"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
- Edmund Burke

Having researched the 9/11 cover-up full-time for several years and done my bit as an activist, I had finally decided to withdraw in utter frustration at my seeming inability to open as many eyes as I would have liked. Following a rather long hiatus, I find myself back in the saddle.

Especially in the face of these ongoing illegal wars that continue to devour lives at a sickening rate, I've come to realize that efforts to help expose the truth behind 9/11 must transcend personal considerations. Given that it is 9/11 that lies at the root of this horrific slaughter of innocents in distant lands (now well over a million), I truly believe this is a vitally important, selfless, pursuit that embodies the highest form of patriotism and public service imaginable.

Besides, it is impossible to function normally in the "matrix" once you've swallowed the red pill. There's simply no going back to the world of illusion when Truth stares you in the face at every turn. I am cursed with a constitution that will not allow me to drift along pretending all's well when I know beyond a doubt we've been deceived en masse by a cadre of criminals in our midst.

I recently returned from a month-long tour of a few European cities. Having been buried in work for months on end, this little diversion afforded a much welcome opportunity to experience the world 'out there' first-hand, through the refreshing clarity of unfiltered lenses - I.e., untainted by the diet of ceaseless spin fed us by our "in-bedded" media.

Most importantly, it gave me occasion to speak with a good number of people in a variety of interesting settings, including a UN conference, where, over the course of a week, I found splendid opportunities to converse, in some depth, with individuals from over twenty countries.

In many of my conversations during my travels around Europe, I couldn't help but notice a veiled yet persistent emotion that kept bubbling, almost imperceptibly, to the surface.


Well, perhaps not fear in its strictest sense, but a certain subtle tension, a perceptible undertow of nervousness, a mildly twitchy sort of anxiety. It was more noticeable in hives of activity - bustling shopping arcades, choked airport terminals, busy subway stations. In some strange, grotesque way it seems to have become part of our modern mise en scène.

Think I'm joking? Try finding a trash can anywhere inside the Oxford train station, in England. There isn't one. Not one. In order to dispose of that paper cup, you'd need to actually step outside the building, walk across the passenger-unloading terrace, and then trek to the far end of the taxi stand to find the nearest bin. I asked the budding barista who served me my espresso why this was so. Why? They're bomb hazards, silly. "Terrorists could plant bombs in 'em!"

I'm dead serious.

Stewing in airport queues, watching endless, zigzagging lines of weary travelers, hordes of them - like sheep, timidly awaiting their turn, shoes in hand, their little liquid sundries stuffed into clear plastic bags - being funneled through batteries of metal detectors (those ubiquitous cultural icons of our times), past the menacing eyes of ill-bred security-types, gleefully flexing new found authority, bullying the meek, terrorizing the terrified...

Yes, it should be clear to any dispassionate observer that the "Global War On Terror" has indeed achieved its real ends.
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Sowing the Seeds

Have no doubt: Fear has been drummed hard and hammered deep into the Sheeple. Precisely as planned, millions of ordinary human beings have been artfully molded into a submissive, tractable pulp, ready to believe virtually anything they're told, eager to concede just about every freedom they cherish, willing to relinquish almost every right they hold precious - all so they can be "protected" from those turbaned, self-detonating camelback bogeymen lurking behind every bush.

This sweeping new disease, this plague of the new century, was clearly evident at the security-check area of a terminal at Heathrow, a cavernous warehouse-like holding tank of transient humanity. There I was, immersed in this thick throng of reasonably intelligent human beings, quietly observing, as we all inched along, like lava, in one fluid, fascinatingly eclectic mass. As this seemingly endless journey to reach some distant, glass-caged gatekeeper wore on, my fascination gradually began to turn to sympathy.

