Earth July 15 2009 New Zealand 7.8
Elenin - Mercury - Earth Aug 09 2009 Japan 7.1
Elenin - Sun - Earth. Sept 09 2009 Sunola 8.1
Elenin - Earth - Venus Feb 18 2010 China 6.9
Elenin - Earth-Sun Feb 25 2010 China 5.2
Elenin - Earth-Sun Feb 26 2010 Japan 7.0
Elenin - Earth- Sun Feb 27 2010 Chile 8.8
Elenin - Earth- Sun Feb 27 2010 Argentina 6.3
Elenin - Earth - Mercury Mar 04 2010 Taiwan 6.3
Elenin - Earth - Mercury Mar 04 2010 Vanuatu 6.5
Elenin - Earth - Mercury Mar 05 2010 Chile 6.6
Elenin - Earth - Mercury Mar 05 2010 Indonesia 6.3
Elenin - Earth - Mercury Mar 08 2010 Turkey 6.1
Elenin - Earth - Neptune May 05 2010 Indonesia 6.6
Elenin - Earth - Neptune May 06 2010 Chile 6.2
Elenin - Earth - Neptune May 09 2010 Indonesia 7.2
Elenin - Earth - Neptune May 14 2010 Algeria 5.2
Elenin - Earth - Jupiter Jan 03 2011 Chile 7.0
*April 2011 tornadoes in the U.S. Hit a record 753 tornadoes
Elenin - Earth - Sun Mar 11 2011 Japan 9.0
I mention only one weather related incident above, but there are many that have been happening. And likely many more earthquakes that I haven't added in here.

On October 20th Elenin will be in the position seen below. This is a "looking down" on the solar system view.

Four days earlier, on October 16th, Elenin will be at it's closest to earth at 22 million miles (hey folks, that's close for a comet!). The moon averages about 400,000 miles from the earth. I put this image up because it shows that Elenin will pass in front of us, just before we get there, in our own plane. Which means that there is a very good chance that we will pass through it's tail, or at least the debris of it's tail. Could be a nice light show, but not likely dangerous.

Again the most dangerous thing about Elenin is that it is highly charged and that charge is dangerous to us.

So that's Elenin. But as you know, there's more! So come back! You're going to want to see where this story goes!

Three For The Show Pt.2

August 23, 2011


Well I thought today would be a good day to get this post out on the "wire'! (If you haven't read my last post, you should read it first as I will be referring to it quite a bit). Why today? Have you heard any news today yet? And I'm not talking about the overthrow of Qaddafi!

There are two things relative to this story that I am going to talk about here to help show that the evidence and power of the force that even comets which are "claimed" to be small, have on our earth and on our existence. The first, since it just happened, are two earthquakes; one in Colorado last night at 10:46 their time (8/22/2011) and the other earthquake today in Virginia (8/23/2011), which was felt up and down the Eastern Seaboard. And then second, the new hurricane Irene, which for all intents and purposes appears to be preparing to cause a whole lot of damage.

Part Two: Comet Number Two: Honda

In the meantime, did you know that on August 15th, about a week ago, our Number Two comet, Honda (actually Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova), passed very close to the earth. In fact it passed at .06 AU from the earth! Considering our last discussion on comets, what do you think the chances are that Honda is dangerous? Let's recap a little. Comets are electrically powerful because they are passing through the solar wind, which is plasma. Sprite or AuroraPlasma is nothing but electrically charged hydrogen atoms. Because electrical charges are positive and negative they seek to neutralize themselves by grounding. Just like lightening connects the positively charged clouds above with the negatively charged ground below. Thus we have lightening (of course, there is so much more to that). And as was explained in the last article, electrical charges are everywhere in the universe. It's fuel that feeds and sustains life. So comets passing at great speeds through the plasma create more and more charges. And these growing charges naturally seek to be equalized or discharged.

The plasma in the solar wind that hits the earth, causes the Aurora Borealis, and in fact naturally causes the weather that we experience here on the surface of the earth. The charges find their way down to the surface first via "sprites" from the upper atmosphere. This can not only cause weather (and sometimes severe weather and storms) but it can also cause the earth to groan and shift, otherwise known as earthquakes. This dissipation of the charge from the upper atmosphere can actually take a few days, depending upon the circumstances and the conditions.

