WACO Burns after the US government onslaught
The accusation "cult" is almost literally a "kiss of death" in our world, most particularly since September 11, 2001 when - allegedly - 19 fanatical Islamic terrorists - brought the most powerful nation on earth to its knees (or seemingly.) There were years of preparation for this event, including numerous very public "cult" events - Jonestown, Waco, Heaven's Gate, Solar Temple, Satanic Ritual Abuse cases, etc - that set the stage in the minds of the masses. By the time 9-11 rolled around, all you had to do was whisper "cult" and the nation was ready to march on the castle with firebrands and pitchforks.

So, it is not a good idea to use the word "cult" lightly in view of this hystericized societal state. (Never mind the fact that the word itself has drastically changed in meaning.)

As I mentioned in my article yesterday, on first reading about Eric Pepin accused of being a cult leader, having been falsely, slanderously, and libelously accused of same myself, my first instinct was to think "hang on a minute!" But, as I noted, reading further, there were too many troubling signs of a lot more below the surface of this glitch in the life of Eric Pepin when he was caught, literally, with his pants down.

We have been collecting data about Eric from the net (and elsewhere) so as to be better equipped to deal with someone who has egregiously attacked our right to investigate our world and warn our readers of potential dangers. This information is continually being added to the forum thread about Eric Pepin that is the object of his lawsuit as reported yesterday. Curiously, Rick Ross's pages about Eric Pepin have disappeared except for google cache...

And so, in view of the current situation of Eric Pepin and the Higher Balance Institute vis a vis, we thought it would be helpful to our readers to reprise an older article that lays out a lot of informational background to the psy-op games being played in our world and on the internet in terms of social and ideological vectoring. Remember, different ideologies can mask the same pathological behavior...

Dateline 14 July 2003: Over the past few months as the QFS network of journalists and researchers have been collecting data to better understand the nature of the present state of our world and our proper response to it, we have uncovered some extremely troubling facts. We thought we had plumbed the depths of the lies of this world, but we were wrong. There is more and it is ugly and frightening.

We are presently at work assembling much of this data (and remember, we refer to "data" as hard facts, not assumption or subjective opinions). At present, we have released some of the information on the website here, including MOSSAD and Moving Companies, the MOSSAD Happy Dance and Independence Day. How all of these issues connect together will be fully explored in Volume II of The Secret History of The World . I want to state, at this point, that in no way are our remarks to be construed as "anti-semitic," though the reader will discover below that they WILL be so labeled, and WHY.

Note this: our commentary in no way should be construed as directed at the majority of Jewish people just as our commentary about George Bush should in no way be construed as directed at the majority of the American people. The only problem we see is that when people do not have the FACTS, they will follow leaders who do NOT have their best interests at heart, and so it has been throughout history. We would wish to promote Unity in Diversity, and to honor ALL peoples, philosophies and faiths and to have the same Courtesy afforded toward us. That is, after all, the "Democratic Way."

In one of the above mentioned articles, we quoted Kevin MacDonald, author of Culture of Critique. At the present moment, it is even more important to note some of the highlights of the introduction to his book which chronicles the destruction of European Civilization by a Jewish elite clique. Understanding these essential points will give the background for an analysis of recent events here at Signs Central!

ADDED Note July 17, 2003: Having been charged with anti-semitism as a consequence of our research and the publication of this and other articles that are based quite simply on facts and not subjective opinion, I would like to include Dr. MacDonald's discussion of bias here as part of the condensation of his introduction to Culture of Critique.

Notice to readers: the following series of remarks indented, are NOT mine, they are extracted from: The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements by Kevin MacDonald, Department of Psychology, California State University-Long Beach. It is an important work for ALL people because, just as I have noted that America is presently in the grip of creeping Fascism, so are the semitic peoples (and let us NOT forget that the Arabs are ALSO semitic peoples!) in the grip of Fascist Zionist elitists who do NOT represent (judging by the support we get from our Jewish readers) the majority of Jews!
I have several times been called an "anti-Semite" for the tone of some of my writings, both in CofC and my comments on various Internet discussion lists.

To be perfectly frank, I did not have a general animus for organized Jewry when I got into this project. I was a sort of ex-radical turned moderate Republican fan of George Will. Before even looking at Judaism I applied the same evolutionary perspective to the ancient Spartans and then to the imposition of monogamy by the Catholic Church during the middle ages (see MacDonald 1988a, 1995b).

There are quite a few statements in my books that attempt to soften the tone and deflect charges of anti-Jewish bias. The first page of my first book on Judaism, A People that Shall Dwell Alone (MacDonald 1994), clearly states that the traits I ascribe to Judaism (self-interest, ethnocentrism, and competition for resources and reproductive success) are by no means restricted to Jews.

I also write about the extraordinary Jewish IQ and about Jewish accomplishments (e.g., Nobel prizes) in that book.

In the second book, Separation and Its Discontents (MacDonald 1998a), I discuss the tendency for anti-Semites to exaggerate their complaints, to develop fantastic and unverifiable theories of Jewish behavior, to exaggerate the extent of Jewish cohesion and unanimity, to claim that all Jews share stereotypically Jewish traits or attitudes, especially in cases where in fact Jews are over-represented among people having certain attitudes (e.g., political radicalism during most of the 20th century).

And I describe the tendency of some anti-Semites to develop grand conspiracy theories in which all historical events of major or imagined importance, from the French Revolution to the Tri-lateral Commission are linked together in one grand plot and blamed on the Jews.

All of this is hardly surprising on the basis of what we know about the psychology of ethnic conflict. But that doesn't detract in the least from supposing that real conflicts of interest are at the heart of all of the important historical examples of anti-Semitism.

It must be kept in mind that group evolutionary strategies are not benign, at least in general and especially in the case of Judaism, which has often been very powerful and has had such extraordinary effects on the history of the West.

I think there is a noticeable shift in my tone from the first book to the third simply because (I'd like to think) I knew a lot more and had read a lot more.

People often say after reading the first book that they think I really admire Jews, but they are unlikely to say that about the last two and especially about CofC. That is because by the time I wrote CofC I had changed greatly from the person who wrote the first book.

The first book is really only a documentation of theoretically interesting aspects of group evolutionary strategies using Judaism as a case study (how Jews solved the free-rider problem, how they managed to erect and enforce barriers between themselves and other peoples, the genetic cohesion of Judaism, how some groups of Jews came to have such high IQ's, how Judaism developed in antiquity).

Resource competition and other conflicts of interest with other groups are more or less an afterthought, but these issues move to the foreground in Separation and Its Discontents, and in CofC I look exclusively at the 20th century in the West.

Jews have indeed made positive contributions to Western culture in the last 200 years. But whatever one might think are the unique and irreplaceable Jewish contributions to the post-Enlightenment world, it is naïve to suppose they were intended for the purpose of benefiting humanity solely or even primarily.

In any case I am hard pressed to think of any area of modern Western government and social organization (certainly) and business, science, and technology (very probably) that would not have developed without Jewish input, although in some cases perhaps not quite as quickly.

In general, positive impacts of Jews have been quantitative rather than qualitative. They have accelerated some developments, for example in finance and some areas of science, rather than made them possible.

On the other hand, I am persuaded that Jews have also had some important negative influences.

I am morally certain that Jewish involvement in the radical left in the early to middle part of the last century was a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for many of the horrific events in the Soviet Union and elsewhere. (About this, of course, one can disagree. I am simply saying that I find the evidence compelling.)

But the main point is that I came to see Jewish groups as competitors with the European majority of the U.S., as powerful facilitators of the enormous changes that have been unleashed in this country [...]

I found that I was being transformed in this process from a semi-conservative academic who had little or no identification with his own people into an ethnically conscious person-exactly as predicted by the theory of social identity processes that forms the basis of my theory of anti-Semitism (see MacDonald 1998a).

In fact, if one wants to date when I dared cross the line into what some see as proof that I am an "anti-Semite," the best guess would probably be when I started reading on the involvement of all the powerful Jewish organizations in advocating massive non-European immigration. [...]

There need to be legitimate ways of talking about people who oppose policies recommended by the various Jewish establishments without simply being tarred as "anti-Semites".

Immigration is only one example where there are legitimate conflicts of interest.

As I write this (November, 2001), we are bogged down in a war with no realizable endgame largely because of influence of the Jewish community over one area of our foreign policy and because of how effectively any mention of the role of Israel in creating friction between the U.S. and the Arab world-indeed the entire Muslim world-is muzzled simply by the cry of anti-Semitism.

And at home we have entered into an incalculably dangerous experiment in creating a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society in which the intellectual elite has developed the idea that the formerly dominant European majority has a moral obligation to allow itself to be eclipsed demographically and culturally [...]

I agree that there is bias in the social sciences and I certainly don't exempt myself from this tendency. [...] my attitudes about Jewish issues marked a cumulative, gradual change from a very different world view.

It is annoying that such disclaimers rarely appear in writing by strongly identified Jews even when they see their work as advancing Jewish interests.

A major theme of the CofC is that Jewish social scientists with a strong Jewish identity have seen their work as advancing Jewish interests.

It is always amazing to me that media figures like the Kristols and Podhoretzes and foreign policy experts like Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle do not feel an obligation to precede their remarks on issues affected by their solicitude for Israel by saying, "you should be wary of what I say because I have a vested ethnic interest in advancing the interests of Israel."

But the same thing goes for vast areas of anthropology (the Boasian school and racial differences research), history (e.g., obviously apologetic accounts of the history and causes of anti-Semitism or the role of Jews in the establishment of Bolshevism), psychology (the Frankfurt School, psychoanalysis), and contemporary issues (immigration, church-state relations).

The point of CofC that really galls people is the idea that we should simply acknowledge this bias in (some) Jewish researchers as we do in others.

There are a great many books on how Darwin and Galton were influenced by the general atmosphere of Victorian England, but writing of a Jewish bias immediately results in charges of "anti-Semitism."

But the deeper point is that, whatever my motivations and biases, I would like to suppose that my work on Judaism at least meets the criteria of good social science, even if I have come to the point of seeing my subjects in a less than flattering light. In the end, does it really matter if my motivation at this point is less than pristine? Isn't the only question whether I am right? [...]

It is instructive to look at the way Europeans in the U.S. saw themselves a century ago.

Americans of European descent thought of themselves as part of a cultural and ethnic heritage extending backward in time to the founding of the country. The Anglo-Saxon heritage of the British Isles was at the center of this self-conception, but Americans of German and Scandinavian descent also viewed themselves as part of this ethnic and cultural heritage.

They had a great deal of pride in their accomplishments. They had conquered a vast territory and had achieved a high degree of economic progress. They saw themselves as having created a civilization with a strong moral fabric-a country of farmers and small businessmen who had developed into a world economic power. [...] They saw themselves as exhibiting positive personality traits such as courage in the face of adversity, self-reliance, inventiveness, originality, and fair play-the very virtues that allowed them to conquer the wilderness and turn it into an advanced civilization. [...]

When these people looked back on their own childhood, they saw "a simple, secure world of commonly accepted values and behavior" (Bendersky 2000, 6)-a world of cultural and ethnic homogeneity. They had a strong sense of family pride and regional identification: They had deep roots in the areas in which they grew up. They did not think of the U.S. as a Marxist hell of war between the social classes. Instead they thought of it as a world of harmony between the social classes in which people at the top of society earned their positions but felt a certain sense of social obligation to the lower social classes.

The early part of the 20th century was also the high water mark of Darwinism in the social sciences. It was common at that time to think that there were important differences between the races-that races differed in intelligence and in moral qualities. Not only did races differ, but they were in competition with each other for supremacy. As described in Separation and Its Discontents (MacDonald 1998a), such ideas were part of the furniture of intellectual life-commonplace among Jews as well as non-Jews.

