© Associated Press Photo/The Press of Atlantic City, Bill Gross
Residents of Maryland and West Virginia smell rotten eggs.
A strange smell reminiscent of rotten eggs is pervading areas of Maryland and West Virginia, and state officials have no idea where it's coming from, reports WBALTV.

People in Montgomery, Prince George's and Frederick counties began calling in reports Wednesday that they had smelled mercaptan - a substance added to otherwise odor-free natural gas. Maryland officials then alerted the office of Jimmy Gianato, West Virginia's state director of Homeland Security and Emergency management, about a possible gas leak.

Gas facilities and pipelines in West Virginia were checked out by the state Department of Environmental Protection, Gianato told WBALTV, with no luck in finding a source. Md. state officials will continue to monitor the reports.

Are you dealing with a funky smell in your neighborhood? We hate to ask, but what does it smell like?