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Agents of the state
The TUC-led protest march in London yesterday was the biggest I've seen. The attendance was significantly larger than the massive pre-Iraq war London protest (that was duplicated in cities across the UK leading to an estimated 2 million participants).

As the newspapers report, the march was good-humored and almost entirely peaceful.

This morning however, as usual, front pages are filled with images of young men slamming poles through shop windows and fires blazing on the streets. This is the image of 'protest' that is intended to settle into the minds of the complacent, the merely curious and those that might be considering doing something to challenge power in society.

The violence is blamed, again as usual, on 'Anarchists'.

The presence of this group is easily identifiable at any large protest. They dress mostly in black and often carry red-and-black pennants on poles. Most cover their faces below (and normally but not always above) the eyes with black scarves. They move as one and stick together.

Yesterday I was in Trafalgar Square when this group (of maybe 150) skewed away, as one, from the main body of the march and strode as a troupe round the other side of the square past St Martin-In The Fields and up Charing Cross Road towards Cambridge Circus. I heard one old fellow say, "Where are they off to?" The reply, "Oxford Street to smash a few windows".

Of course they were. The game is well and broadly understood.

But why were they not stopped? Nor even followed. The police showed no interest in these people whatsoever.

They could easily have been stopped. If a few of us had put some thought into this predictable event we could have stopped them ourselves. They were small in number and mostly kids. I would guess that there was hardly a person over 25 among them. The young men leading the group were lean and fit. Many of those behind were slight. No fat, middle-aged or grizzled faces at all.

Who are these people? For a political movement they seem strangely reluctant to reveal themselves in public and state their case.

In fact Anarchism as a political philosophy seems to be a 19th century idea that more or less disappeared during the first three decades of the 20th century. In the mid-to-late 1800's this movement was led by people like Emma Goldman. The Goldman-directed agent Leon Czolgosz assassinated US president William McKinley in 1901. McKinley had been supported by the financiers against William Jennings Bryant and had won the 1896 election. However, it appears that he outlived his usefulness and was killed. At that time Anarchists were major political change-agents. Their actions allowed them to be presented to the public as enemies of the state but their 'orgy of destabilisation' (to use Webster Tarpley's words) created a chaos that those who really wield power find extremely useful. Violence, division and chaos makes for a political situation where the only people who are NOT confused, disorientated and misdirecting their energies are those who directed the chaos in the first place.

Is it possible that the ridiculous, silent and anonymous rump that is UK 'Anarchism' today is nothing more than an instrument of MI5 that is only triggered into action when there is an active political opposition to discredit?

Are 'Anarchists' a bunch of silly kids signed up to a website (on which there is not a single name, nor a forum nor an other evidence of serious political discourse)?

Has anyone ever heard of a UK anarchist being prosecuted for violence during a public protest?

Do we know the name of a single UK Anarchist?

What kind of political organisation does not have a visible leader, nor leadership group.

What kind of political group does absolutely nothing to promote its political philosophy in the public domain (please don't say that smashing windows [remember to wait until the cameras arrive] is any kind of meaningful statement)?

Are the 'Anarchists' such a group? Almost-adults led by a very small group of police agent-provocateurs?

Highly likely in my opinion.

Actually, here is film of some of the worst scenes from yesterdays protest. If you watch carefully (it will take a few viewings) from about 5:45 you will see one of the 'Anarchists' move towards police lines while some fighting is still taking place. He must say something or show a card (it was suggested to me that he looks like he is removing a wire at one point) because he is ushered gently to the other side of the line by the same police (he has presumably just been attacking) while the chaos continues. I suppose this explains why juvenile Anarchists are never arrested and charged.....because it would inevitably lead to the naming of more senior individuals within the group who are police or MI5.....and the whole charabang of deceptive (but useful) bullsh*t would fall over a cliff and disappear under the waves.

I've convinced myself.


And there is evidence that this type of police action goes on everywhere (watch the boots).

It also seems that internationally 'anarchists' serve a similar purpose.

Here they are back in November 2010 at the 'student' protest.

No long-haired scruffy jumper-and-trainers-clad student he.

Note the strong and sturdy copper's boots. Notice the banks of cameramen awaiting their money shot that will (and did) adorn our front pages the following morning. Notice PC plod behind the cameramen, looking on with mere curiosity.

Neither the BBC, nor ITV, nor the corporate press will EVER ask simple and obvious questions, nor raise obvious concerns nor make obvious allegations about these people.

It is about time the rest of us did. If you are beginning to understand the game, inform your friends and associates. Speak it out loud and clear.


For those who are new to realising the obvious but 'unthinkable', MI5 are the internal UK Intelligence service. They are senior to the police while working independently but often in co-ordination with them. They can turn up at a crime scene, flash an identity card and tell police to clear off. Even our most senior elected politicians are only told of their activities on a need-to-know basis. They are subject to an authority that is entirely separate from our visible political system. They are governed by individuals representing the interests of a ruling oligarchy, an elite who have access to almost unlimited funds owing to their ownership and control of the various vehicles of international finance.

One imagines that MI5 agents think they carry out their dirty work in service of UK PLC but international financiers are only interested in the UK as a safe haven from which to project, with their allies, imperialist control over the earth's resources i.e. globalism. They are engaged in a 'project', sometimes called 'the great game'. Though 'a game' to them, it has nothing in common with a game for the rest of us.

This is a game in which the rest of us all lose.

It is no accident that inside the UK (as elsewhere) the rich are getting massively richer , the poor get increasingly desperate while we submit (complaining-in-an-ever-so-civilised-manner) to the coming debt-enslavement of our children. This IS what yesterday's march was about, wasn't it?

Neither our real government(the oligarchy), nor MI5 care a damn for us. Their sole project is to condition us for submission and eventual total enslavement.

The pretend-government of venal careerists that we elect will strain at any number of gnats having swallowed every camel as dictated by their political bosses.


To be fair, most involved in imposing this nightmare agenda are quite unaware of the bigger picture.

MI5 employees!


You have got children too.

Schoolteachers, police, Council employees, military personnel!


Notice that the edicts you (and your bosses) obey come from you-know-not-where. Start challenging them. Do nothing (or as little as possible) that invokes the slightest qualm or reservation in your God-given conscience.