At 1 am Israel time (UTC+2) on the 28th of January 2011, two videos were recorded in central Jerusalem. Both videos appear to have filmed the same event from different positions: A white ball of light descends from the sky and hovers over and slightly to the East of the Dome of the Rock, approximately over the garden of Gethsemane. After about 30 seconds, the ball of light shoots off into the sky at high speed.

First video shot from about 4 kms to the South of the Dome:

Second video, shot from what appears be just a few hundred meters to the West of the Dome:

Strangely enough at exactly the same time (all three were filmed at 11pm UTC on the 27th Jan.), another interesting aerial phenomena was being recorded at least 1000kms to the North East in Kazakhstan...

First of all, the above video shows something in the sky that bears all the hallmarks of a comet. That is to say, it was not a relatively small chunk of rock that burns as a fiery ball as it enters the atmosphere and either detonates with a 'boom' or hits the ground. This was a much larger body and therefore potentially much more dangerous. But what kind of danger can comets that don't actually impact the earth pose?

Electrical activity over the erupting Shinmoedake volcano in Japan, Jan 30th 2011
Astrophysicist James McCanney has, for several decades now, been attempting to inform (and warn) anyone who will listen about the true nature of our solar system and the way in which the planets and the sun (and any stray bodies that enter our solar system) interact with each other. Basically, McCanney makes the case for an 'electrical' interaction between the planets, with the sun as a massive electrical 'storehouse' that can be 'discharged' by new celestial bodies entering the solar system. To put it even more basically: large cometary bodies that do 'fly-bys' of the earth can, depending on the alignment of the earth, sun, the 'new-comer' and any number of the other planets, charge our ionosphere and cause serious 'electrical' disruption of the earth environment, including an ultimate reversal of the earth's magnetic pole. [For a more detailed analysis of McCanney's theories see Ryan X's recent Sott Focus.]

But we need not worry about something as serious as a magnetic pole reversal, not yet anyway, because there are lots of other equally interesting effects from such 'discharges' and charging of the ionosphere. In fact, we appear to be seeing them all around us right now! I mean, do I REALLY have to point out the extent of the environmental chaos going on around our planet lately?

Here is a sample of what has been in the news over the last FOUR DAYS!

US: Hundreds of Dead Fish Found in North Fort Collins
Freezing temperatures cause fish kill at Franklin Island
Massive Fish Kill, this time Dead Fish Wash up in Canada (Video)
High Risk of Big Quake in Chile
Tonga - Earthquake Magnitude 6.0
US: Multi-Day Dangerous, Destructive Winter Storm
Swarm of nine earthquakes at Mount St. Helens
Photo: Eruption of Colima Volcano As Seen From Orbit
Hundreds evacuate as Japan volcano erupts
Queensland Braces for Worst Ever Storm - Cyclone Yasi
More snow? Next storm takes aim at Northeast
Shinmoedake Peak in Japan Erupts Dramatically with Powerful Lightning Display
Australia: Floodwaters arrive at Swan Hill
Europe's big freeze brings flocks of rare birds to Britain
Bloom in the Ross Sea
Jan Mayen Island Region: Earthquake Magnitude 6.1
'Brace for more snow': Groundhog Day Storm to affect 100 million people next week
Winter Storm: East Coast Battles Another Record Breaking Snowstorm
A Day of Night-Shining Clouds
V-Topped Light Pillars
Over 200 Pelicans Wash Up Dead at Topsail Beach, NC - Preliminary Necropsies Inconclusive
Large Taupo earthquake felt across North Island
Southeastern Iran: Earthquake Magnitude 6.0
Indonesia Mont Bromo volcano erupts
"Gooey" New Mud Volcano Erupts From Arabian Sea
Kirishima Volcano Violently Erupts in Japan
Indonesia: Earthquake Magnitude 6.1
Green Snow Over Lapland, Sweden

Things aren't looking good folks. It's time to sit up and take notice. But whatever you do, don't let those sneaky UFOs confuse you about the true origin and cause of these events.