The Transporation Security Administration has received a lot of negative attention lately surrounding security procedures, including full body scans and pat downs.

Now a state representative is speaking out strongly against those measures here in Arizona, but she came a long way to a make a point.

A coffee shop in Tempe hosted an event ot talk about TSA procedures on Saturday. It's a topic that has people fired up, especially after the now infamous breast grabbing incident from a Colorado woman at Sky Harbor airport.

"To be considered a terrorist is really an insult and it's really's a was a horrifying thing," said Alaska State Rep. Sharon Cissna.

Cissna has gone so far as to travel free from the TSA's grasp. All the way from the frosty north country to Texas to highlight her own uncomfortable experience at a Seattle airport.

She's stopping along the way in small settings, but she's received a big response.

"This is a silent problem and the only way I'm going to find out what's really going on is really to be able to talk one on one with people throughout the country," said Cissna.

The TSA's response to the outrage?

"We have too many people who travel every day and we know that the bad guys are out there to do us harm..our job is to find them and the latest and most innovative techniques to do that are through hiding explosives to get onto aircraft," said TSA spokesman Nico Melendez.

Representative Cissna said despite issues which seem to divide down party lines, the issue of personal privacy is not one of them and people from all walks of life are supporting this effort.

"Excitement, talent, diversity..everyone really being very, very concerned about the very same thing and that's dignity to travel," she said.

Cissna is working with a number of organizations, including Freedom to Travel USA, which helped organize Saturday's event.

She hopes that others will speak up so the TSA will change their current security screening practices.