Here was a crowd of decent, ordinary people, of a multitude of hues; a fair cross section of this planet's human constituency, one would think. Yet, they appeared vacant, distant-eyed, lost in their own worlds, pitifully docile as they unthinkingly responded to every order blared at them, seemingly stripped of all self-esteem, bereft of all ability to protest, and utterly brainwashed into believing one thing above all else:

"Al Quaeda's gonna getcha!"
As you repeatedly stare into the same solemn faces at every serpentine turn of the crawling, roped-in queues, you occasionally see eyes beginning to flit about, stabbing fellow passengers with suspicious stares, wondering ... could he be one of 'em? (Given my obvious ethnicity, I suspect I was spared closer scrutiny as being a potential shoe-bomber solely by virtue of my graying avuncularity; heaven help the younger lot.)

It was almost suffocating, a scene lifted straight out of V For Vendetta. My emotions swung wildly between pathos and rage, resignation and revolt. I finally had to take stock and restrain myself from wanting to scream at this pathetic parade of automatons, "Wake up, you fools! Cant' you see? The enemy isn't 'out there' - it's inside the gates!"

Bridling my emotions, I slowly began to ponder this surreal psychodrama playing out around me.

You've got to hand it to the bastards behind all this, I thought - the heartless, loathsome Novus Ordo Seclorum (New World Order), Illuminati, International Bankers, or whatever other cryptic label you wish to stick on this globe-enveloping fascist octopus.

Let's face it: It takes some doing to make a grown man suffer the crushing indignity of standing obligingly, in full public view, spread-legged, in his bare socks, arms outstretched, clutching his shoes in one hand, liquid toiletries in the other, looking like a perfect bloody idiot, while some goon's wagging a wand about his groin scanning for ordnance.

What do you call such a pitiful caricature of the human condition?

You call it "Mission Accomplished."

If they could pull-off something this outlandish, I thought, surely nothing's impossible going forward. Then again, I mentally countered, if we can willingly sink to this level of abject degradation, and elect to live in a world of manufactured illusion and deception - perhaps we deserve it.

So, what's the source of this collective insanity, I wondered, that causes adults to behave like sheep about to be sheared? What feeds this eerie mass dysfunction, this bizarre spectacle of fear-riddled frigidity? What terrifying trauma could possibly have spawned this zombie-like conformance to decrees Draco himself could have devised? What paralyzing source of fear lay at the root of this pathetic, voiceless submission to Big Brother authority?

Why, 9/11, of course.

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

Yes, 9/11 changed everything. Every war since 9/11 has come about, one way or another, because of 9/11. This entire bogus "global war on terror" and the whole concept of "terrorists" and "terrorism" has been sold to the world at large according to what is supposed to have happened on 9/11.

9/11 lies at the heart of every deprivation of civil liberty we silently suffer; 9/11 lies behind every oppression of freedom we quietly endure; 9/11 lies at the root of every invasion of personal privacy to which we meekly accede. As with the proverbial frog unsuspectingly allowing it to be boiled slowly to death, 9/11 is the singular pretext used to gradually raise the heat so "we the people" begin to accept, resignedly and without question, every despotic diktat thrown at us - until it's too late.

Let's face it. If not for 9/11, people would be leading lives that have at least a modicum of normalcy - traveling about freely sans fear; enjoying their families, friends, and communities sans the ever-looming threat of crouching "Muslim" maniacs; heartily savoring life, instead of trembling in this constant false shadow of imminent extinction under a hail of "Islamic" bombs.

And this whole living nightmare, this all-pervading incubus of ever-present fear, began on... September 11, 2001.

To think it's all rooted in a story so ridiculous, so laughable, so utterly incredible, that any reasonably intelligent High School kid exposed to a brief presentation of the facts of 9/11 would see through this monstrous farce in short order. But, as Hitler's propaganda genius Goebbels shrewdly prescribed: "The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed."

And lies don't get any bigger than 9/11, the mother of all lies. That's why it was swallowed so readily.