That world has vanished. The rise of Jewish power and the disestablishment of the specifically European nature of the U.S. are the real topics of CofC. The war to disestablish the specifically European nature of the U.S. was fought on several fronts. The main thrusts of Jewish activism against European ethnic and cultural hegemony have focused on three critical power centers in the United States: The academic world of information in the social sciences and humanities, the political world where public policy on immigration and other ethnic issues is decided, and the mass media where "ways of seeing" are presented to the public. [...]

At the intellectual level, Jewish intellectuals led the battle against the idea that races even exist and against the idea that there are differences in intelligence or cultural level between the races that are rooted in biology. They also spearheaded defining America as a set of abstract principles rather than an ethnocultural civilization. At the level of politics, Jewish organizations spearheaded the drive to open up immigration to all of the peoples of the world. Jewish organizations also played a key role in furthering the interests of other racial and ethnic minorities, and they led the legal and legislative effort to remove Christianity from public places.

The first bastion of the old American culture to fall was elite academic institutions and especially the Ivy League universities. The transformation of the faculty in the social sciences and humanities was well underway in the 1950s, and by the early 1960s it was largely complete. The new elite was very different from the old elite it displaced. The difference was that the old Protestant elite was not at war with the country it dominated. The old Protestant elite was wealthier and better educated than the public at large, but they approached life on basically the same terms. They saw themselves as Christians and as Europeans, and they didn't see the need for radically changing the society.

Things are very different now. Since the 1960s a hostile, adversary elite has emerged to dominate intellectual and political debate. It is an elite that almost instinctively loathes the traditional institutions of European-American culture: its religion, its customs, its manners, and its sexual attitudes. In the words of one commentator, "today's elite loathes the nation it rules" (Gerlernter 1997). [...]

This "hostile elite" is fundamentally a Jewish-dominated elite whose origins and main lines of influence are described in CofC. The emergence of this hostile elite is an aspect of ethnic competition between Jews and non-Jews and its effect will be a long-term decline in the hegemony of European peoples in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world. [...]

The fact that the Jewish intellectuals and political operatives described in CofC did not lose their national/ethnic loyalties shows that there was no general trend to de-ethnicization. The broad trends toward de-ethnicization somehow occurred among the Europeans but spared the Jews who by all accounts continue to strongly support their ethnic homeland, Israel, and continue to have a strong sense of peoplehood-propped up now by high-profile programs encouraging Jews to marry other Jews. [...]

How to account for the acceptance of Jews and Judaism by the WASP establishment after W.W.II? Cuddihy's (1978) book, No Offense: Civil Religion and Protestant Taste, focuses on the elevation of Judaism to the status of one of the "big three" U.S. religions, to the point that a rabbi officiates at the presidential inauguration even though Jews constitute approximately 2-3% of the population.

Cuddihy argues that this religious surface served as a protective coloring and led to a sort of crypto-Judaism in which Jewish ethnic identities were submerged in order to make them appear civilized to the goyim. As part of this contract, Niebuhr acknowledged "the stubborn will of the Jews to live as a peculiar people"-an acknowledgement by an important Protestant leader that the Jews could remain a people with a surface veneer of religion. [...]

The Jews' posturing as a religion left them open to large-scale defection via intermarriage to the extent that they took seriously the idea that Judaism was akin to Protestantism, and to some extent this did occur. But recently, Jews have been mending the fences. There is an upsurge in more traditional forms of Judaism and an open rejection of intermarriage even among the most liberal wings of Judaism. Recent guidelines for Reform Judaism emphasize traditional practices of conversion, such as circumcision, that are likely to minimize converts, and proselytism is explicitly rejected. [...]

Judaism became unconditionally accepted as a modern religion even while retaining a commitment to its ethnic core. It conformed outwardly to the religious norms of the U.S., but it also continued to energetically pursue its ethnic interests, especially with regard to issues where there is a substantial consensus among Jews: support for Israel and the welfare of other foreign Jewries, immigration and refugee policy, church-state separation, abortion rights, and civil liberties (Goldberg 1996, 5). What is remarkable is that a wealthy, powerful, and highly talented ethnic group was able to pursue its interests without those interests ever being the subject of open political discussion by mainstream political figures, for at least the last 60 years. [...]

The implicit downgrading of the ethnic character of Judaism provided an invaluable tool in furthering Jewish ethnic aims in the U.S. The downgrading of the ethnic aspect of Judaism essentially allowed Jews to win the ethnic war without anyone even being able to acknowledge that it was an ethnic war.

For example, during the immigration debates of the 1940s-1960s Jews were described by themselves and others as "people of the Jewish faith."

They were simply another religion in an officially pluralistic religious society, and part of Jewish posturing was a claim to a unique universalistic moral-religious vision that could only be achieved by enacting legislation that in fact furthered their particularist ethnic aims.

The universalistic moral-religious vision promoted by Jewish activists really amounted to taking the Protestants at their own word-by insisting that every last shred of ethnic identity among Protestants be given up while Jews were implicitly allowed to keep theirs if they only promised to behave civilly. [...]

What cultural or ethnic characteristics of Europeans made them susceptible to the intellectual and political movements described in CofC? [...] individualism, relative lack of ethnocentrism, and concomitant moral universalism-all features that are entirely foreign to Judaism. [...] Europeans are relatively less ethnocentric than other peoples and relatively more prone to individualism as opposed to the ethnocentric collectivist social structures historically far more characteristic of other human groups, including Jewish groups. [...]

European groups are highly vulnerable to invasion by strongly collectivist, ethnocentric groups because individualists have less powerful defenses against such groups. The competitive advantage of cohesive, cooperating groups is obvious. [...]

European peoples are more prone to individualism.

Individualist cultures show little emotional attachment to ingroups. Personal goals are paramount, and socialization emphasizes the importance of self-reliance, independence, individual responsibility, and "finding yourself" (Triandis 1991, 82).

Individualists have more positive attitudes toward strangers and outgroup members and are more likely to behave in a pro-social, altruistic manner to strangers.

People in individualist cultures are less aware of ingroup/outgroup boundaries and thus do not have highly negative attitudes toward outgroup members. They often disagree with ingroup policy, show little emotional commitment or loyalty to ingroups, and do not have a sense of common fate with other ingroup members.

Opposition to outgroups occurs in individualist societies, but the opposition is more "rational" in the sense that there is less of a tendency to suppose that all of the outgroup members are culpable.

Individualists form mild attachments to many groups, while collectivists have an intense attachment and identification to a few ingroups (Triandis 1990, 61).

Individualists are therefore relatively ill-prepared for between-group competition so characteristic of the history of Judaism. [...]

European groups are part of what Burton et al. (1996) term the North Eurasian and Circumpolar culture area. This culture area derives from hunter-gatherers adapted to cold, ecologically adverse climates. In such climates there is pressure for male provisioning of the family and a tendency toward monogamy because the ecology did not support either polygyny or large groups for an evolutionarily significant period.

These cultures are characterized by bilateral kinship relationships which recognize both the male and female lines, suggesting a more equal contribution for each sex as would be expected under conditions of monogamy.

There is also less emphasis on extended kinship relationships and marriage tends to be exogamous (i.e., outside the kinship group). [...] all of these characteristics are opposite those found among Jews.

[T]he unique Western European "simple household" type is based on a single married couple and their children. It contrasts with the joint family structure typical of the rest of Eurasia in which the household consists of two or more related couples, typically brothers and their wives and other members of the extended family (Hajnal 1983). (An example of the joint household would be the families of the patriarchs described in the Old Testament; see MacDonald 1994, Ch. 3)

Uniquely in Eurasia, age of first marriage for women was quite high, fluctuating around a mean of about 25 years of age. Age of marriage was flexible, rising in times of scarcity and declining in times of abundance, with the result that there was capital accumulation rather than a constant pressure of population on resources. During economically difficult times, women married late or not at all, whereas in the polygynous societies of the rest of Eurasia, women married early, often as concubines or secondary wives of wealthy men (MacDonald 1995b,c).

Before the industrial revolution, the simple household system was characterized by methods of keeping unmarried young people occupied as servants. It was not just the children of the poor and landless who became servants, but even large, successful farmers sent their children to be servants elsewhere. In the 17th and 18th centuries individuals often took in servants early in their marriage, before their own children could help out, and then passed their children to others when the children were older and there was more than enough help (Stone 1977).

This suggests a deeply ingrained cultural practice which resulted in a high level of non-kinship based reciprocity. The practice also bespeaks a relative lack of ethnocentrism because people are taking in non-relatives as household members whereas in the rest of Eurasia people tend to surround themselves with biological relatives. Simply put, genetic relatedness was less important in Europe and especially in the Nordic areas of Europe. The unique feature of the simple household system was the high percentage of non-relatives. [...]

This simple household system is a fundamental feature of individualist culture. The individualist family was able to pursue its interests freed from the obligations and constraints of extended kinship relationships and free of the suffocating collectivism of the social structures typical of so much of the rest of the world. Monogamous marriage based on individual consent and conjugal affection quickly replaced marriage based on kinship and family strategizing. (See Chs. 4 and 8 for a discussion of the greater proneness of Western Europeans to monogamy and to marriage based on companionship and affection rather than polygyny and collectivist mechanisms of social control and family strategizing.) [...]

The establishment of the simple household freed from enmeshment in the wider kinship community was then followed in short order by all the other markers of Western modernization: limited governments in which individuals have rights against the state, capitalist economic enterprise based on individual economic rights, moral universalism, and science as individualist truth seeking. Individualist societies develop republican political institutions and institutions of scientific inquiry that assume that groups are maximally permeable and highly subject to defection when individual needs are not met.

Recent research by evolutionary economists provides fascinating insight on the differences between individualistic cultures versus collectivist cultures. An important aspect of this research is to model the evolution of cooperation among individualistic peoples. Fehr and Gächter (2002) found that people will altruistically punish defectors in a "one-shot" game-a game in which participants only interact once and are thus not influenced by the reputations of the people with whom they are interacting. This situation therefore models an individualistic culture because participants are strangers with no kinship ties. The surprising finding was that subjects who made high levels of public goods donations tended to punish people who did not even though they did not receive any benefit from doing so. Moreover, the punished individuals changed their ways and donated more in future games even though they knew that the participants in later rounds were not the same as in previous rounds. Fehr and Gächter suggest that people from individualistic cultures have an evolved negative emotional reaction to free riding that results in their punishing such people even at a cost to themselves-hence the term "altruistic punishment."

Essentially Fehr and Gächter provide a model of the evolution of cooperation among individualistic peoples. Their results are most applicable to individualistic groups because such groups are not based on extended kinship relationships and are therefore much more prone to defection. In general, high levels of altruistic punishment are more likely to be found among individualistic, hunter-gather societies than in kinship based societies based on the extended family. Their results are least applicable to groups such as Jewish groups [...]

Europeans are thus [...] groups with high levels of cooperation with strangers rather than with extended family members, and they are prone to market relations and individualism.

On the other hand, Jewish culture derives from the Middle Old World culture area characterized by extended kinship networks and the extended family. [...]

This suggests the fascinating possibility that the key for a group intending to turn Europeans against themselves is to trigger their strong tendency toward altruistic punishment by convincing them of the evil of their own people.

Because Europeans are individualists at heart, they readily rise up in moral anger against their own people once they are seen as free riders and therefore morally blameworthy-a manifestation of their much stronger tendency toward altruistic punishment deriving from their evolutionary past as hunter gatherers.

