A nightmare came to life on board a public bus in Philadelphia back in July. Prosecutors showed security camera video in court showing passengers scrambling as men with guns open fire, according to myfoxphilly.com .

Prosecutors say the shooting and violence triggered because of a phone call that a woman, Penny Champan, made after having words with someone on the bus.

The video shows Chapman's boy running up and down the aisles by one of the seven cameras on board. Finally she grabs the child and spanks him. A man sitting behind her doesn't approve and he threatens to turn her in for child abuse.

She then makes a phone call. Investigators say she made that call to set up what is about to happen. A few minutes later, Chapman exits from the back, where the boy's uncle is waiting. He helps them off and holds the door open for two guys, brothers Caron and Rahim Patterson.

Investigators say they open fire with an assault rifle and handgun. Innocent passengers on board instantly turn into possible victims.

A prosecutor said that at least 5 of the bullets came right through the back door and several come through the side.

In the chaos a mother grabs her child and runs for the front. Other passengers try to hide. An 80-year-old woman freezes for a few moments before she drops and covers her head, just a moment before as a bullet shatters the glass above her.

Passengers pile up in front, including the man who criticized Chapman, the initial target of the gunfire. Finally the bus driver hits the gas and everyone gets away unharmed.