We're told that on that fateful day, nineteen Arab "evildoers" launched a 'holy war' on Western civilization. As the story goes, this cadre of inept layabouts, led by an arch-villain holed out in an Afghan cave, outwitted the most advanced, ultra-sophisticated, multi-billion-dollar, defense system on the planet.

Four times.

These spectacularly incompetent "pilots" who could barely fly little trainers, are said to have wrested control of four massive, 100-ton jetliners. How did these scrawny little fellows manage to overpower the pilots, some of whom were strapping, battle-hardened ex-Vietnam fighter jocks? Why, with little box-cutters. And these burly combat veterans, we're told, then meekly vacated their seats, compliantly relinquished control of their craft to these pint-sized yokels, and obligingly retreated to the rear of the aircraft to sit back and watch the show.

In such big a hurry were these ex-fighter jocks to escape to the sanctuary of the passenger cabins, they fled their seats without so much as touching the transmit buttons - positioned literally at their fingertips on the control yokes - to make one single Mayday call to alert controllers. Yes, all eight pilots failed to execute a standard emergency action that would have taken them all of five seconds. [For the moment let's overlook another little snag in this unfolding narrative: any kind of struggle in the tight confines of a cockpit would very likely have led to a yoke being impacted, thereby automatically disengaging the autopilot and sending the airplane careening wildly - but that would end this fairytale far too soon.]

We're told these inept student-pilots, who could barely fly a trainer around an airfield, then took control of these monstrous aircraft and expertly flew them willy-nilly around the most securely protected and strictly controlled airspace on the planet for almost two hours, all the while being thoroughly ignored by NORAD and FAA radars and the most formidable air force in the world.

Then, exhibiting a series of masterly maneuvers well beyond the ability of even the most seasoned test pilots, these novices, we're told, managed to navigate to their targets with pinpoint precision, and ram three of their missiles, kamikaze-style and with stunning accuracy, into three structures killing thousands of innocent people. [At least six veteran airline captains (one, a friend) who tried these exact maneuvers in their company B767 simulator failed even after several attempts - but let's not be spoilsports and kill this fascinating yarn.]

And through all this chaos, the greatest superpower on earth - one that routinely scrambles fighter jets to intercept any errant craft in its airspace within minutes - sat patiently on its hands for close upon two hours, obviously marveling at the mayhem and the awesome aeronautical prowess of these camel-cavalrymen-turned-jet jockeys. [On average, during the previous year, these kinds of scrambled intercepts of unidentified aircraft in American skies occurred at a frequency of one every three days - a total of 67 intercepts in 2000. On 9/11, not a single fighter turned a wheel for almost two hours. But stuff like this would only ruin this terrific tale.]

It gets better.

While NORAD was taking a breather, the leaders of our nation, too, were otherwise engaged, far too busy to be disturbed by something as trivial as four hijacked jumbo jets heading heaven knows where. You see, while the nation was under attack, the President of the United States was busy reading to little schoolchildren about a pet goat. When interrupted in mid-sentence by his Chief-of-Staff and told of the crisis, the Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces not only didn't bother to ask who the enemy might be - Russia? China? North Korea? - he wasn't even the least curious about the nature of the attack - was it nuclear? Biological? Chemical?

The pet goat took precedence over it all.

And the nation's Secretary of Defense was out to lunch for the duration of what was, quite literally, a declared state of war. As the nation's top executives and their minions continued to blithely ignore the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor, innocent Americans continued to leap, in pure terror and desperation, from smoke-filed towers, plunging to their horrific deaths on sidewalks hundreds of feet below. [When later queried about his petrified immobility on first hearing the news, the President could only offer that he didn't wish to upset the kids. So, while Rome burned and citizens perished by the thousands, our Nero spent the next twenty minutes taking full advantage of a photo op casually posing with teachers.]

The extraordinary skills of this team of diminutive Arabian suicide-SEALs were by no means confined to exceptional airmanship - they also evidently possessed an arsenal of supernal godly powers, which they wielded with apparent ease to ... momentarily suspend the laws of Newtonian physics.