In making judgments of altruistic punishment, relative genetic distance is irrelevant. Free-riders are seen as strangers in a market situation; i.e., they have no familial or tribal connection with the altruistic punisher. [...]

Once Europeans were convinced that their own people were morally bankrupt, any and all means of punishment should be used against their own people. Rather than see other Europeans as part of an encompassing ethnic and tribal community, fellow Europeans were seen as morally blameworthy and the appropriate target of altruistic punishment. For Westerners, morality is individualistic-violations of communal norms by free-riders are punished by altruistic aggression.

Historically Judaism has been far more ethnocentric and collectivist than typical Western societies. [...]

On the other hand, group strategies deriving from collectivist cultures, such as the Jews, are immune to such a maneuver because kinship and group ties come first. Morality is particularistic-whatever is good for the group. [...]

Individualist societies are therefore an ideal environment for Judaism as a highly collectivist, group-oriented strategy.

[T]he Frankfurt School of Social Research advocated radical individualism among non-Jews while at the same time retaining their own powerful group allegiance to Judaism.

Jews benefit from open, individualistic societies in which barriers to upward mobility are removed, in which people are viewed as individuals rather than as members of groups, in which intellectual discourse is not prescribed by institutions [...] and in which mechanisms of altruistic punishment may be exploited to divide the European majority.

This is also why, apart from periods in which Jews served as middlemen between alien elites and native populations, Middle Eastern societies were much more efficient than Western individualistic societies at keeping Jews in a powerless position where they did not pose a competitive threat (see MacDonald 1998a, Ch. 2). [...]

Jews originate in the Middle Old World cultural area and retain several of the key cultural features of their ancestral population.

The Middle Old World culture group is characterized by extended kinship groups based on relatedness through the male line (patrilineal) rather than the bilateral relationships characteristic of Europeans.

These male-dominated groups functioned as military units to protect herds, and between-group conflict is a much more important component of their evolutionary history. There is a great deal of pressure to form larger groups in order to increase military strength, and this is done partly by acquiring extra women through bridewealth. [...]

As a result, polygyny rather than the monogamy characteristic of European culture is the norm. Another contrast is that traditional Jewish groups were basically extended families with high levels of endogamy (i.e., marriage within the kinship group) and consanguineous marriage (i.e., marriage to blood relatives), including the uncle-niece marriage sanctioned in the Old Testament. This is exactly the opposite of Western European tendencies toward exogamy. [...]

Jews are at the extreme of this Middle Eastern tendency toward hyper-collectivism and hyper-ethnocentrism-a phenomenon that goes a long way toward explaining the chronic hostilities in the area. [...]

It was noted above that individualist European cultures tend to be more open to strangers than collectivist cultures such as Judaism. In this regard, it is interesting that developmental psychologists have found unusually intense fear reactions among Israeli infants in response to strangers, while the opposite pattern is found for infants from North Germany. The Israeli infants were much more likely to become "inconsolably upset" in reaction to strangers, whereas the North German infants had relatively minor reactions to strangers. The Israeli babies therefore tended to have an unusual degree of stranger anxiety, while the North German babies were the opposite-findings that fit with the hypothesis that Europeans and Jews are on opposite ends of scales of xenophobia and ethnocentrism. [...]

[In] Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel (Shahak & Mezvinsky 1999), Shahak and Mezvinsky argue that present-day fundamentalists attempt to recreate the life of Jewish communities before the Enlightenment (i.e., prior to about 1750). During this period the great majority of Jews believed in Cabbala-Jewish mysticism. Influential Jewish scholars like Gershom Scholem ignored the obvious racialist, exclusivist material in the Cabbala by using words like "men", "human beings", and "cosmic" to suggest the Cabbala has a universalist message.

The actual text says salvation is only for Jews, while non-Jews have "Satanic souls" (p. 58).

The ethnocentrism apparent in such statements was not only the norm in traditional Jewish society. It remains a powerful current of contemporary Jewish fundamentalism, with important implications for Israeli politics. For example, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, describing the difference between Jews and non-Jews:
We do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather we have a case of ...a totally different species.... The body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of [members] of all nations of the world [...]

The difference of the inner quality [of the body] [...] is so great that the bodies would be considered as completely different species.

This is the reason why the Talmud states that there is an halachic difference in attitude about the bodies of non-Jews [as opposed to the bodies of Jews] 'their bodies are in vain'.[...]

An even greater difference exists in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness. (In Shahak & Mezvinsky 1999, 59-60)
This claim of Jewish uniqueness echoes Holocaust activist Elie Wiesel's (1985, 153) claim that "everything about us is different." Jews are "ontologically" exceptional.

The Gush Emunim and other Jewish fundamentalist sects described by Shahak and Mezvinsky are thus part of a long mainstream Jewish tradition that considers Jews and non-Jews as completely different species, with Jews absolutely superior to non-Jews and subject to a radically different moral code. Moral universalism is thus antithetical to the Jewish tradition. [...]

Within Israel, these Jewish fundamentalist groups are not tiny fringe groups, mere relics of traditional Jewish culture. They are widely respected by the Israeli public and by many Jews in the Diaspora. They have a great deal of influence on the government, especially the Likud governments and the recent government of national unity headed by Ariel Sharon. The members of Gush Emunim constitute a significant percentage of the elite units of the Israeli army, and, as expected on the hypothesis that they are extremely ethnocentric, they are much more willing to treat the Palestinians in a savage and brutal manner than are other Israeli soldiers. [...]

The point here is not so much about the fundamentalists in contemporary Israel but that traditional Jewish communities were intensely ethnocentric and collectivist-a major theme of all three of my books on Judaism. A thread throughout CofC is that Jewish intellectuals and political activists strongly identified as Jews and saw their work as furthering specific Jewish agendas. Their advocacy of intellectual and political causes, although often expressed in the language of moral universalism, was actually moral particularism in disguise.

Given that ethnocentrism continues to pervade all segments of the Jewish community, the advocacy of the de-ethnicization of Europeans... is best seen as a strategic move against peoples regarded as historical enemies.

CofC calls attention to a long list of ... double standards, especially with regard to the policies pursued by Israel versus the policies Jewish organizations have pursued in the U.S.

Jewish advocates addressing Western audiences have promoted policies that satisfy Jewish (particularist) interests in terms of the morally universalist language that is a central feature of Western moral and intellectual discourse. [...]

Jewish organizations played a decisive role in opposing the idea that the United States ought to be a European nation. Nevertheless, these organizations have been strong supporters of Israel as a nation of the Jewish people.

Consider, for example, a press release of May 28, 1999 by the ADL:
The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today lauded the passage of sweeping changes in Germany's immigration law, saying the easing of the nation's once rigorous naturalization requirements "will provide a climate for diversity and acceptance. It is encouraging to see pluralism taking root in a society that, despite its strong democracy, had for decades maintained an unyielding policy of citizenship by blood or descent only," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. "The easing of immigration requirements is especially significant in light of Germany's history of the Holocaust and persecution of Jews and other minority groups. The new law will provide a climate for diversity and acceptance in a nation with an onerous legacy of xenophobia, where the concept of 'us versus them' will be replaced by a principle of citizenship for all."
There is no mention of analogous laws in place in Israel restricting immigration to Jews and the long-standing policy of rejecting the possibility of repatriation for Palestinian refugees wishing to return to Israel or the occupied territories. The prospective change in the "us versus them" attitude alleged to be characteristic of Germany is applauded, while the "us versus them" attitude characteristic of Israel and Jewish culture throughout history is unmentioned.

Recently, the Israeli Ministry of Interior ruled that new immigrants who have converted to Judaism will no longer be able to bring non-Jewish family members into the country. [...] Nevertheless, Jewish organizations continue to be strong proponents of multi-ethnic immigration to the United States.

This pervasive double standard was noticed by writer Vincent Sheean in his observations of Zionists in Palestine in 1930: "how idealism goes hand in hand with the most terrific cynicism; . . . how they are Fascists in their own affairs, with regard to Palestine, and internationalists in everything else."

In general, the contemporary organized Jewish community is characterized by high levels of Jewish identification and ethnocentrism. Jewish activist organizations like the ADL and the AJCommittee are not creations of the fundamentalist and Orthodox, but represent the broad Jewish community, including non-religious Jews and Reform Jews. In general, the more actively people are involved in the Jewish community, the more committed they are to preventing intermarriage and retaining Jewish ethnic cohesion. And despite a considerable level of intermarriage among less committed Jews, the leadership of the Jewish community in the U.S. is not now made up of the offspring of intermarried people to any significant extent. [...]

Jewish ethnocentrism is ultimately simple traditional human ethnocentrism, although it is certainly among the more extreme varieties. But what is so fascinating is the cloak of intellectual support for Jewish ethnocentrism, the complexity and intellectual sophistication of the rationalizations for it [...] and the rather awesome hypocrisy of it, given Jewish opposition to ethnocentrism among Europeans.

The best strategy for a collectivist group like the Jews for destroying Europeans therefore is to convince the Europeans of their own moral bankruptcy. A major theme of CofC is that this is exactly what Jewish intellectual movements have done. They have presented Judaism as morally superior to European civilization and European civilization as morally bankrupt and the proper target of altruistic punishment. The consequence is that once Europeans are convinced of their own moral depravity, they will destroy their own people in a fit of altruistic punishment. The general dismantling of the culture of the West and eventually its demise as anything resembling an ethnic entity will occur as a result of a moral onslaught triggering a paroxysm of altruistic punishment. And thus the intense effort among Jewish intellectuals to continue the ideology of the moral superiority of Judaism and its role as undeserving historical victim while at the same time continuing the onslaught on the moral legitimacy of the West.

The Judaization of the West is nowhere more obvious than in the veneration of the Holocaust as the central moral icon of the entire civilization. These developments constitute a profound transformation from the tradition of critical and scientific individualism that had formed the Western tradition since the Enlightenment. More importantly, because of the deep-seated Jewish hostility toward traditional Western culture, the Judaization of the West means that the peoples who created the culture and traditions of the West have been made to feel deeply ashamed of their own history-surely the prelude to their demise as a culture and as a people.

The present Judaized cultural imperium in the West is maintained by a pervasive thought control propagated by the mass media and extending to self-censorship by academics, politicians, and others well aware of the dire personal and professional consequences of crossing the boundaries of acceptable thought and speech about Jews and Jewish issues. It is maintained by zealously promulgated, self-serving, and essentially false theories of the nature and history of Judaism and the nature and causes of anti-Semitism.

None of this should be surprising. Jewish populations have always had enormous effects on the societies where they reside because of two qualities that are central to Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy: High intelligence (including the usefulness of intelligence in attaining wealth) and the ability to cooperate in highly organized, cohesive groups (MacDonald 1994). This has led repeatedly to Jews becoming an elite and powerful group in societies where they reside in sufficient numbers-as much in the 20th-century United States and the Soviet Union as in 15th-century Spain or Alexandria in the ancient world. History often repeats itself after all.

Indeed, recent data indicate that Jewish per capita income in the United States is almost double that of non-Jews, a bigger difference than the black-white income gap.

Although Jews make up less than 3 percent of the population, they constitute more than a quarter of the people on the Forbes magazine list of the richest four hundred Americans.

A remarkable 87 percent of college-age Jews are currently enrolled in institutions of higher education, as compared with 40 percent for the population as a whole (Thernstrom & Thernstrom 1997). Jews are indeed an elite group in American society. [...]

