Reno, Nevada - Five deaths and multiple injuries were reported after a tractor trailer crashed into a Amtrak train on Friday near Reno, according to Nevada Department of Transportation.

The driver of the truck is confirmed dead and 3-to-4 more on-board the train are dead, said Nevada State Trooper Dan Lopez. Bodies are being recovered from the wreck and an exact head count of all on-board has not been confirmed, he added.

Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno say they received nine injured passengers from the Amtrak crash. And of those nine, two are in critical condition, four in serious, and three in fair condition, according to Dan Davis of Renown.

There was no word on the ages or genders of the patients. Davis noted that the hospital may be receiving 4-to-6 more throughout the night.

Friday at about 11:20 a.m. the Amtrak's California Zephyr train carrying 204 passengers and 14 crew members running from Chicago-to-Emeryville, Calif. collided with a tractor trailer on US-95.

Multiple emergency personnel agencies arrived at the scene of the incident near the Trinity Rest Area, Southwest of Lovelock in Churchill County, Nevada.

Care flight, REMSA, Reno Police, Reno Fire Department, US Navy personnel from Fallon Naval Air Station and Churchhill County Sheriff's are also at the location.

About 150 passengers were walking around with minor or no injuries, said Kurt Althof spokeperson for Care flight. And further described the incident as a multiple casualty incident which means 20 or more plus people have been hurt pretty bad.

US-95 is closed in both directions, according to Nevada State Trooper Chuck Allen.

An Amtrak spokesperson in an emailed statement said, We are saddened by any injury and appreciate the emergency response by local and state agencies.

And added that persons with questions about their friends and family aboard this train have a special number to call for information: 800-523-9101.