How so? They caused three steel-framed skyscrapers to literally freefall - I.e., fall as though nothing existed beneath them but air, at a rate indistinguishable from that of a falling brick - through the path of greatest resistance - and collapse, like pillars of sand, into their own footprints. Such a shocking violation of physical laws has never before been witnessed in the history of the world. [Except, of course, in instances where explosives are used in what are called controlled demolitions, but that would be to digress.]

What adds to the amazement of these "collapses" is that the two taller towers were actually designed to safely withstand not one, but multiple strikes by fully-loaded Boeing 707 jetliners - which would in fact have imparted more kinetic energy (by virtue of their higher speeds) than did the 767s that crashed into them that day. [Just another of many 9/11 mysteries that can only be attributed to the hand of Allah.]
...and British news commentator announcing collapse of Building 7----20 minutes early!

And that mysterious third tower - WTC Building 7, a huge 47-storey skyscraper few people have even heard of - wasn't even struck by an airplane. Yet, it suddenly self-imploded several hours later and collapsed into a tidy pile of rubble - again, in a near-perfect 6.6-second freefall. So utterly unbelievable was this unprecedented event, the much vaunted 14-million-dollar "9/11 Commission Report" decided to ignore it altogether by not mentioning it anywhere in its 624 pages. [Oh, the fact that the new owner of the entire WTC complex is on record having given the order to "pull it" - insider jargon for a controlled demolition - would, again, be to ruin this riveting saga.]

Not quite satisfied with their handiwork, for good measure these uber-terrorists then chose to flout the laws of thermodynamics as well. They caused the fuel aboard the aircraft - simple kerosene - to melt (yes, literally melt) tons of high-grade construction steel. Firemen who witnessed this amazing phenomenon reported seeing "Molten steel, molten steel, running down the channel rails, like you're in a foundry, like lava."1

Since this is a feat impossible to achieve under the known physical laws of this universe, it must, again, be attributed to the awesome power of Allah. This could also explain why Underwriters Labs is reportedly considering placing labels on steel skillets warning against their use on kerosene stoves lest they melt and run all over stovetops. [To mention here the fact that molten iron is a direct byproduct of the high-tech military explosive Nano-Thermite would, again, trip-up the story. And a peer-reviewed report by independent scientists actually confirming the existence of large amounts of this explosive in WTC dust samples should be totally ignored lest it blow this little fable to bits - not to mention seriously upset Allah.]

It gets even better.

To ensure there'd be absolutely no doubt about his identity, one of these villains had his passport miraculously tear through layers of his clothing, rip through the aluminum fuselage of the Boeing, sail through a hellish fireball, blast its way through untold feet of concrete and steel and... [drum roll] float gently down to the street below to be found later, buried under a foot-deep layer of chalky dust, by a clearly clairvoyant FBI agent. [While the passport made it through the fireball unscathed, whole human bodies, on the other hand, were literally blasted to smithereens - some tiny bone fragments were just a fraction of an inch long - and deposited on distant rooftops six hundred feet away. Amazing thing, gravity.]

It seems one of the killers aboard Flight 93 - the plane we're told "crashed" in Pennsylvania - also wished to be unmistakably identified in Allah's eyes so he could be enshrined in the Jihadi Hall of Fame. This chap made sure his red bandana and plastic ID card survived that hellish fireball (again, conveniently discovered by yet another FBI sleuth) when everything else - the entire aircraft and all its contents - simply evaporated leaving behind nary a trace, save a shallow scar in the ground.


This extraordinary airplane crash boasted another aspect worthy of the Guinness Book: One of the airliner's 6,000-lb engines evidently bounced upon impact (yes, bounced, like one gigantic India-rubber ball) and landed almost two miles away from the aforementioned "wreckage-free crash site". [Testimony by scores of ground-based witnesses who heard a military jet overhead, followed by the sound of a missile, a loud explosion, and debris raining down "like confetti" onto a nearby lakeside marina would only confuse this issue and would be best ignored.]