Last night at 10:46 there was an earthquake in Colorado! It was a 5.3. earthquake... in Colorado? Well... yes, they've of course had them before. But just like we learned from Velikovsky, we must look at the whole picture. The area where it occurred, the depth, the strength and the time period. This morning the next one occurred. And again, in a very rare area for earthquakes. A hundred miles from Washington, D.C.; shallow, but felt up and down the Eastern Seaboard and even into Canada. Why not the San Andreas? Why not the New Madrid Fault? The Virginia quake was only half a mile deep which probably contributed to it's strength. So the question is, why did these two earthquakes occur and why did they occur in the areas they occurred? Meanwhile, earthquakes are still happening around the world. Vanuatu has had numerous strong earthquakes over the last week up to a 7.1, and the earthquakes in Japan continue; a 6.2 near the nuclear plant in Fukushima. Also a 6.0 in Fiji. And there are more, in strange places; Oklahoma City and New York.

I need to make one more point about the Virginia earthquake that affected such a large area. Although there wasn't a significant amount of physical damage, there was a huge amount of emotional and psychological damage. This earthquake scared people. The long term effects of this particular earthquake are very significant. The Pentagon was evacuated, Union Station was evacuated, two nuclear reactors were said to have cracks, concern mentioned about the D.C. subway, cell phones wouldn't work, the Attorney general was rushed out of the area, the Capitol was evacuated, there was even a report that the Washington Monument was tilting! And now... all of these people, unaccustomed to feeling earthquakes are in the sights of another monster...

So if you've been isolated and haven't heard, the first hurricane of the season is coming! She's called IRENE. And believe me... this one's a monster! This image (below) was taken earlier today. And it appears that it's going to move up the East Coast. Can you begin to see a connection here? These monster storms are fed by immense charges sent down through the atmosphere. This storm has pumped up to a category two and it's just getting started! The eye is forming and more and more power is being added to it hour by hour due to the powerful charges reaching down to it from the upper atmosphere. The only thing that can stop it now is more dissipation of the charge. That may mean more earthquakes or other destructive discharges in other venues.


Hurricane Irene
Around the Internet there are all kinds of stories and ideas concerning these comets. Let's talk about some of these. No names, and I don't intend to be unfair. But there are folks talking about dates relating to 911, alignments with planets that have certain power and have been arranged by "someone", or the Creator. A lot of talk about the "Hopi Blue Star". This doesn't mean that I don't believe in the Spirit of humans, or that I don't believe in the power of the planets and stars on us, or the Hopi religion. But I do know what it means to need an answer so bad that you'll believe anything. But the sometimes rationality in these folks is lost with the desire to please others or to be recognized. This is a root problem with the paranormal and UFO community and this behavior leaves space for folks with serious mental health problems to have their craziness empowered, and those individuals not empowered as people. It may be a desire borne out of genetic memory to find and know the Origin, the Creator that has been lost in our ever narcissistically and hedonistically growing society. We have lost the true spirit of ourselves and can't seem to find our way back. END OF RANT.

This first map of Honda shows that it came every close to the earth on August 15th. You can't read the label for the earth, because the comet and it's name are covering it up!

This next map (below), shows the relative position of Honda on October 20th, when Elenin will be passing in front of us in our orbit. It will actually be a little closer to us a few days before October 20th, so that entire time period will definitely be touch and go. Maybe it's a good time to get a few supplies put away, some drinking water, and just maybe some first aid supplies?

I want to leave you with one more picture. I have tried to stay away from the philosophical discussion of these issues, although I have touched on it a bit. In part 3, which will follow, I will try and stay true to this approach. However, I can't make any promises; my own emotions get the best of me too at times! This picture, and others like it, have done this to me! I am very overwhelmed by the power and strength of our universe. We have been taught in school that lightening comes from clouds, that clouds come from condensation. These are lies. My colleagues and I have seriously tried to effect change back to the "olden ways". "Many are called, but few are chosen." This image below, if you choose to accept it, represents a return to those "olden beliefs and ways". Gods or not, power comes from above. It is given to the people below, for their strength... or for their destruction. This apparition in the image below is what scientists have lovingly called a sprite. It lives above the clouds and in the upper atmosphere. This is a very rare image of this phenomenon shared with us "cattle and sheep". I hope it helps compel you to believe in the things I have shared with you.