By all accounts, ethnic Jews have a powerful influence in the American media-far larger than any other identifiable group. The extent of Jewish ownership and influence on the popular media in the United States is remarkable given the relatively small proportion of the population that is Jewish. [The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements

At the present time, "ways of seeing" that are presented to the public include - to a greater and greater extent - the Internet. The largest media company in the world was recently formed by the merger of America On Line and Time Warner. Gerald M. Levin, formerly the head of Time Warner, is the Chief Executive Officer of the new corporation. AOL-Time Warner has holdings in television (e.g., Home Box Office, CNN, Turner Broadcasting), music (Warner Music), movies (Warner Brothers Studio, Castle Rock Entertainment, and New Line Cinema), and publishing (Time, Sports Illustrated, People, Fortune).

The second largest media company is the Walt Disney Company, headed by Michael Eisner. Disney has holdings in movies (Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group, under Walt Disney Studios, includes Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Caravan Pictures, Miramax Films); television (Capital Cities/ABC [owner of the ABC television network], Walt Disney Television, Touchstone Television, Buena Vista Television, ESPN, Lifetime, A&E Television networks) and cable networks with more than 100 million subscribers; radio (ABC Radio Network with over 3,400 affiliates and ownership of 26 stations in major cities); publishing (seven daily newspapers, Fairchild Publications [Women's Wear Daily], and the Diversified Publishing Group).

The third largest media company is Viacom, Inc., headed by Sumner Redstone, who is also Jewish. Viacom has holdings in movies (Paramount Pictures); broadcasting (the CBS TV network; MTV [a particular focus of criticism by cultural conservatives], VH-1, Nickelodeon, Showtime, the National Network, Black Entertainment Television, 13 television stations; programming for the three television networks); publishing (Simon & Schuster, Scribner, The Free Press, and Pocket Books), video rentals (Blockbuster); it is also involved in satellite broadcasting, theme parks, and video games.

In the world of print media, the Newhouse media empire owns 26 daily newspapers, including several large and important ones, such as the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Newark Star-Ledger, and the New Orleans Times-Picayune; Newhouse Broadcasting, consisting of 12 television broadcasting stations and 87 cable-TV systems, including some of the country's largest cable networks; the Sunday supplement Parade, with a circulation of more than 22 million copies per week; some two dozen major magazines, including the New Yorker, Vogue, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Bride's, Gentlemen's Quarterly, Self, House & Garden, and all the other magazines of the wholly owned Conde Nast group.

The newsmagazine, U.S. News & World Report, with a weekly circulation of 2.3 million, is owned and published by Mortimer B. Zuckerman. Zuckerman also owns New York's tabloid newspaper, the Daily News, the sixth-largest paper in the country, and is the former owner of the Atlantic Monthly. Zuckerman is a Jewish ethnic activist. Recently he was named head of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, an umbrella organization for major Jewish organizations in the U.S.30 Zuckerman's column in U.S. News and World Report regularly defends Israel and has helped to rejuvenate the America-Israeli Friendship League, of which he is president.

The Wall Street Journal is the largest-circulation daily newspaper in the U.S. It is owned by Dow Jones & Company, Inc., a New York corporation that also publishes 24 other daily newspapers and the weekly financial paper Barron's. The chairman and CEO of Dow Jones is Peter R. Kann. Kann also holds the posts of chairman and publisher of the Wall Street Journal. The Sulzberger family owns the New York Times Co., which owns 33 other newspapers, including the Boston Globe. It also owns twelve magazines (including McCall's and Family Circle, each with a circulation of more than 5 million), seven radio and TV broadcasting stations; a cable-TV system; and three book publishing companies. The New York Times News Service transmits news stories, features, and photographs from the New York Times by wire to 506 other newspapers, news agencies, and magazines.

Even granting the exceptions, it is clear that Jews enjoy a very powerful position in U.S. media, a position that is far more powerful than any other racial/ethnic group. The phenomenal concentration of media power in Jewish hands becomes all the more extraordinary when one notes that Jews constitute approximately 2.5% of the U.S. population. If the Jewish percentage of the American media elite is estimated at 59% (Lichter et al. 1983, 55)-probably an underestimate at the present time, the degree of disproportionate representation may be calculated as greater than 2000%. The likelihood that such an extraordinary disparity could arise by chance is virtually nil.

Jewish Holocaust activists insisted on the "incomprehensibility and inexplicability of the Holocaust" (Novick 1999, 178)-an attempt to remove all rational discussion of its causes and to prevent comparisons to numerous other examples of ethnic violence. "Even many observant Jews are often willing to discuss the founding myths of Judaism naturalistically-subject them to rational, scholarly analysis. But they're unwilling to adopt this mode of thought when it comes to the 'inexplicable mystery' of the Holocaust, where rational analysis is seen as inappropriate or sacrilegious" (p. 200). Holocaust activist Elie Wiesel "sees the Holocaust as 'equal to the revelation at Sinai' in its religious significance; attempts to 'desanctify' or 'demystify' the Holocaust are, he says, a subtle form of anti-Semitism."

Because the Holocaust is regarded as a unique, unknowable event, Jewish organizations and Israeli diplomats cooperated to block the U.S. Congress from commemorating the Armenian genocide. "Since Jews recognized the Holocaust's uniqueness-that it was 'incomparable,' beyond any analogy-they had no occasion to compete with others; there could be no contest over the incontestable". Abe Foxman, head of the ADL, noted that the Holocaust is "not simply one example of genocide but a near successful attempt on the life of God's chosen children and, thus, on God himself."

A result was that American Jews were able to define themselves "as the quintessential victim" (Novick 1999, 194). As an expression of this tendency, Holocaust activist Simon Wiesenthal compiled a calendar showing when, where and by whom Jews were persecuted on every day of the year. Holocaust consciousness was the ultimate expression of a victim mentality. The Holocaust came to symbolize the natural and inevitable terminus of anti-Semitism. "There is no such thing as overreaction to an anti-Semitic incident, no such thing as exaggerating the omnipresent danger. Anyone who scoffed at the idea that there were dangerous portents in American society hadn't learned 'the lesson of the Holocaust' "

While Jews are portrayed as the quintessential victim in Holocaust iconography, the vast majority of non-Jews are portrayed as potential or actual anti-Semites. "Righteous Gentiles" are acknowledged, but the criteria are strict. They must have risked their lives, and often the lives of the members of their families as well, to save a Jew. "Righteous Gentiles" must display "self-sacrificing heroism of the highest and rarest order" (Novick 1999, 180). Such people are extremely rare, and any Jew who discusses "Righteous Gentiles" for any other reason comes under heavy criticism.

Influence on the media undoubtedly has a major influence on how Israel is portrayed-a major theme of Finkelstein's (2000) The Holocaust Industry. Ari Shavit, an Israeli columnist, described his feelings on the killings of a hundred civilians in a military skirmish in southern Lebanon in 1996, "We killed them out of a certain naive hubris. Believing with absolute certitude that now, with the White House, the Senate, and much of the American media in our hands, the lives of others do not count as much as our own."

The election of Ariel Sharon as Prime Minister of Israel provides another study in contrast. There was a huge difference in the media reaction to Sharon and the response to the situation in Austria when Jörg Haider's Freedom Party won enough seats in parliament to have a role in the Austrian government. Several countries, including Israel, recalled their ambassadors in response to the election of Haider. Politicians around the world condemned Austria and announced that they would not tolerate Haider's participation in any Austrian government. Trade embargoes against Austria were threatened. The cause of these actions was that Haider had said that there had been many decent people fighting on the German side during World War II, including some in the SS. He had also said that some of Hitler's economic policies in the 1930s had made good sense. And he had called for a cutoff of immigration into Austria. Haider apologized for these statements, but the electoral success of his party resulted in the ostracism of Austria and a continuous barrage of alarmist media attacks against him personally.

Contrast this with the treatment of Ariel Sharon's election as prime minister of Israel in 2001. Sharon was Israel's Minister of Defense in September 1982 during the slaughter of 700-2000 Palestinians, including women and children in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps just outside Beirut, Lebanon. New York Times journalist Thomas Friedman saw "groups of young men in their twenties and thirties who had been lined up against walls, tied by their hands and feet, and then mowed down gangland style."36 Radio communications among Israeli military commanders were monitored in which they talked about carrying out "purging operations" in the refugee camps. While the actual killing was done by Lebanese Christians supported by Israel, the Israeli army kept the camps sealed for two days while the slaughter went on. The Kahan Commission, an Israeli commission formed to investigate the incident, concluded that Sharon was indirectly responsible for the massacre, and it went on to say that Sharon bears personal responsibility.

The reaction to the election of Sharon in the U.S. media has been subdued to say the least. No trade embargoes were threatened, no ambassadors were recalled. The Los Angeles Times dutifully printed a column in which Sharon was portrayed as having "learned from his mistakes."

In June, 2001, Sharon was indicted as a war criminal in Belgium on the basis of affidavits provided by survivors of the slaughter. It is also noteworthy that Rehavam Zeevi, a close associate of Sharon and Israel's Minister of Tourism as well as a member of the powerful Security Cabinet until his assassination in October, 2001, described Palestinians as "lice" and advocated the expulsion of Palestinians from Israeli controlled areas. Zeevi said Palestinians were living illegally in Israel and "We should get rid of the ones who are not Israeli citizens the same way you get rid of lice. We have to stop this cancer from spreading within us."

As another indication of the very large Jewish influence on the U.S. media, Eric Alterman notes that "in most of the world, it is the Palestinian narrative of a dispossessed people that dominates. In the United States, however, the narrative that dominates is Israel's: a democracy under constant siege."

A critical source of support for Israel is the army of professional pundits "who can be counted upon to support Israel reflexively and without qualification." Alterman lists 60 prominent media personalities in this camp (including a long list of Jewish writers).

There can be little doubt that the U.S. media is dominated by a pro-Israeli perspective ultimately deriving from Jewish influence on the media. What is perhaps most interesting is the long list of non-Jews who are in the first category-those who support Israel reflexively and without qualification. These include George Will, William Bennett, Andrew Sullivan, Allan Keyes, Brit Hume, Bill O'Reilly, Michael Barone, Ann Coulter, Linda Chavez, and Rush Limbaugh. The fact that reflexive support for Israel is not characteristic of non-Jews in other societies with less Jewish influence on the media strongly suggests that unconditional support for Israel is a critical litmus test of acceptability by the major media in the U.S. - that prospective pundits "earn their stripes" by showing their devotion to Israel (and, one might infer, other Jewish issues, such as immigration; none of these pundits is a critic of massive non-European immigration into Western societies). So it seems difficult to explain the huge tilt toward Israel as the result of individual attitudes in the absence of some enormous selective factor.

CofC is really an attempt to understand the 20th century as a Jewish century-a century in which Jews and Jewish organizations were deeply involved in all the pivotal events. From the Jewish viewpoint it has been a period of great progress, though punctuated by one of its darkest tragedies. In the late 19th century the great bulk of the Jewish population lived in Eastern Europe, with many Jews mired in poverty and all surrounded by hostile populations and unsympathetic governments. A century later, Israel is firmly established in the Middle East, and Jews have become the wealthiest and most powerful group in the United States and have achieved elite status in other Western countries. The critical Jewish role in radical leftism has been sanitized, while Jewish victimization by the Nazis has achieved the status of a moral touchstone and is a prime weapon in the push for large-scale non-European immigration, multi-culturalism and advancing other Jewish causes. Opponents have been relegated to the fringe of intellectual and political discourse and there are powerful movements afoot that would silence them entirely.

The Internet is a major gap in control of the major media, but Jewish organizations have taken the lead in attempting to censor the Internet. The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) distributes a compact disc titled "Digital Hate 2001" that lists over 3000 "hate sites on the Internet." Both the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the ADL have attempted to pressure Internet service providers (ISP's) like AOL and popular websites like Yahoo into restricting subscriber access to disapproved websites. Recently Yahoo removed 39 Internet clubs originally identified as "hate sites" by the SWC.

