A 33-year-old mother accused of killing her two young daughters with a hatchet and then trying to kill herself told investigators that a ghost killed her children, according to a warrant.

The murder warrant against Naiyana Patel also said that she has said she does not want to live and she did not want surgery for her head injuries.

On Saturday, Patel's husband, Lalji Patel, returned home from work to find his daughters, 7-year-old Jiya and 4-year-old Piya, dead and their mother seriously injured.

Police said Naiyana Patel struck herself in the head repeatedly with the hatchet after she killed the girls.

Relatives said Naiyana was being treated for depression after a pregnancy she did not carry to full term, and, at some point she switched medication because the initial prescription did not seem to help.

Investigators removed the medication from the home during the investigation.

Relatives said the children's funeral is planned Thursday.

After undergoing surgery, Naiyana was listed in serious but stable condition at Mission Hospital.

Police said she was transferred from the intensive care unit to a regular room. They're waiting to find out when she will be released from the hospital before deciding how to proceed.

Lt. Wallace Welch said it depends on how forthcoming Patel is with information. Welch said there is a possibility she could go straight from the hospital to the jail.

A memorial service for the family only is set for Thursday at the Groce Funeral Home from noon until 2 p.m.

A community event will be set for Thursday at 6 p.m. in the ball field behind Oakley Elementary School, the school Jiya attended.

Welch said the public event will celebrate the lives of Jiya and her sister, Piya.

Relatives of the Patels said Lalji Patel, who goes by Lalu, will stay with them while they plan the funeral and clean up the family's home.

"We don't want Lalu to have to think about any of this," Shelly Patel told WYFF. "We are trying to think for him."