But there is more to share....

Three For The Show Pt.3


If you're interested in this article, I'm sure that you've been following this mess at other sites. It's incredible the ideas that people are coming up with! I have heard that in some of the seminars, presenters are spreading all kinds of wild ideas; spaceships and what not. Not that I automatically dismiss every idea. I don't. I did see the images of Elenin and the right angle features in the picture, and there has been increased activity. No doubt, you know that this third article will focus on Comet Levy. As the year passes, and we are on the brink of 2012, we are surely already in the middle of the s--- .

Part Three: Three's The Charm

But before I talk a bit about Levy, give me a minute to do some recapping. At the writing of this entry, we have seen a recent history of incredible destruction in our world. Do you really doubt what I have said? The critics can have their say and the powers that be can have their moment, but in the end, what has been said on this site will stand the test of time.

Hurricane Irene's destruction has rivaled the cost of even Katrina. And may I remind you, it's only the first of the season. Tropical Storm Lee has drenched the east coast (like they needed anymore), Katia and Ophelia... there will be more to come. Typhoon Talas ripped through Japan. Seas heaving their bounds. Earthquakes in "diverse" places; more 6.0 plus earthquakes than we have witnessed in a long time. Solar activity is starting to rise beyond all expectations. Weather patterns all over the world are severe and challenging old patterns of expectation. But you won't see much of any of these newsworthy stories on television. John Q will just be kept in the dark... Once again.
"Americans are a race of convicts and ought to be thankful for anything we allow them short of hanging." - Samuel Johnson
These happenings are surely indicative of what I have been saying. But what has impressed me more than these events, if there is anything that could, are the wild statements, and what I am calling disinformation. I just saw where one fellow is calling Elenin a ship. While I have no doubt about the existence of aliens within our solar system, this claim has the flavor of disinformation. It is a fact that Elenin was hit by a Solar Coronal Mass Ejection, which only further supports the EMF idea of comets. The only way that it was hit was by drawing in the charge or at the very least, being a part of this huge electrical system/field. The immediate claim was that it disintegrated the comet. This is not true. If anything it empowered the comet to even greater heights. It also supports the seeming collaboration of all three comets in a power house of EMF. Comets do come apart. This has been well documented, but only comets that have a high eccentricity or angle to the ecliptic; like a car slamming into a block wall. It was also reported that when the comet passed Jupiter, a bolt of charge reached out from the planet to the comet. Again, more support for the EMF model. Dirty snowballs? What? No, highly charged planetesimals gaining electrical charge from the plasma field. And sometimes not so small. Maybe "Planet-sized" would be the better adjective. Isn't it amazing what you can do with a big rock? Let's move on...

Do you know what a capacitor is? In layman's terms (because I'm a layman!), it's something between two charges that keeps them from connecting until a certain power or voltage, or a reduced distance, is reached. Such as a positive charge that is trying to equalize itself by seeking out and jumping to a negative area of charge. Capacitors are quite often used in electronics. A piece of a particular type of material is placed between two conductive metals (or whatever is doing the conducting). The material in-between keeps the charge from jumping until a certain voltage is reached. Too small of a charge and it won't jump. When it hits optimum voltage and distance, "BAM" it jumps! Just about anything can act as a capacitor, even air. So these charges are all around us but usually they're just too small for us to notice, until...

Until it affects us in someway. One comet, connected with the sun and one or more of the planets, can cause a lot of very serious damage to the earth and it's residents. Two comets cutting through the solar plasma bouncing charges back and forth increase the charges exponentially. Anyone want to contemplate the combination of three comets in the inner solar system?

But it's not just three comets in the inner solar system at once... If we think there is anything to this electrical model of comets, we must consider and be aware of the capacitant affect of these bodies. (Is 'capacitant' a word?) Have you ever touched a car battery wire or jumper cables to the body of the car or other metal. It's a shocking experience! Right now, my friends, we are in a washing machine of charges. These three comets are tugging charges from the sun back and forth and through us. And it will only get worse through the end of the year.