The ADL also published a report, Poisoning the Web: Hatred Online, and has urged the U.S. Congress to initiate a "comprehensive study of the magnitude and impact of hate on the Internet."

The major focus of the Jewish effort to censor the Internet in the United States has been to pressure private companies like AOL and Yahoo to use software that blocks access to sites that are disapproved by Jewish organizations. The ADL developed voluntary filter software (ADL HateFilter) that allows users to screen out certain websites. However, while AOL-the largest ISP by far-has proved to be compliant in setting standards in line with ADL guidelines, the ADL notes that other ISP's, such as Earthlink, have not cooperated with the ADL, and independent web hosting sites have sprung up to serve websites rejected by AOL.

The ADL and the SWC have an uphill road because the Internet has long been touted as a haven for free speech by the high-tech community. One senses a certain frustration in the conclusion of a recent ADL report on the Internet: Combatting online extremism presents enormous technological and legal difficulties . . . . Even if it were electronically feasible to keep sites off the Internet, the international nature of the medium makes legal regulation virtually impossible. [...]

Clearly Jewish organizations are making every effort to censor anti-Jewish writing on the Internet. They are far from reaching their goal of removing anti-Jewish material from the Internet, but in the long run the very high political stakes involved ensure that great effort will be expended. I suspect that in the U.S., if pressuring existing ISP's by organizations like the ADL and the SWC fails, these companies may become targets of buyouts by Jewish-owned media companies who will then quietly remove access to anti-Jewish websites. AOL has just recently merged with Time Warner, a Jewish-controlled media company, and it had already merged with Compuserve, a large, nationwide ISP. As indicated above, AOL-Time Warner has complied with pressures exerted by Jewish activist organizations to restrict expressions of political opinion on the Internet. [...]

The situation would be similar to the current situation in the broadcast and print media. All of the mainstream media are effectively censored, but small publications that essentially preach to the converted can exist if not flourish. But such publications reach a miniscule percentage of the population. They are basically ignored by the mainstream media, and they mainly preach to the choir.

The same will likely happen to the Internet: The sites will still be there, but they will be out of sight and out of mind for the vast majority of Internet users. The effective censorship of the Internet by large corporations does not violate the First Amendment because the government is not involved and any policy can be justified as a business decision not to offend existing or potential customers. [CofC , Kevin MacDonald]
There are some issues we have with MacDonald's point of view, even if we think he has documented something that needs to be looked at carefully. For example:

1. MacDonald assumes that Western (European) civilization, including the democratic form of government and the free market are "better" than other forms, historical and existing. We think that the problem is deeper than such a simplistic explication.

2. MacDonald assumes that the above features are indicators of "progress," that a country with these systems is more "advanced" than those without. We certainly agree partially. The question is: has a REAL democracy EVER existed in the West?

3. MacDonald, and others suggest that Europeans should be able to have a European culture in the US without considering the fact that the true nature of Western culture has been so deeply influenced by Judaism and its daughter, Christianity, that it has never been truly "Free and Democratic" nor is it truly European. What kind of culture are Americans imposing on the rest of the world? Don't Americans believe their culture is the best? Again, we see the insidious influence of Judaic monotheism at the core of so-called "Western Culture."

4. MacDonald does not seem to be aware of America's role in the world via its secret agencies, a role that, with other developed countries, has created conditions where people flee certain sections of the world to escape political or economic oppression. Since the Second World War, this oppression is in great part due to Americans, under the influence of Jews.

5. MacDonald has identified Marxism, Freudiansim, deconstructionism as Jewish. All are pegged as anti-European/Christian values. Yet we see that the so-called "European/Christian values are already corrupt from inception with the "we are the chosen people" concept adopted from Judaism.

While the solutions proposed by Marxism and other critical views of Western Civilization may be erroneous, we think some of the criticisms have a certain validity.

6. MacDonald poses his argument in terms of the Europeans having the right to their own culture, uninfluenced by what he would identify as Jewish influences. We think that what we know as "European Culture" is merely a variation on Jewish culture which took hold via the Frankish takeover of Christianity, the Franks being cousins of the Khazars, the bulk of Jewry today.

This is, we think, a judgment about which culture is better. However, in a world where large populations are uprooted due to economic and political exploitation by Americans, to what extent does this argument hold water?

But MacDonald doesn't recognise this because he doesn't see the real role of the US in the world from its very beginnings.

It seems to us, here at SOTT, that from the point of view of the soul, we cannot argue that the Europeans are more advanced than any other people.

Does the bankruptcy that MacDonald may see as the result of the influence of "Jewish" culture on the US worse than the bankruptcy prior to that - the consequence of the imposition of Christianity?

Or is it just different?

Is the proposed Jewish influence worse than the effect of the Christian Churches, a variation on Judaism?

This is what renders this analysis weak. If we look at the values presented for the two cultures, we think the real problem is one-sidedness. Too much "individualism" is as much a problem as too much "collectivity".

Indeed, the Jews may have achieved a role within the US that is out of proportion to their population, but from our point of view, the consequence we face as a problem is that it means the US is pursing a policy of support for Israel that will open us up to just another US inspired apocalypse. In short, Israel and the Jews may have been manipulated to this stance since the Balfour Agreement - and even before that, from the time of the imposition of Christianity.

Yes, the Jews have a large grip on the media so they can push their point of view. And perhaps they have been manipulated to that point of view using their greatest strengths against them: their "networking" approach to life.

In other words, while we must definitely look at what is happening and the facts collected by MacDonald, we think the analysis presented by MacDonald is US centric. So once more the US is the centre of the world - not much different that the Jews being the centre of the world.

More importantly, Jews need to look very carefully at the FACTS of our world and to note how, once again, they are being set up to be the evil-doers. Their instincts for survival have been played upon at all levels where now, at this particularly volatile point in history, they have been collected together as a mass of people in one small area of the Middle East and a target is being painted on their heads.

If what MacDonald has noted is NOT discussed openly and completely, if the process of isolating the Jews is not questioned in terms of the special conditions that have existed since WW I, there will, indeed, be a reaction from the vast masses of people who are NOT Jews. If no open discussion ensues, if no criticism is tolerated, if the Jews are presented as saying: "let them eat cake..." the terrors of former revolutions - of the masses against the elite - will pale in comparison to the bloodbath to come.

See also: When Victims Rule


And now, back to the present series of events that we have noted with the help of the QFG Network and the readers and Contributors to who comb the internet daily for articles of interest to all. (A BIG thanks to ALL of you!)

As many of you know, almost exactly a month ago, I was invited to talk on the Jeff Rense show as a consequence of the MOSSAD and Moving Companies Article. What was rather surprising was the fact that Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner saw fit to send in a libelous article to Rense about us. (Keep in mind that the term "libel" refers specifically to lies.) Rense put the article as an addenda at the bottom of an article written by Richard Sauder that mentioned the Cassiopaean Experiment as a possibly valid source of factual information. We found it to be incomprehensible that Rense would invite me to speak while, at the same time publish an article libeling me. Rense himself explained that he had published articles by Jay Weidner before and always found his research to be good. When he was notified of the facts of the situation and provided with evidence of Weidner and Bridges' lies, Rense removed the libelous piece and apologized - though not publicly!

We have certainly noted that Weidner occasionally writes op-ed pieces on political subjects, generally denigrating the Bush Regime in a mild way and that Bridges and his other co-horts are fairly active in political comments of a similar nature - decrying the war, the plight of the Palestinians, and so on.

So, it was certainly curious to discover that Weidner and Bridges would suddenly emerge in opposition to some obvious conclusions about the 9-11 event and possible government complicity. After all, we here at are basically on the same page with Bridges and Weidner in political position, right? We are all Pro-humanity and anti-War, right? Even if we don't agree philosophically, we will certainly find a common ground politically, right?

One would think so. But we notice in Kevin MacDonald's CofC that the chief way to take apart an individualistic society is to turn the individuals against each other.

What a concept!

After all, even if - in my opinion - Weidner and Bridges are off in la-la land with their claims to esoteric traditions - I would have to support any work they do to promote humanity as a whole and the anti-war position.

But exactly the opposite happened here. And I was puzzled.

Back on 9-11, as I noted in the MOSSAD Happy Dance, I was extremely puzzled by the fact that Vincent Bridges and his gang were crowing with delight at the destruction of the World Trade Center. After all, with his penchant for dressing up in Arabic outfits, that seemed to me to be a bit foolish. At that point in time, nobody in their right mind would have wanted to be associated with "Radical Islamic Terrorism," righ?

At a later point in time, I really began to wonder about this possible connection to Islamic terrorists since I did find a link between Mujaheedin and Drunvalo Melchizedek and there were many connections between Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner and Drunvalo.

However, iIt was only after a period of long observation that this theory was discarded. After reviewing the material presented in the MOSSAD and Moving Companies article, the light bulb went on and I realized that it was truly COINTELPRO at its finest. The reader may recall one of the explanations offered for the seeming proliferation of Israeli spies in the U.S.:
At this point, things take a strange turn. With all the questions about an Israeli Spy Ring being brought up again and again, a neat solution has been found: They aren't really Israelis! They are Islamic terrorists PRETENDING to be Israelis!
As I read that, I remembered the rule I had learned from research, that psychopaths always accuse their victims of what they are doing themselves! If the rule holds true, then the truth is that we are overrun with agents of MOSSAD pretending Islamic sympathies!

In terms of COINTELPRO, we usually think that it is limited to things like sending anonymous or fictitious letters designed for various libelous purposes or to damage someone's reputation. We have also noted the program of publishing false defamatory or threatening information, forging signatures on fake documents, introducing disruptive and subversive members into organizations to destroy them from within, and so on. Blackmailing insiders in any group to force them to spread false rumors, or to foment factionalism is also a common tactic. We have experienced all of these things at the hands of Vincent Bridges and his gang of cyberpaths.

What a lot of people don't keep in mind is the fact that COINTELPRO also concentrated on creating bogus organizations through which hostile actions might be instigated and blamed on innocent third parties.

In other words, creating bogus Palestinian Terrorists to attack the World Trade Center is entirely within the tradition of COINTELPRO - and we have seen, over and over again, a string of incidents when purported "Islamic Terrorists" have been noted, but the FBI and CIA just simply turn their heads and order their agents to stand down! One then begins to wonder just WHO initiated the COINTELPRO idea in the FBI?

According to investigators, these FBI programs were noteworthy because all documents relating to them were stamped "do not file." This meant that they were never filed in the main government system, and for all intents and purposes, did not exist. This cover was blown after activists broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania in 1971 where, obviously, there were documents in "holding" even if they never made it to the main government archives.

Do we think that this Pennsylvania outfit was an isolated operation?

Anyone who carefully peruses the Timeline we have assembled which includes FACTS about Secret Government projects - keeping in mind that this is only the tip of the iceberg - will suspect that COINTELPRO is literally the substrate of our entire culture! And they wouldn't be far from the truth - even including religions and cults and anti-cult organizations! When one puts this material together with what Kevin MacDonald has written, the entire picture begins to become VERY clear!

Back to Weidner and Bridges and the Rense show affair

Two days after this show, it seems that Jay Weidner - remember Jay? A guy who regularly posts articles attacking the Bush Administration? We are anti-Bush too, so one would think that we are "in the same camp," so to say - well, Jay Weidner purchased "" to set up an ANTI-Cassiopaea website! (For details, see the Weidner Correspondence, and scroll to the end where these letters are posted)


Shortly afterward, Vincent Bridges and several others (though they may have just been different identities of Bridges himself) joined one of our public discussion groups in order to begin a campaign of disruption and flaming.

