Incredible video footage shows the moment a tornado struck the New York State Thruway last night.

A woman who had stopped in her car during a storm, films the raging winds gathering pace until, about six minutes in, a full on tornado appears in front of her.

The National Weather Service said it received multiple reports of the tornado in Montgomery County.

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Frightening: The video shows the twister emerging out of nowhere
'We have video evidence that certainly suggests it was a tornado,' Meteorologist Ray O'Keefe said.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said: 'It appears a tornado touched down in the Amsterdam area Sunday evening.

'At this time, there have been no reports of any serious injuries, but there are reports of damage to numerous structures.'

The user who uploaded the video can be heard screaming 'Oh my God!' repeatedly as the twister gains momentum.

She then reassures herself that she is fine before putting away the camera so she can call for help.

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Engulfed: All goes dark as the storm hits the road next to where the driver is parked
The Youtube user wrote: 'I had pulled over to ride the storm out and got much more than I bargained for.

'I want it to be clear that I was not in the car because I was planning on hiding from a tornado, I stayed in the car because of the intense cloud-to-ground lightning, the tornado was a surprise.

'I wasn't expecting to intercept anything but wind & possibly hail, I was simply on my way home from a weekend visiting family.'

She added: 'I've seen numerous tornadoes, but it has been on official chases when I was equipped with radar, GPS, internet access, and a team of people.

'It's a much different feeling when you're alone with nothing but a cell phone and it forms right in front of you.'