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Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology admitted that they have made a "mistake" on the report about fall out in Fukushima.

The data is about the amount of fallout and the rain, from 6/6/2011 ~ 8/4/2011.

Having said that it was a simple error, it turned out that it was 10 times more than originally reported.

For example...

  • Cs-134 6.6 MBq/km2 → 160 MBq/km2
  • Cs-137 8.0 MBq/km2 → 200 MBq/km2
  • Cs-134 31 MBq/km2 → 590 MBq/km2
  • Cs-137 39 MBq/km2 → 750 MBq/km2
Though it was an "error", none of the numbers decreased.

If it was a pure mistake, the average of the error must be zero.

However, ALL the data turned out to be way more than originally reported.

This is their typical way.

  • 1) Don't announce anything.
  • 2) Announce something but it doesn't look so bad.
  • 3) Announce something which is probably more true,and it's way more than (2) and we have already got exposed to it./li>
In the process of (1)→(2), moron tend to comment, I'm paranoid or spreading baseless rumor.

In the process of (2)→(3), more moron tend to comment, I'm over exaggerating or spreading the lies.

After (3), moron disappear and don't take any responsibility. It's always just us to get damaged.

We should know how they trick us by now.

I repeat.

Do not trust any of their announcements. Just trust your common sense.

and you moron. Hang yourself. You deserve murder.