Having defied the laws of physics, these holy warriors then turned to... [grin] metaphysics. You see, they managed to mentally deactivate not only the several SAM (Surface-to-Air Missile) batteries defending the Pentagon - the most heavily protected and unapproachable fortress in the world - they also psychically switched off the scores of surveillance cameras located around the building's perimeter that would otherwise have captured, in great detail, their impressive aerial theatrics. [This sudden desire for secrecy by a bunch of raging exhibitionists just seconds before meeting their Maker continues to baffle authorities.]

Given all their amazing achievements that day, perhaps none was greater than how these nineteen brigands actually managed to board their respective aircraft: Not only were there no reservations made under any of their names, nor any record of boarding cards having been issued to these men, not one of their names appeared on any of the four flight manifests. [Since they obviously boarded invisibly, the FBI is yet undecided as to whether these men were seasoned sorcerers or practiced illusionists - or mere circus contortionists who slithered their way up into the aircraft toilets via "honey-wagon" hoses. The fact that nine of these geniuses are, according to the BBC, alive and well today in the Middle East only serves to further confound FBI sleuths.]


There's simply too much to cover; and the inconsistencies mentioned above barely begin to scratch the surface of this monumental fraud... Magical phone calls made from nonexistent seatback phones (the aircraft weren't equipped with these devices); cell phone calls made by passengers from 30,000 feet (an impossibility given the technology of the time)... Miracle upon miracle, impossibility upon impossibility, on and on the fairytale goes.

So - Why, pray tell, did these fiendish Muslims do this to us?

Because they hated our "freedoms and lifestyles"!

Yes, these devout god-fearing religious zealots who just the night before tore up the town guzzling vodka-tonics, snorting coke, ravishing hookers and lapping-up lap dancers by the dozen (all in the name of Allah, of course) - absolutely hated our "freedoms and lifestyles"!

And so it is we're told that on 9/11, in one savage swipe, nineteen Islamic terrorists managed to permanently shatter the socioreligious equilibrium of this planet and polarize huge chunks of its inhabitants forever.

Naturally, this demanded an immediate response from the "civilized" world. And its furious battle cry was swift in coming:

"If you're not with us, you're against us!"

And with that inane pronouncement from the supercilious new high priest of the "Free World" - himself a puppet unto unseen puppeteers - the terrified American populace, brains shrink-wrapped with the flag of "patriotism", unleashed their collective fury upon the Islamic world.

Thus was born this phony "global war on terror" and its litany of draconian laws.

Throughout my recent travels, country after country, airport upon airport, I watched in angry silence the chilling efficacy of this Machiavellian fear machine in full swing. There is no doubt: it is working very well indeed.

Mission, accomplished.

The Road Ahead

Upon my return, I feel that as a citizen of this planet I can no longer turn a deaf ear nor cast a blind eye to this criminal web of deceit. What self-respecting person can?

The emotion that engulfs me now is no longer one of frustration, but of deep concern; it stirs in me profound pity for the millions of my fellow Americans unable to see beyond the ceaseless barrage of propaganda and mindless drivel dished out by the controlled media via television - that clever modern implementer of Caesar's cunning recipe for control: "Give the people bread, blood, and games..."
As we can see, Big Brother's mastered the recipe. What's more, he has at his disposal tools of mass manipulation beyond Caesar's most delirious dreams.

But then, so do we. It's called the Internet.

The powers behind 9/11 may practically own the mass media and manipulate its messages at will in order to achieve their damnable ends, but the Internet is a different animal altogether. It is in fact more powerful than the might of the corporate media - arguably more powerful than any government on the planet. If the Internet were a country, with its billions of users it would be by far the most populous nation on Earth.

