SCWXA Owner and Meteorologist In Charge Kevin Martin challenges Al Gore on his global warming theory. Martin suggests that global warming is a scam for Gore and others to bank off of and there is no hard evidence that it really exists in the first place.

"A volcanic eruption similar to the one we saw in Russia during June 2009 lets out more carbon dioxide than we humans let out in five years", Martin said. "We just do not have the power to change the planet like Gore suggests. Gore's theory is flawed all the way around. We have lived a fraction of the amount of time this planet has been around and you honestly believe we know the natural cycles of this planet since it was made?"

Martin urges the public to take a step back and look to how long they've lived on the planet. Not one person on the planet can say what the 2000s B.C. were like can they? Of course not, and this is the argument Martin is talking about. The planet has gone through cold and warm episodes and it will continue to do so even after man.

"Global warming is just another scam for the government to think they can control you", concluded Martin. "I will bet you ten to one that Al Gore's house uses more electricity than a block in the suburbs yet he is trying to tell you how to use energy. Al Gore is nothing but a lying scammer to this planet and he will be stopped if it is the last thing I will do. So Gore, if you are out there and this article gets to you, I will take you and your theory down and that is a promise. If you follow the global warming scam then you know nothing about science, therefore your so-called Nobel Peace Prize is as fake as Hollywood knockers."

Global-warming believers say that they are all about science, but their emphasis is not on results so much as declarations of belief.

Faith. Mystery. Promises to engage in pious acts. Global warming is a religion. While Obama was in Italy preaching big cuts in U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, he was losing some of his flock in Washington. The House may have passed the 1,200-page cap-and-trade bill largely unread, but Senate Democrats are combing the fine print and not liking what they see. As Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., said of the bill, "We need to be a leader in the world but we don't want to be a sucker."