A "sonic boom" is most likely the cause of the seemingly unexplainable going-ons in Oakey yesterday.

Residents reported rattling windows, creaking ceilings, shaking walls and crazy animal activity just before noon.

Hamlyn Rd resident Annette Frizzell thought the incident, which lasted for a few seconds, was caused by an earthquake.

"We did have one (an earthquake) here many years ago.

"There is an earthquake fault line that runs under Cooyar, but it is a very long way underground."

She said her neighbours came out into the streets to talk about the unexplainable tremors and strange animal behaviour.

"A couple of puppies took off screaming and into their kennels."

A spokesperson for Geoscience Australia said no seismic activity was recorded in the Oakey region yesterday.

One theory suggests it may have been a "sonic boom" created by a passing air force jet.

A spokesperson from the Amberley Air Force Base was unable to confirm jet activity in the area, however, a couple of fast flying aircraft were spotted over Toowoomba about noon.

A sonic boom is the sound created by an aircraft breaking the sound barrier.