The 9/11 criminals are painfully aware the Internet is the Truth Movement's communicational lifeblood. Equally important, they also know its rich abundance of alternative news sources - fiercely independent sites devoid of Big Brother's influence - also makes it our singular source of oxygen. The Internet is the single biggest thorn in their side, and constitutes the biggest threat to their plans to achieve "full-spectrum dominance".

While I'm admittedly no expert on the subject, on this I will bet: censored, surveilled, sliced, muted, gated, whatever - the Internet, as we know it, will be forcibly reconfigured into some form of hierarchical or taxonomic arrangement that will readily lend itself to Caesar's tyrannous control.

This potentially lethal tactical counter-attack is imminent.

As with the infamous Patriot Act that was craftily pushed through Congress virtually unread (during recess and in the immediate chaotic aftermath of 9/11 when fear and fervor blinded a nation to all else), new legislation is being drafted, as this is written, that would not only severely restrict (at least, strictly control) access to the Internet, but also globally censor - and block outright, if necessary - all Web content. "Problematic" sites would be rendered inaccessible. Doubtless, all 9/11-related sites and alternative news portals - the only founts of unadulterated information these days - will occupy top slots on the hit list.

The World Is Waking Up - Fast

Given the astonishingly robust worldwide growth of the 9/11 Truth community, this was inevitable. A recent poll in the German magazine Welt der Wunder 2 conducted by the well-respected Emnid Institute revealed that an astonishing 89% of respondents - eighty-nine percent - do not believe the official version 9/11. A poll by the Australian Herald Sun 3 showed 76% of respondents doubt the official narrative.

Burgeoning public awareness of professional organizations of unimpeachable credibility, such as Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (whose membership is nearing 1,500 professionals)4; Military officers for 9/11 Truth5; Firefighters for 9/11 Truth6; Pilots for 9/11 Truth7; Scientists for 9/11 Truth8, et al.; as well as the brilliant new television campaign, "Building What?"9, have sent the 9/11-message soaring.

Obviously, this is bad news for the bad guys. As to be expected, the Internet has suddenly become the top-priority target. But something as draconian as killing the 'Net cannot be enacted into law easily in a "free democratic society" without raising howls of outrage (even from Sheeple). Naturally, yet another "false flag" pretext was needed to justify this action to "protect the people" from yet another imaginary threat.

It is hardly accidental, then, that the perfect pretext for this soon-to-be-enacted new law that would choke the Internet arrived in the guise of... [roll eyes] Wikileaks - now proven beyond a doubt to be another insidious COINTELPRO (Counter-Intelligence-Program) operation stage-managed by the Mossad/CIA/MI6 nexus.10

Right on cue, Wikileaks' "treacherous" actions were promptly branded a "National Security Threat". Consequently (by inference, since Wiki is a wholly net-based operation), the Internet has now been "proven" to be a serious threat to the nation's security, thus cementing it as a legitimate official target ripe for the kill.

Voila! Problem-Reaction-Solution - the beautiful, tried-and-true false-flag formula that never fails: 1) Manufacture a Problem; 2) Await the public's Reaction; 3) Offer the perfect Solution. Works every time - 9/11 is a classic example of its demonstrable efficacy.

Martial law will be their final option. With the country's economy circling the drain, it could arrive a lot sooner than we think. Forced internment of citizens in DHS (Department of Homeland Security) camps would likely soon follow - over four hundred of these "facilities" already exist across the country, skeletally staffed for the moment, ready to accommodate tens of thousands of American citizens whenever Caesar feels the peasants are getting a little too rowdy.

The ostensible purpose of these "facilities": To contain "civil unrest".

Of course, as the noose continues to tighten, anyone who questions the OCT (Official Conspiracy Theory) will, at best, be deemed to possess the potential to incite "civil unrest" and thus placed under surveillance; at worst, found guilty of "providing comfort to the enemy" and shipped, one-way, to their friendly neighborhood DHS resort.

