© Getty ImagesThe SVR deals with intelligence-gathering abroad
Russian security officials are investigating the death of a colonel in Russian foreign intelligence, who apparently fell from the window of his 14th floor flat, media reports say.

The body of Col Gennady Ambarnov, 46, was found by passers-by hours later.

The colonel had been arguing with his wife and son, media reports say.

The Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) is one of the organisations that succeeded the Soviet KGB. It deals with intelligence gathering abroad.

The website said Col Ambarnov's 20-year-old son Andrey was suspected of being behind his death on the night of 29-30 January.

A blood-stained jacket was found in the flat, the website added.

The colonel lived in the southern Moscow suburb of Yasenevo, near the SVR headquarters.

Neighbours in the family's apartment block told Russian media the colonel was heard arguing with his wife and son during Saturday evening.

His wife then left to spend the night at a friend's house, leaving the father and son to continue arguing through the night.

The SVR has declined to comment on the incident, AFP news agency says.