Meanwhile, we discovered a website called "The Ross Institute" which appears to be VERY serious and informative. Their disclaimer states:
The information within the Ross Institute archives has been collected to offer the public a resource concerning groups called "cults," controversial organizations and movements. However, the mention and/or inclusion of a group or leader within this archive does not define that group as a "cult" and/or an individual mentioned as either destructive and/or harmful. Instead, such inclusion simply reflects that archived articles and/or research is available about a group or person that has generated some interest and/or controversy.

All the information archived must be evaluated critically, through a process of independent and individual judgment. Please note that there are links often prominently posted at the top of each individual page to a group or movement's own official website, which reflect their views. It is important to see what they have to say.

Warning -- All META tags, page titles, keywords and others content descriptions used throughout this website are only intended to assist search engines for research and locating purposes. This in no way, shape or form is intended to mislead anyone by implying any official representation and/or relationship between this website and the owners of any trademarks, service marks and/or copyrights, which may contain the same keywords and/or titles.

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And lo and behold, what do we find on the Ross Institute list of Dangerous Cults?

Why, the Cassiopaea Experiment supported by a link to Vincent Bridges' "take" on Cassiopaea!

Now, this is going to get VERY juicy in just a minute, but before we get to the BEST part, let me just present a little exchange Ark had with Rick Ross of the Ross Institute List of "Dangerous Cults!":
From: Arkadiusz Jadczyk

Subject: correction to your lkinks.html
Date sent: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 18:55:36 +0200


My name and name of my wife is mispelled in "The Cassiopeia's (Ark Jadcyzk and Laura Knight-Jadcyzk)"

It should read "Jadczyk"

And if you don't mind, would you be so kind and provide also a link to the original web-site of Laura and Ark Jadczyk?

Thank you,


From: "Rick Ross"
To: "Arkadiusz Jadczyk"

Subject: Re: correction to your lkinks.html
Date sent: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 17:02:59 -0400

The spelling will be corrected, but there seems to be problem. The link you point out on the Institute Links page seems to go to a commercial promotions page. Where is the information specifically warning about a destructive group? Have you deleted it?

Rick Ross

From: Arkadiusz Jadczyk
To: "Rick Ross"

Subject: Re: correction to your lkinks.html
Date sent: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 07:48:33 +0200

Hi again,

First of all in The Truth about Cassiopeia: Ouiji Alien Alert you link to

Maynerd Most is a liar: See:

It is true that we have a politically oriented

and scientifically oriented site.

But in no way our site fits the criteria of "destructive cults".

Therefore Vincent Bridges lied again when trying to discredit our site and us by suggesting to you that "Arkadiusz and Laura Jadczyk are a cult".

What I propose is: either delete the link completely, or, if you want to keep the link to the site full of lies about me and my wife, like, please be fair and add also the two links above which document the true destructive nature of Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner.

On our site "cassiopaea" we pursue similar goal as you do. See for instance

Listing us as a "cult", what Vincent Bridges suggests, is an error on your part. You probably did not check his facts.

The two pages: tell the truth about the man your link promotes.

Arkadiusz Jadczyk

From: "Rick Ross"
To: "Arkadiusz Jadczyk"

Subject: Re: correction to your lkinks.html
Date sent: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 07:03:37 -0400

The spelling will be corrected.

To better understand the site and the Links page specifically, see the following:

Your request to add additional links is refused.

Rick Ross
In other words, Rick Ross wasn't being very truthful when he wrote in his disclaimer:
All the information archived must be evaluated critically, through a process of independent and individual judgment. Please note that there are links often prominently posted to a group or movement's own official website, which reflect their views. It is important to see what they have to say.
Either that, or he has a special relationship with Vincent Bridges and/or special instructions to handle us differently.
From: Arkadiusz Jadczyk
To: "Rick Ross"

Subject: Re: correction to your lkinks.html
Date sent: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 13:23:48 +0200

OK. If so, if you rely on liars, and if you protect liars, we will expose this feature of "The Ross Institute" on our web site. It is apparent that you are a part of COINTELPRO operation and possibly even connected to MOSSAD as Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner are.

Arkadiusz Jadczyk

From: "Rick Ross"
To: "Arkadiusz Jadczyk"

Subject: Re: correction to your lkinks.html
Date sent: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 07:38:18 -0400

The Ross Institute is not part of "COINTELPRO," whatever that is. And is certainly not associated with "MOSSAD" in any way.

The Institute is an educational nonprofit corp. registered with the IRS.

But you may indulge in whatever paranoid fantasies you wish, that do not violate libel or slander laws.

Rick Ross
Again, Rick Ross reveals his double standard. He was clearly and evidentially libeling US!
From: Arkadiusz Jadczyk
To: "Rick Ross"

Subject: Re: correction to your lkinks.html
Date sent: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 14:03:07 +0200

Relying on lies, propagating lies and protecting liars is not an educational activity. But that is what you do. And that is what we will expose.


From: "Rick Ross"
To: "Arkadiusz Jadczyk"

Subject: Re: correction to your lkinks.html
Date sent: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 08:35:23 -0400

The links page simply offers links to other websites and states no opinion. I have sent you the disclaimer statement that explains this, which is posted throughout the website.

Again, it seems like paranoid fantasy is an activity that you indulge in.

Rick Ross
Coming now to the juicy parts, as this exchange was taking place, the researcher was finding all sorts of interesting things about Rick Ross of the Ross Institute - not the least of which were some strong connections to various Jewish Organizations - the same ones mentioned by Kevin MacDonald as being implicated in the destruction of Western Society and its Individualistic character. For example, we find this:
Rick Ross: Modern Jewish Pharisee Deprograms Christians

Rick Ross, a Jewish antichrist, has been attempting by several means to destroy certain Pastors, Church members, and Churches within the United Pentecostal Churches International (UPCI), through his antichrist methods of "deprogramming." His attacks and antics against Apostolics and attempts to destroy Churches and Pastors should not go unnoticed. We dare not ignore them because his participation at Waco with the ATFB and FBI shows he cares not for the lives of innocent people. [...]

He was with the government forces at Waco giving them his antichrist opinions and was instrumental in the "wipe-out attack and burn" strategy that ended in the tragic loss of so many innocent people.

The whole purpose of Ross' subtle attacks via his alleged "deprogramming" is to make cults out of religious groups who may not conform to the general social amoral attitude and acceptance of sins and especially his own Jewish beliefs. It is strange that while Ross considers Apostolics to be a cult, he says in his writings that Satanist and those in Wicca are not in a cult?
Well, of course we aren't going to defend the beliefs of the Fundies here. We are individualists, after all, and we have a right to our own beliefs. But we do defend the right of Fundamentalist Christians to HAVE those beliefs! Sure, we find them to be about as silly as Judaism. In fact, Christianity would not exist if it weren't for Judaism which ought to give us pause to think about ALL Monotheistic religions as we have already mentioned. But what was most intriguing above was a curious reference to Rick Ross being involved in the government attack on Waco.

Now, keep in mind, again, we are in no way defending David Koresh and his group or their beliefs - we are just defending their right to have them UNMOLESTED. Those who claim that Koresh was a psychopath or a pedophile may be right for all we know, but due process of law was not applied in the Koresh case. They were literally burned at the stake based on what seems to have been the word of Rick Ross. Men, women and children died because of it. And we certainly can draw a comparison to the present Bush Administration's approach to Iraq and their purported WMDs.

Some of you may recall that the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma was linked to the Waco incident. At the same time, there were other hints that the Oklahoma bombing was somehow linked to Islamic terrorism. Also of extreme interest is the fact that Rick Ross does not consider Satanists and Wiccans as "cultic," and we are well aware that Weidner, Bridges et al are heavily invested in promoting Black Magic and infiltrating the Earth Centered Wiccan groups and perverting them.

All in all, it smells like COINTELPRO to me.

Next we find:
A former member of The Cult Awareness Network (CAN) Rick Ross, a jewel thief turned kidnapper, who has appeared in the media positioning himself as an "expert" on cults.

First Criminal Conviction: 1974

Mr Ross, by his own admission, conspired to steal furniture and appliances at model homes - Those who comment on Mr Ross also alleged that he "bought and used stolen credit cards". As Mr Ross indicates: "The conviction in no way, shape or form involved "stolen credit cards." Obviously, buying and using stolen credit cards would not be "Conspiracy to commit Grand Theft," it would instead be simply "Grand Theft," which is more serious and a felony". With Mr Ross' liturgical nature I am surprised that this statement (1) has not been challanged, let alone that it remains on the internet, if indeed it is a "false statements with malicious intent." Is it then the fact that semantics are again involved here? Was there "bought and used stolen credit cards" without a conviction?
Gee! Rick Ross is beginning to sound like Vincent Bridges who hacks into people's computers, steals their passwords, and runs up bills in their name!!! Is this any way to run MOSSAD?

Second Criminal Conviction & Felony: 1975
Mr Ross was later approached by a friend who offered to make him a partner in a diamond robbery involving 306 items valued at $100,000. That led to Rick Ross' second arrest, for grand theft and conspiracy, a guilty plea, a conviction and 6 weeks in Maricopa County Jail, Arizona. A subsequent psychiatric evaluation reduced what might have or should have been a prison sentence to a probation sentence.
We begin to smell the scent of the psychopath. As we noted from our investigation into the background of Vincent Bridges, he claimed to have learned his psychiatric jargon while in therapy. One wonders if this is where he hooked up with Rick Ross?

Those of you who have read Cleckley's book Mask of Sanity, will be familiar with this problem of the psychopath: the conduct of their LIVES demonstrates their disorder because they are most efficient at "acting sane" and most generally accuse their victims of being crazy as we note that Rick Ross has done above by suggesting that Ark has a "paranoid fantasy!"

What a HOOT this guy is! But it gets even BETTER!

Freedom Magazine reports (keep in mind that we are in no way promoting Scientology, nor are we attacking it. What IS curious is that both Christians AND Scientologists - who are certainly entitled to their beliefs without being "assimilated" by the Jewish Collective - are pointing out that something really ugly is behind Mr. Rick Ross):
For Jason Scott, the nightmare is over. So is it for Laverne Collins Macchio. And for millions of Americans. Scott and Macchio are just two of many Christians who were subjected to brutal "deprogramming" attempts - physical and mental assaults aimed toward breaking their religious beliefs - by members of a hate group known as the "Cult Awareness Network" or "CAN."


The group is defunct, having been forced into liquidation on June 20, 1996, after unsuccessfully seeking refuge in bankruptcy in the face of a $4.8 million damages verdict handed down in September 1995 by a U.S. District Court in Seattle.

[It has obviously been reconstituted as the Ross Institute!]

From its former offices in Barrington, Illinois, CAN became notorious for waging a propaganda war against Mormons, Seventh-day Adventists, Catholics, Orthodox Jews and a host of other religious groups - with particular and peculiar emphasis on fundamentalist Christians. CAN was a clearinghouse for false and biased information concerning religious groups, with the purpose of inciting prejudice, hatred and fear.

But that may be the mildest possible description for this deceased group. CAN preyed on the gullible, violated the civil rights of the innocent and has even been linked to kidnappings, rapes and deaths nationwide. [...]

CAN also defrauded the U.S. government into believing that its activities were "educational" in nature - even swearing to this in documents filed in its application for tax exemption, filed in 1978. This lie was only part of a pattern of widespread deception, a smokescreen to hide CAN's vast involvement in the black market of hate and violence. Indeed, documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act... show that while CAN disavowed its involvement in deprogramming, its own leaders, such as former president John Sweeny, have testified at length that such conduct was CAN's stock in trade. [...]