These are not spurious alarmist "conspiracy theories." They are verifiable facts.

No doubt, the perpetrators are keenly aware that when - not if - 9/11 truth explodes, there will erupt across this nation a cacophony of rage, of people screaming for justice - and for heads to roll for treason, and the murder of not only the three thousand of our fellow citizens who perished that fateful day, but the thousands of our soldiers who continue to be fed as canon fodder on foreign battlefields; and the untold numbers of innocent civilians being slaughtered abroad, all based on one heinous lie.

Americans, in general, are some of the most genial, affable, and generous people on Earth. That being said, hell hath no fury as a Good Ol' Boy scorned. An American who awakens to a system that has deceived, lied, and misled his country into fraudulent wars, and literally murdered its own citizens, is one who can shape-shift, in an instant, into a most dangerous animal - one who'll take the law into his own hands in a heartbeat. Given the right stimulus, "revolution" is a word that flies off his tongue with great ease. It is ingrained in his freedom-loving genes.

Then there's the rest of the world, the Muslim countries in particular. While the US may have been 9/11's iconic epicenter, 9/11 is no longer only about America. Its repercussions and ramifications are now manifestly global, as we can see from the "news" of the continuing carnage that endlessly bombards our jaded minds and benumbed senses.

On the world stage, 9/11 is the Big Kahuna. Entire nations and peoples have been falsely vilified, and countries invaded on account of this unspeakable fraud. Millions abroad will surely rise up in arms when they awaken to the truth. There will be blood on the streets; of that there is no doubt.

The Path of the Peaceful Warrior

It is important to remember Gandhi's words that an eye for an eye will only leave the whole world blind.

I abhor violence in all its forms. Violence is not the answer. It cannot be the answer. To paraphrase Einstein, we cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that was used to create them.

Having made that clear, I wholeheartedly embrace Gandhi's concept of non-violent resistance in all its manifestations. 'Satyagraha', or "Truth Force", surely is the way forward.

Truth, it is said, is the most powerful force in the Universe, verily indomitable. Gandhi demonstrated this beyond a doubt when he wielded Truth as his sole weapon to bring to its knees the greatest empire of our times.

The 9/11 Truth movement is a peace movement. It is a clarion call that heralds Truth in a world ripped asunder by lies.


Our job is not to speculate about who did 9/11. Nor is it for us to theorize about how it was done; or hypothesize about the numerous unknowns. We do not profess to have all the answers. That is for a new and impartial investigation to determine. Our only job is to remove blinders and open eyes to the Big Lie. Our task is to get people thinking for themselves, instead of gullibly buying the twisted party propaganda our televisions dish out.

But denial is one of truth's most tenacious - and insuperable - adversaries. Especially when faced with a paradigmatic leap, such as with 9/11, the mind reels at the ramifications; it begs relief from the inner voice that prods it to face reality; it seeks solace anywhere but in truth, shuddering at the insanity of the very suggestion that 9/11 was an inside job. That one's "government" would murder its own people is something far too outlandish for the average person to stomach. The mind simply refuses to go there. It's akin to telling some fellow that his kindly father has just been exposed as a serial killer. The knee-jerk reaction is denial, that comforting, illusory cocoon of safety.

The Shadow Government

Fact is the forces behind 9/11 transcend "government" as we know it. To delve too deeply into this subject would surpass the scope of this essay. Let it suffice to say that ever active but unseen, omnipotent but unelected, there exists in the world a formidable core of power that operates silently behind the scenes and across national borders. It is impervious to electoral influence; unaffected by public opinion; accountable only unto itself; and exists for one reason alone: the selfish generation of profit through engineered geopolitical divisions and conflicts.

