[Editor's Note: A member of our forum was an eyewitness to this event and has submitted the following report. This is an appeal for all Sott readers who are in a position to do so, to do what they can to help. This is an opportunity to show your humanity in the face of what appears to be naked psychopathy in action.]


The police were called after the unprovoked attack on Pepper
A Frontier Communications Internet Installation Technician has been charged with "Cruelty to an Animal" after brutally clubbing a leashed, miniature schnauzer in the head with a Heavy Duty Test Phone. The 15 lb dog, "Pepper" is currently in Sylva Animal Hospital in critical condition with a severe head injury. At time of writing, "Pepper" had not yet regained consciousness and was suffering multiple seizures.

Upon arriving at the residence, the Frontier Technician was told by the resident, John Rarick to "Please wait while I put my dogs away" Instead of waiting as requested, "the Frontier Technician walked around the side of the cabin to where Pepper was restrained on her lead, bent over and viciously clubbed the tiny dog with a test phone about the size and weight of a dumbbell," according to a neighbor who was an eye witness to the bludgeoning of the dog, This occurred in full view of the Rarick's 4 year old son, who was raised with the 8 year miniature schnauzer.

"Pepper" is a friendly, family pet who was property leashed and represented no threat to the young, 6ft tall Frontier Technician. According to witnesses, the Frontier Technician was clearly "Looking for a dog" when he disregarded the resident's request that he "wait until I put my dogs up" and went around to the side of the cabin.

The technician who brutally attacked Pepper for no reason

"This was not a startle reaction" said a witness to the assault on Pepper. "The Frontier Technician clubbed that little dog as hard as he could like this" stated the witness, making the motion of rising his arm into the air and striking downward in a forceful cross body blow. "The dog was at the end of her lead and the Frontier Technician had to bend over to hit her."

At no time after the incident did the Frontier Technician appear upset, or even concerned about the animal he'd just beaten unconscious. His face showed no visible affect at all, and his voice was flat and unemotional ...until AFTER he found out he would be charged with "Cruelty to an Animal".

"Pepper" is currently fighting for her life, and Frontier Communications has thus far refused to assist with the rapidly mounting vet fees. Neighbors have taken up a collection to help pay for Pepper's immediate emergency care, but the little dog needs to be moved to the Asheville Regional Emergency Animal Care Hospital REACH for 24 hour care over the weekend. The Raricks have a 4 year old son as well as a new baby, and like most young couples in their situation, are of limited means.

If you are reading this, PLEASE take a moment of your time and call Frontier Communications and urge them to provide for Pepper's medical care.

Frontier Regional Office:
Mr. Greg Edwards: 828-230-4999


The man turned his back when he realised he was being photographed.

Frontier Communications Refuses To Help with Emergency Vet Treatment

Pepper, the miniature schnauzer who was brutally bludgeoned in the head by a Frontier Internet Technician has been moved to the Regional Emergency Animal Care Hospital (REACH) in Asheville North Carolina. Pepper is still unconscious and the vet on call did not sound optimistic regarding Pepper's chance of survival without extensive medical care.


Vet estimation bill for Pepper's urgently-needed treatment
Unfortunately, REACH requires full payment in advance, before treatment ... which they estimated to be $1568.54 for the weekend. The Raricks and their neighbors were only able to raise about $600.00 on a few hours notice so REACH re-estimated the costs of "supportive care" only.

Without giving Pepper all the treatment she actually needs the deposit required was $550.63.

Three hours after being informed of the dire situation, Mr. Greg Edwards, speaking for Frontier Communications, REFUSED to assist the Raricks in obtaining the necessary emergency care for Pepper.

Mr. Edwards stated that he would contact the Technician, who did not return to work after being charged with Animal Cruelty, and then meet with Frontier General Manager Ken Maxwell (828-645-1801) on MONDAY, before deciding what help, if any, they would offer the Raricks. The fact that Pepper could be dead by Monday did not seem to matter to Mr. Edwards in the slightest.

Vet estimation for minimum treatment needed to save Pepper's life

Frontier Communication's callous disregard for the life of the tiny dog their Technician nearly killed with one blow is absolutely deplorable. One phone call with a credit card from a Frontier Accountant to REACH would guarantee that Pepper would receive ALL the medical treatment she so desperately needs.

Instead of acting in a responsible and caring manner, Frontier Communication's upper management is going to "have a meeting about the incident" Monday morning, when it's convenient for them....regardless of the effect their delay will have on Pepper's care.

Please contact Mr. Ken Maxwell @ 828-645-1801 and and/or Mr. Greg Edwards @828-230-4999 and ask them to do the right thing and take care of Pepper.