I want you to go to this URL and take a look at the orbital diagram of these three comets. I will make it so it opens a separate window. But when you get the diagram up, take the slider on the right, the up and down one, and pull it completely to the bottom. This will give you a view from the top of the solar system. Then take the horizontal slider and as you move it to the right watch the yellow line in the middle of the diagram. As you move it to the right it will become a straight flat line. This is where you want it. In this configuration we are at "Zero point" and we have a reference to be able to talk about and see the relation of the comets to each other and to the earth. Forgive me for being wordy here. Now before you go further take the right up and down slider and move it to the center. In this position you can see the "eccentricity" of the comet's orbits. Note that Levy is above the ecliptic at the present, but is diving down into it as time passes. Elenin is traveling from slightly under the solar system to above the solar system.

Now note the date at the bottom of the diagram. There are also switches there you can hit to make the dates go forward and backward. If you hit the forward control you can see how one comet passes one direction and another the other way! Now I want you to think about that discussion above concerning capacitance. These comets are charged! The sea of plasma they are passing through, like us, is charged! The sun is the hub and is producing massive amounts of plasma itself.

Orbital Diagram

Sure, of course I am concerned about Elenin passing in front of us on October 19th or 20th. But the effects of these tremendous charges on the earth and the simple fact that everything we know, the weather, earthquakes, our bodies, and more are EMF based, makes me extremely concerned. Further... I know many have suggested that position is an important predictor of future effects, but when you have this many points of power, for this long, position of the planets relative to the comets is no longer as important. Effects can occur at ANY TIME and the degree can still be enormous! And DO NOT be fooled by the comments of others... Elenin has not dissipated or come apart because it has passed through perihelion!

The comet Hale Bopp and Comet Lee among others caused substantial effects, just like the ones mentioned above. And although these current comets may not have the size of Hale Bopp, Comet Lee was also a relatively smaller comet, but caused incredible destruction to the earth. But further, Elenin is not that small of a comet. She is huge, my friends, and drawing and sending enormous voltages. The other two comets then added into the mix, which are also highly charged, are making this an historical event. We are in a washing machine, being tugged and pulled this way and that way with these enormous charges, slipping back and forth between the three comets, the sun and inner solar system planets! We can not ignore the incredibly destructive events that have occurred over the last few months. The escalation has statistically been out of the park!

Report from Ray Ward:
I was getting a lot of degraded signal yesterday and whether by design or interference, it matters not.

I noticed over the weekend that the SOHO C3 was down for 48 hrs. I would imagine Elenin is within "eyeshot" of the camera, well past perihelion.

There were solar flares over the weekend, strong, though just below M levels, except one.

I kept looking at the orbits until I was blue in the face last night. I have a few general suggestions concerning possible critical points in their orbits.

First of all, as you know, weather conditions continue to deteriorate and in addition, this set of conditions is spreading to an ever larger area of the earth in order for more of these drastically increased charges to be dissipated more evenly throughout the crust of the earth.

In January, 2012, Levy may cause problems when it crosses through the ecliptic.

Honda crossed through the ecliptic once already (back in March?) and will do so again, about now. Japan has now admitted that Reactors 1, 2,and 3 had Total Meltdowns within the first few hours of the 9.0 earthquake when their cooling systems were destroyed. The hydrogen blasts that occurred were evidence of that at all three plants.

In the Honda orbit, which is supposed to come within 6 million miles or so of earth, I noticed no gap between earth and Honda. As in the Lulin/Mars encounter, I would suggest Honda was no further out than 3 million miles away, due to my experience but this does not prove that fact. It's just my opinion.

Elenin was supposed to cross the ecliptic on 9/12 (right around 9/11?). Which is bizarre timing but we have no visual record of these events.

Honda seems to come within Elenin at a distance I estimate to be 0.25 AU but that does not seem to be a major problem for those two bodies.

2005 YU55 does not seem to be any more of a problem than it normally would be given all the interactions. It could cause problems just in and of itself since it will come in at 1 lunar distance.

