<'How Long Will Americans Stay Apathetic To The Reality?!'

I remember watching this episode of 'Boston Legal' and I recall thinking just how absolutely right he was in this argument. It was astonishing to hear so much truth on MSM, but I suppose it is classified as fiction. Sadly, it is true. The Bush Administration did more to dismantle Freedom and Liberty protected by our Constitution than any previous President. Worse yet, the Obama Administration has done nothing to restore the Rights lost and many Americans remain apathetic. Obama's 'hope and change' have left me still hoping for change. Obama has only worsened the situation by extending the [un]Patriot Act, appointing top corporate men in top government positions, giving DHS authority over food, net neutrality and adding another war (illegal and undeclared military action in Pakistan). Although some people have come around, the situation has only worsened so WAKE UP to the REALITY NOW!!!

Wisconsin, Walker and Unions...people need to realize it is about so much more than that! Union busting will only further austerity in America and advance the Global Capitalist Agenda. America is closing and the survival of the Union is critical in busting up their evil agenda! I suspect many of the protesters in Wisconsin have no idea how important it is for them to stand strong but it is imperative! The tea-party protesters need to realize what they are doing is wrong. A true Patriot would support People and not corporate interests; they should protest to restore our Constitution and lost Freedom. They are fighting for the wrong side! Americans need to unite and stand strong to restore our Rights! The People United Will Never be Defeated!

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