Later events would find CAN "morally, if not criminally, responsible" for the April 19, 1993, tragedy at Waco, according to religious scholar J. Gordon Melton, director of the Institute for the Study of American Religion and professor of religion at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

It was CAN and one of its highest-ranking deprogrammers, convicted felon Rick Ross, who provided the information which spurred the deadly raid on the Branch Davidian compound at Mount Carmel in Waco, Texas. Ross and other CAN officials worked with apostate former Davidians to convince law enforcement that "lethal force" was justified at Mount Carmel. ... The 86 lives lost at Waco speak volumes of CAN's involvement. [...]

When it comes to examining an organization, the words of its top officials are often instructive. And the views of CAN's last executive director, Cynthia Kisser, shed much light on CAN's agenda and explain its fascination with Christians. "If [Jesus Christ] were alive now," she told the Cleveland Plain Dealer, "we'd take an interest in him because of the great controversy surrounding his fringe activities. ... We'd try to see if there was abuse, unethical behavior or deceptive practices. And I'd send whatever we could find to reporters." [...]

CAN's support of and involvement in lawless conduct led to the $4.875-million damages verdict against the group and Rick Ross... [...]

The jury in the Scott case found that the conduct of some of the defendants was "so outrageous in character and so extreme in degree as to go beyond all possible bounds of decency ... atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized community." [...]

On the same day that the bankruptcy court shut CAN's doors, four more CAN-associated deprogrammers joined the ranks of the convicted [...] Kidnappers dragged the victim, Laverne Collins Macchio, from her home in Boise in 1991 as her three children looked on in horror. Macchio was hauled across the lawn, forced into a waiting vehicle, driven to a remote cabin and held against her will for seven days.

In an Idaho court, the deprogrammers, Joy and Carmine DeSanctis, Michael Howley and Charles Kelly, were forced to face the consequences of their actions. Based on an agreement with the trial judge, all four agreed to plead guilty to felony kidnapping charges if their defense was rejected on appeal. The June 22 ruling by the unanimous Idaho Supreme Court, written by Chief Justice Charles McDevitt, threw out the deprogrammers' defense and left the CAN hate group with four more nails in its coffin.

It is notable that the DeSanctises were relied upon as "informants" by Time, a magazine noted for its involvement in misinformation scandals. (See "Of the Media, By the Media, For the Media?".) Joy DeSanctis infiltrated a church, stole documents from it, then provided information to Time for the centerpiece of a thoroughly discredited article.
I hope you noticed the names of the media organs above that we have identified as part of the Jewish Network of Media Control via the research of Kevin MacDonald.

Of course, Rick Ross wanted to respond in the same way Vincent Bridges wanted to respond to our report on his faked bio. We should note that, to this day, Bridges will declare vociferously that he only made "two tiny errors" on his resume and for that, we here at - just for no reason - viciously attacked him. I think that the reader who has perused his systematic lying and covering lies with more lies, reported in the Bridges Dossier will come to a slightly different conclusion.

In any event, in the same style, Rick Ross defends himself against the report published by the Church of Scientology by writing:
The "new Cult Awareness Network" (CAN), which is apparently controlled by Scientology, published a "news bulletin" titled "Rick Ross - Modern Day Inquisitor" May 7, 1997. The bulletin attacked me personally and my work. This document has since become the primary basis for similar attacks made by other groups and their supporters. Most often these attacks are simply retaliation, motivated by critical information archived within my website about certain groups and/or their leaders. [...] Please understand that the Scientology bulletin and other more recent personal attacks often misrepresent, distort and/or ignore the facts and actual context of my personal history and work. This appears to be a deliberate effort to mislead and/or misinform the public.
Geez! Sounds just like Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner, eh? The interested reader may wish to peruse Rick Ross' apologia.

IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE: The Federal government chose Rick Ross to consult with them on the course to follow during the stand-off and fatal elimination of the Branch Davidians. Ross indentifies cults - as those groups which most closely follow the patterns of his own violent and destructive behaviors. Ross's work at Waco in "cult elimination" was cited by the Nation Magazine as highly effective....

Jewcy (Feb. 2007): "Brainwashing's Nemesis: How Rick Ross became a cult buster extraordinaire"
[...] As the media's go-to guy on Scientology and the Kabbalah Center, Ross has helped expose such these and other groups as creepy enterprises which prey on the psychologically vulnerable, rob them of their fortunes and get away with it all by packaging themselves as "new religions."

He entered the cult monitoring and deprogramming biz in the early 80's after witnessing a sinister Christian sect try to convert aged Jews in his grandmother's Arizona nursing home. Ross now heads up his eponymous New Jersey-based institute, whose website features one of the largest and most comprehensive databases on controversial social movements, anywhere.

Ross' quarry includes "everything from the power of miracles, mysticism to 'God Men' gurus and traveling prophets." Al Qaeda, Nation of Islam, Chabad, Mormonism, Burning Man, even AmWay - all receive their own dossier. [...]
But does it affect his work as a deprogrammer?
Since he was a child, deprogrammer Rick Ross has been evaluated by numerous psychiatrists and mental health experts who have unfairly labeled him with a host of social and mental deficiencies stemming from anti-social, manipulative behavior and sexual problems.

It started at the age of 6, when Ross was referred to Dr. Keith Perkins of Child Study and Consultation Service in Phoenix for assistance in understanding some of his "aggressive tendencies."

In 1965, at age 10, Ross was put on the psychiatric drugs "Deaner" and "Librium" which he took daily in an attempt to suppress his anti-social behavior.

A decade later, Dr. Thomas P. O'Brien of the St. Joseph's Hospital Mental Health Center described Ross as an "opportunist" and said "When he gets caught doing something he shouldn't ... his typical response is 'it's pretty disgusting the way they make such a big deal about things.' " Dr. O'Brien also reported that after being jailed for robbing a jewelry store, Ross showed signs of "serious psychological decompensation" and made a suicide attempt.

Do these types of mental problems and tendencies often just go away?

Ross who spent much of his life either institutionalized or under psychiatrist's care has employed many of the secrets of psychiatry to do his controversial "involuntary deprogramming". Involuntary deprogramming is where Ross holds a cult member as a prisoner until they agree to think for themselves and voluntarily leave the cult they are in. In one involuntary deprogramming, Jason Scott was held for five days until he promised to think for himself and leave the cult he was in. As soon as Ross released the "cured" Scott, he thought for himself and rejoined the cult, had Ross arrested and sued Ross into bankruptcy.
One site that posts actual court document images relating to Rick Ross asks a question about his homosexuality. Now, this may not seem to be relevant, but for some entertaining reading, do have a look at the site, browse around and check out the documents.
"Is Rick Ross a Homosexual?" His prison records make inferences about it, having deletions in one of the Psychiatric reports about his parent's disagreements with his "lifestyle". He has never been married or cohabitated with a member of the opposite sex.

He was asked about his Homosexuality in a deposition on October 28th 1994 (Jason Scott trial) and refused to answer, but was upset. It was clear enough to the lawyer that deposed Mr. Ross that he is a Homosexual; "...there is no question by his mannerisms, and actions that he is.."

There has been and is much discussion about Rick Ross' Homosexuality on the Internet by people who have claimed to have been in his company.

If Ross is a Homosexual he has been betraying those he claims to help by acting on his own hatred of women and bigotry to all the various Christian groups he has labeled as "cults".

In Mr. Ross' deposition he is asked about his homosexuality and if there is no mistake he refers to it as a past event in his life or something to that effect as he is cut off by his lawyer - Ross says "I have previously...." (It is in deposition pages 5 & 6 the reader will have to follow the conversation through to get the context).

It could be assumed that Mr. Ross' lawyer may have jumped in to stop him from saying whatever he was about to say. What is it that Rick Ross ......"has previously"......done and what was he about to confess or clarify?
Going in another direction, on the Lyndon LaRouche website we find some interesting comments. Again, we note that we are not promoting Mr. LaRouche, just pointing out that a whole lot of diverse peoples have been targeted by apparent COINTELPRO type operations and this should give us pause to think long and carefully about what is being propagated as "truth" nowadays. More of the "divide and conquer" routine of the attack on Western Civilization?
A recent spate of physical assaults, and one threatened kidnapping, of political associates of Democratic Party Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche, has prompted counterintelligence investigators for Executive Intelligence Review to reopen the file on the American Family Foundation (AFF)-the organization linked to the pattern of attacks.

While promoting itself as a leading organization "combatting cults," the American Family Foundation is actually a privatized successor to the notorious 1950s-70s U.S. and British governments' secret experiments with mind control, employing a wide range of pharmacological and brainwashing methods. Some techniques employed by AFF "deprogrammers" were previously the subject of war crimes prosecutions during the Nuremberg Trials of the infamous "Nazi doctors."

The AFF's stable of "Reesian psychiatric shock troops" (after the British Tavistock Institute's Dr. John Rawlings Rees) operate in tandem with a number of known terrorist and mercenary-for-hire agencies, which at one time constituted perhaps the largest professional kidnapping ring in modern American history. Those kidnapping operations have often intersected the activities of criminalized segments of the U.S. law enforcement and intelligence community, and this complication allowed some members of the criminal enterprise to escape prosecution.

Members of the Jewish Defense League (JDL), an organization whose Israeli affiliates are on the U.S. State Department list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, constitute one hard-core terrorist capability that has been employed by AFF "deprogrammers" to kidnap their victims.

Although JDL head Irv Rubin is presently in jail, without bail, pending Federal prosecution on charges of plotting the murder of a California Congressman and other terrorist acts, other JDL members and associates have been implicated in recent physical assaults on LaRouche associates in California, and, possibly, in New York City.

The Lubavitcher sect, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, and former U.S. Green Beret and British Special Air Services (SAS) commandos have also been employed in kidnapping operations by the American Family Foundation and its affiliates, like the Cult Awareness Network (CAN).

After a series of kidnapping prosecutions and convictions of top CAN operators (see Travesty-A True Crime Story, by an EIR investigative team, Washington, D.C.: 1995); and after one high-profile CAN kidnapper, Rick Ross, was implicated in setting up the 1993 massacre of the Branch Davidian sect in Waco, Texas, CAN was formally dissolved.

In a lawsuit, the group's name and assets were taken over by the Church of Scientology. The original CAN has now been reconstituted as the Leo J. Ryan Education Foundation, with more or less the same personnel, and the same close ties to the AFF. [...]

According to its "official" history, the American Family Foundation was launched in 1979, in response to the threat posed by violent cults, particularly in the aftermath of the purported mass suicide by the Peoples Temple of Rev. Jim Jones, in Guyana, in 1978. In contemporary lingo, this version of the AFF's founding is an "urban legend."

To understand the actual circumstances of the launching of AFF, two seminal events of the 1970s must be first summarized.

The first was the widespread exposure of criminal activities by the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, through the mid-1970s efforts of the U.S. Senate Church Committee, chaired by Frank Church (D-Idaho), and other investigative bodies and news exposés.

Among the most damning revelations was the CIA's 25-year history of secret experimentation with mind-altering drugs, mass psychological manipulation, North Korean-style brainwashing and torture techniques, under the rubric of Operation MK-ULTRA, and other programs.

As for the FBI, it was revealed to have conducted an equally long-term illegal domestic program, targeting political and civil rights groups, churches, and labor unions under its Counterintelligence Program ("Cointelpro").

