© FlickrDemonstrators on Army Truck in Tahrir Square, Cairo
Sisters and Brothers in Tahrir Square,
Sisters and Brothers of Egypt...

Cairo--We wish we could be there with you and everywhere else where human beings are faced with repression, fear, violence and suffering at the hands of their governments. Our thoughts, prayers, and minds are with you. The courage you demonstrate in your struggle is a lesson to us all. The world is behind you. Whilst we cannot be with you in the flesh and blood to suffer as you do, we want to make sure you know that you are not alone.

Rest assured your fight is not in vain. Your President has shown the world his true face today. President Mubarak might have his law behind him, but there is something above all laws: Truth. Your truth has been suppressed for far too long, beaten into the ground through the use of secret police, torture, and many similarly deplorable tactics that we are witnessing today at the Tahrir Square and all over Egypt. But nothing can quell your voice, not any more, and certainly not Mubarak and his gang for hire. You demonstrated your power today standing your ground against the thugs of Mubarak. Of course, you don't know what the future will be, but you know what it should be. You demonstrated your resolve in Tahrir square and in all the streets of Egypt, and if you were able to stand your ground today you will be able to stand your ground tomorrow, and the day after that. On Friday you will march, and there will be no one able to stop you. As you stand united, you are sending a message to all who would seek to rob your country through corruption.

The rest of the world follows the events in Egypt with great hope. The Arab world is showing all citizens the strength and the value of what Mankind really is about. While our governments hesitate to show solid support for your actions, know that your sisters and brothers in the digital world stand beside you in that square. We will never leave you behind, we are here for you.

Your voice is being heard. Today you are not only fighting for Egypt. You are fighting for all of Mankind. And Mankind sides with you. We are you, you are us. Together we are Anonymous.

Yours faithfully,
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
We love you.
Expect us.