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Snow plows have been out in full force in Wayne, N.J. since the storm hit. But some people who are digging out claim, some operators are plowing them right back in.

It's causing snow plow rage.

Nancy Snyder's husband is a public works employee. She says an angry resident attacked him with a bucket of salt.

"He sees the red face. He sees the anger in the resident. He sees the swinging bucket. And he even says, 'Roll down that window or I'm going to bust you in the head with it.' And boom," Snyder says.

She says the bucket missed her husband but shattered the passenger side window and dented the door of his plow truck.

Chuck D'Angelo allegedly threw the bucket.

D'Angelo says, "I wasn't happy for my actions for that day. I was really annoyed at him and coming and plowing me straight in."

D'Angelo says he specifically asked Robert Snyder not to plow him in as he cleared the Route 23 service road. It's a road he says he 'adopted' and cleared litter from it.

"He said, 'get out of the way. I gotta plow,'" D'Angelo said.

D'Angelo was charged with criminal mischief after the incident. In the end, D'Angelo tried to smooth things over by trying to buy Snyder a drink but Nancy Snyder is still angry about the incident.

"I could have lost a husband that night, just because this guy is angry that a little snow go onto his sidewalk," Snyder says.

Assemblyman Scott Rumana is sponsoring a bill to make any attack against a public works employee an aggravated assault. If the bill passes, the penalties would be up to 3-to-5 years in prison and $15,000 in fines.

"Hopefully, it will deter people from making violent acts against public works employees...protect them and let them do their job because that's all this employee was trying to do," Rumana says.