Among the Cointelpro documents ultimately made public was a 1973 memorandum to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, from the Special Agent in Charge of the New York City FBI Field Office, soliciting the Director's OK to orchestrate an assassination of Lyndon LaRouche, employing FBI assets infiltrated into the leadership of the Communist Party U.S.A.

The idea of the FBI colluding with the Communist Party to carry out an assassination of a domestic political figure, indicates both the depth of corruption of the FBI, and the extent to which Lyndon LaRouche had already, back as far as 1973, been labeled as a potential threat to the Wall Street Eastern Establishment, which often employed the FBI as its quasi-private political police agency.

In the aftermath of the Church Committee revelations, which received widespread media attention, the CIA formally shut down all work on mind control, psychedelic drugs, etc., and the FBI formally dismantled its Cointelpro operations in 1977.

What happened, in reality, is that all the operations were continued under private auspices. The FBI established a quasi-formal sub-contractual relationship with the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL), to spy on and disrupt the same domestic political activists and organizations that had been the targets of Cointelpro.

A mid-1980s directive from then-Director William Webster to all FBI field offices in the United States, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), ordered local Bureau civil rights unit chiefs to establish liaison with ADL offices-confirming the FBI/ADL collusion. [...]

This employment of private agencies and individuals as assets of U.S. Federal law enforcement and intelligence sevices, was codified with the Reagan Administration's Executive Order 12333, which was signed on Dec. 4, 1981, but had been drafted by an American Bar Association task force on law and national security in 1979. [...]

The launching of the American Family Foundation in 1979 unleashed the MK-ULTRA mind-benders, on an expanded scale, as part of the "Get LaRouche" operation.
And now, they are after Cassiopaea! We must be doing something right!
Although American Family Foundation promotional material describes it as "the leading professional organization concerned about cults and psychological manipulation," this boast hardly squares with the fact that, throughout its 20 years of operation, AFF's psychiatric "professionals" have been dominated by three of the most notorious mind-controllers ever associated with MK-ULTRA and related government secret projects in mass psychological manipulation. This may be the ultimate case of "the pot calling the kettle black."

The three leading AFF brainwashers are the late Dr. Louis Jolyon West (who died in 1999), Dr. Margaret Singer, and Dr. Robert J. Lifton. All three were associated with AFF from its inception, and Singer and Lifton remain active to the present day. In fact, the entire AFF approach to "deprogramming" centers on two documents authored by Singer and Lifton, modeled on CIA Korean War-era studies of "Chinese brainwashing." [...]

In 1967, Dr. West left Oklahoma and set up shop in San Francisco, during the famous "Summer of Love," during which time millions of LSD doses, produced by the government, were distributed to the hippies, in the largest secret-government test of mass drugging of a population in history. West and Singer again joined forces to assess the impact of the LSD flood. In this effort, they also came to work closely with Dr. Gregory Bateson, who ran secret LSD-25 experiments at the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Hospital, in parallel to West's earlier work in Oklahoma

West next became chairman of the department of psychiatry at the University of California at Los Angelees, and director of UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute, a major center for experimentation in mass social control, employing drugs, hypnosis, electro-shock, and other techniques.
Don't you think its interesting that the whole generation that "turned on, tuned in and dropped out" is now the generation that is totally unable to wake up to the machinations of George Bush????!
In 1970, Dr. West pushed to Gov. Ronald Reagan, the idea of a Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence, to track criminals, "pre-delinquent hyperkinetic children," and others profiled as allegedly likely to engage in violence. Among the controversial techniques he proposed: chemical castration, and implanting electrodes into subjects' brains to control violent impulses and "political activity."
It makes you wonder just what they were looking for. After all, the above diagnosis of "pre-delinquent and hyperkinetic" was applied to Rick Ross. Perhaps they were just shopping for future agents? And what about today's "Indigo Children?" But no, that's just a "paranoid fantasy!"
West, Lifton, and Singer have, throughout their careers, been obsessed with early detection and prevention of the emergence of any independent political movement with a strong leader, in the Socratic-Platonic tradition of the "philosopher-king." [...]

If one piece of "smoking gun" evidence proves that the AFF is the continuation of MK-ULTRA under a new masthead, it is to be found in the New York City law offices of Morris and McVeigh, which also house the Bodman and Achellis Foundations. The two foundations are administered by senior partners in the firm, and they have overlapping directorates. In the first decade of AFF's existence, the Bodman and Achellis Foundations, combined, provided it more than a half-million dollars, by far its largest source of funding. (Since 1969, the Bodman Foundation has been a major donor to the Temple of Understanding at the UN, formerly known as the Lucis Trust-an outright Satanic sect, founded in London in 1922, under the more poetic and revealing name, Lucifer Trust. [...]

More to the point: The founding partner of Morris and McVeigh, Charles Senff McVeigh, was president of Bodman Foundation, an officer and trustee of the Achellis Foundation, and was a director of the Josiah Macy Foundation, during the entire period that Macy was housing the Cybernetics Group and the CIA's secret MK-ULTRA mind control and psychedelics project.

The AFF is also closely aligned with the organized crime- and espionage-tainted Anti-Defamation League. The founder and president of the American Family Foundation is attorney Herbert Rosedale, of the law firm Parker, Chapin, Flattau, and Klimpl. The firm's founder, Albert Parker, was the vice chairman of the New York ADL Appeal, the organization's fundraising arm. The law firm represents the ADL's Sterling National Bank, and has also represented Republic National Bank of the late Edmond Safra.

AFF is funded as well by the San Francisco-based Swig Foundation. Melvin Swig, a trustee of the foundation, has been ADL national commissioner and an executive board member of American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the official Israeli Lobby in America.

AFF's Advisory Board has included the director of the Task Force on Missionaries and Cults from the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of New York. Established in 1981 under JCRC director Malcolm Hoenlein and with the assistance of the Office of the Interior Minister for the State of Israel, the task force established an intelligence-gathering war-room to track political adversaries. Hoenlein has been identified as a key operative for the Mega Group, the private club of Zionist billionaires, established in 1991 by brothers Edgar and Charles Bronfman, hedge-fund manager Michael Steinhardt, and Max Fisher.
Now, let's come back to Rick Ross and WACO. Cletus Nelson, a Los Angeles journalist, writes (published on The Lew Rockwell site):
To best understand why agents of the federal government massacred the members of a small Texas church, it behooves the conscientious WACO historian to closely examine the social forces lurking behind this unprecedented disaster.

If there is one sustaining thread which runs throughout this deadly exercise of state power, it is an endless pattern of deception.

From the very outset, the public was falsely led to believe a multiracial spiritual community was largely comprised of gun-running "rednecks" steeped in violent apocalypse theology and martial rhetoric.

As if to further darken the picture, thinly veiled allegations of child abuse and cultic phenomenon were widely circulated on television and in the mainstream press. This egregious use of what media analysts refer to as "negative framing" would seal the fate of the controversial 7th Day Adventist sect when it was deemed politically expendable by Washington officials.

Evidence suggests that these unsubstantiated claims which continue to shade our perception of the events at Mt. Carmel can be attributed to a small cadre of para-political "watchdog" groups.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with citizens banding together to expose government waste, combat police brutality, or warn the public of faulty or dangerous products.

However, in the lucrative realm of public policy activism lurk a number of pro-government advocacy groups whose very existence rests upon the notion that cult activities, political extremism or some other unnamed evil constitutes a dangerous threat to state power.

In order to identify the alleged thought criminals in our midst, operatives aligned with these private surveillance networks infiltrate unconventional spiritual or religious movements, maintain files on American citizens, and work closely with both media and law enforcement to target individuals and organizations whose beliefs run counter to establishmentarian beliefs.

In essence, these ersatz defenders of human rights act as de facto spokesmen for our emergent surveillance society. It's COINTELPRO redux, only this time with help from a network of dubious, yet-well compensated agents.

One such organization is the Cult Awareness Network (CAN). Although the legendary cult-busters have since disappeared from the public spotlight after suffering a ruinous civil judgement, the once prominent watchdog group still enjoy an infamous place among WACO researchers. Indeed, the first stirrings of the Koresh investigation began when a CAN affiliate named Rick Ross allegedly "deprogrammed" various former Davidians and contacted BATF officials with lurid tales of child abuse and illegal machine guns. [...]

Few bothered to question the credibility of an organization which has flung the "cult" smear at Catholic monasteries, yoga groups, and even Karate classes! Instead, the public recoiled at the stunning accusations leveled against the besieged religious group. Meanwhile, far below the media radar, longtime critics of CAN noticed a familiar modus operandi. Citing outspoken CAN opponent Dr. Gordon Melton, Carol Moore notes that the organization "has found two successful methods of disrupting groups: first, false anonymous charges of child abuse and second, kidnapping and 'deprogramming' members."

In the aftermath of the tragic conflagration, Ross would justify the fatal tank attack in a self-serving letter to former Attorney General Janet Reno. "One thing is sure, David Koresh was an absolute authoritarian cult leader who exercised total control over his followers/victims. In the final analysis, he decided to end the conflict." However, Ross would later be subjected to the withering cricism of Princeton University religious scholar Nancy T. Ammerman in a report prepared for the Department of Justice which challenged CAN's ersatz expertise:

"Although these people often call themselves 'cult experts,' they are certainly not recognized as such by the academic community. The activities of CAN are a danger to religious liberty, and deprogramming tactics have been increasingly found to fall outside the law. At the very least, Mr. Ross and any ex-members he associated with should have been seen as questionable sources of information." [...]

Thus it is imperative that we closely scrutinize the information disseminated by the watchdog element and its relationship with government agencies - lest we witness further atrocities (and the ensuing cover-ups) on American soil.
Hmmm... Well, well, well.

Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner DO keep INTERESTING company! No wonder they went bananas over the MOSSAD article!

Coming back to Mr. Rick Ross, implicated in the Waco affair and a host of other unsavory activities that exactly fit what Kevin MacDonald has described in his study of the destruction of Western Civilization, I suppose we should be honored that our status has been bumped up so as to require the special attention of so accomplished an agent! Aside from the fact that it proves our point that the agenda of Bridges and Weidner and gang, from the beginning, has been to run a COINTELPRO on us - it also leads us a bit closer to the center of the web - the Masterminds of Global Terrorism.

The final email from Mr. Rick Ross is a little reply to Ark's question:
"Did you really write the following:

I was not "fined $2,500,000.00." This was a civil judgment, not a "fine."

"I was never charged with "kidnapping," but instead "unlawful" or "false imprisonment."

Just curious,

Rick Ross disingenuously replied:
From: "Rick Ross"
To: "Arkadiusz Jadczyk"

Subject: Re: correction to your lkinks.html
Date sent: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 09:28:18 -0400


The site you are quoting has received recognition within the Hall of Flames section titled Flaming Websites. See

Note: See the listing/link for "Rick Ross: Guardian of the truth or garner of attention?"

This site received a maximum four flame award level, quite a stunning achievement.

Let me know when your website work is complete and I will review it for a possible award. Maybe you can earn four flames too.

Rick Ross
Frankly, we think we deserve FIVE FLAMES for spotting COINTELPRO in action, especially with so many apparent links to MOSSAD - "By Way of Deception Thou shalt do War".

As far as is concerned, the litmus test has been applied: we KNOW Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner are liars and Rick Ross supports their websites and refuses to post a prominent link to the report on Vincent Bridges - verified in every particular.

Remember Vincent Bridges? The guy doing the MOSSAD Happy Dance on 9-11 along with the moving guys on top of a truck who were watching the WTC burn? Remember Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner? The guys who have devoted their lives to flaming and libelling me, Cassiopaea and And all we ever did was decline to be taken over by them.

That says it all.
"I am a jealous God and you will have no other before me..."
The world view of the psychopath.