One final note. I have yet to get a specific size on Elenin. My personal observations I doubt but if true, then Elenin is large. I really do not see how it cannot be. One reason I cite for this lack of ability on my part in this is the widespread lack of photos of Elenin. I am also aware of the luminosity charts NASA has and for their singular lack of accuracy on the size of the comets.

One more thing haunts this investigation of Elenin. In late November of last year, as in the days of Hale Bopp, two astronomers have died under mysterious circumstances. The two workers died in the San Diego area just 5 days apart of something akin to encephalitis . One astronomer worked at Palomar with the NEAT telescope and the other individual has had disagreements in the past with Don Yeomans (recognize that name?). I don't need to tell you how important these men were to the program. The blogger Rajatan says they were assassinated.

I think that this is all I have for now that I can think of. I will keep looking and digging for more facts.
This brings me to another way of looking at this entire issue.

We all, as human beings, are cast in our understanding of our reality by our history, both genetically and, of course, environmentally. The variety of experiences and physiological history are endless in nature. Pertaining to this experience, we are left with views that are far and wide. Some believe that the power of comets is only gravitational; some believe that they are signs of religious events; some say they are harboring spaceships from alien worlds; and some may believe that they can hitch a ride with them to other planes of reality (after committing suicide). I cannot speak for any of them, nor for you. All that is left for myself is to share my beliefs based upon my own understanding. I am not given access to the scientific equipment that our tax dollars have been spent on. You and I are left to depend upon the governmental scientists that have absolutely different priorities than you and I have! We are left to the whims of evolutionists, big bang theorists, uniformitarians, people who deny that men and women are any more than bags of skin, that we are without spirit, to be controlled and worse yet, to be used for production of taxes and economy. The Matrix - science "fiction"? Hardly.


The Matrix Hive
Think of the profits! Think of the politics! How many benefit from the whoring of humanity? An incredible machine! Stepping on, stepping over people.

But we do have another tool in our repertoire! We have the experience of millennia of human experience. This isn't a tool that you can pick up and use. This tool is not already sharp; the edge of this axe is dulled from human frailty. Contemporary science would have you believe that it's not worthy of your hands. But what are we to do? Scientists have created a clandestine society; a "mannerbund" so to speak. They have assassins that are chosen to criticize and curtail any clear examinations of the universe from history. Control of the public is priority. If the Galileos of our day, or the Velikovskis, were allowed to spread their ideas, society would crumble and this mechanized monster would fall from grace. Their comfortable six and seven figure lifestyles would be lost. The story never really changes, does it? We are the pigs in the cage and "they" are the keepers. The Mannerbund holds the scepter over our heads, keeping us full of fear, most never willing to approach the truth.
"The cause of liberty becomes a mockery if the price to be paid is the wholesale destruction of those who are to enjoy liberty." - Gandhi
So the earth swims in the plasma of the warm sun, as three comets swirl around her head like wasps carrying with them the sting of electrical force. A balance set in motion by God, but now toyed with, by a simple wave of his mighty finger.

So what will the critics say after the comets are gone on their way? They'll say the same thing that they've said after every article and every time we've reported on a comet: "The comet came and went and there was no disaster, it didn't hit the earth!"

Can you just accept the fact that these people are simply fools? They are on the wrong side of the equation. They have abandoned Truth for self-serving reasons.

In the end they will have to accept the truth. Why? Because their empire will fall. All that they have built up and all that they have tried to control will escape their wicked plans.
"People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage." - John Kenneth Galbraith
It took me a long time to get these three articles out. I was attacked repeatedly by weapons only guessed about by the unknowing public. My health is damaged, my life has been wounded, my family has suffered. But I have something greater and more terrible than those that control humankind will ever have.

So as these three comets do their worst, move on their way, what will be our witness to all of this? Will our day and age be the beginning of another "Age of Man"? Our culture suffers because of their hubris. Our society is stunted because of the punishment of the Human Spirit and Ingenuity. Freedom is absent, Liberty is almost an unknown quantity in our country - The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. How much punishment will it take before their hearts are softened?

The answer to that question is... destruction is mercy.