This shadowy organization represents a power so formidable that even US presidents have lived in fear of it. Former US President Woodrow Wilson, just one of many American presidents who were in utter awe of it, best described the insidious nature of this unseen power:
"Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."
Behind this enormous power lies raw wealth and financial leverage of unimaginable proportions and potency. America's vaunted "Federal Reserve" is no more "federal" than Federal Express; it is actually a consortium of private banks under the aegis of this amorphous group. The nominal head of this shadowy behemoth is the Rothschild Group - the single most powerful "non-governmental" financial force on the planet. Its patriarch (a Frankfurt moneylender named Mayer Amschel Bauer, who later changed his name to Rothschild, or "red shield" in German) went on to become the world's first "International Banker." It was Amschel Rothshchild who ominously asserted, "Give me control of a nation's money, and I care not who makes her laws."

Indeed. With their accumulation of incalculably huge profits from assorted unsavory ventures (including the financing of wars and revolutions), the Rothschilds soon had in their debt none other than the hallowed Bank of England itself. The family soon established branches of the House of Rothschild in Berlin, Vienna, Paris and Naples, with Amschel's five sons managing the various branches. Nathan ran the main branch in England; Amschel Jr., the Berlin branch; Salomon, Vienna; Jacob (James), Paris; and Kalmann (Karl) opened the Rothschild bank in Naples. The headquarters of the House of Rothschild was, and is, in London.

Benjamin Disraeli, Britain's first Jewish Prime Minister, drew a perfect portrait of the Rothschild Empire when he characterized Nathan (in conjunction with his four brothers) thus: "The lord and master of the money markets of the world, and of course virtually lord and master of everything else. He literally held the revenues of southern Italy in pawn, and monarchs and ministers of all countries courted his advice and were guided by his suggestions."

This does not necessarily mean, of course, that the Rothschild Group is the "lord and master" of this nationless shadow government that wields such near-absolute power today, but it clearly identifies it as one of its pivotal players.

9/11 was not orchestrated by "Our Government", but rather, by the sinewy tentacles of this concealed colossus. But this is a fiendishly difficult subject to fully grasp, let alone easily explain to the average person who has been reared virtually since birth on a rigid two-party political diet. Our enticing Republican/Democrat merry-go-round, sustained and spun by a wholly owned and servile media, effectively cloaks this vile creature: a colorblind vulture with wings of two colors that preys on all nations while pledging allegiance to none.

Implicit faith in this deeply ingrained two-party political charade is what makes people reject any suggestion that the "government" could have been behind 9/11, and prompts the common rejoinder, "Well, who did it, then?"

The best answer: We don't know; that's for a new Investigation to determine.

"But the 9/11 Commission Report explained everything!"

No, it explained nothing. In fact, more than sixty percent of the Commission's members now admit they were lied to, and that the official version of 9/11 was based on false testimony and documents, and is almost entirely untrue.11

"But the official NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) report satisfactorily explained everything about the collapse of the towers!"

No, it did not. Not only did NIST's fraudulent 20-million-dollar "report" completely ignore the presence of molten metal in the wreckage of the three towers, it also denied the fact that Building 7 had descended at freefall speed - until challenged by members of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, whereupon NIST was forced to amend its "report" and admit to freefall - although the reason for this miraculous occurrence remains "unexplained". [Obviously, it cannot be explained without taking explosives into account.] Further, a scientist who formerly worked for NIST has reported that it has been "fully hijacked from the scientific into the political realm," with the result that scientists working for NIST "lost their independence, and became little more than hired guns."12

"But what about the London 7/7 bombings? Doesn't that prove these Muslim terrorists are everywhere?"

No. To any person who would take the time to look beyond the propaganda and examine the facts, it becomes clear very quickly that that, too, was a staged false-flag operation employing patsies.13 The "back-pack" bomb that was supposedly inside the train was actually an explosive device pre-positioned underneath the floor of the railway carriage - several passengers and responders reported the explosion caused the floor support rails around the hole to all violently bend upwards. (The omnipresent hand of Allah, no doubt.)

Further, as with the five incredibly 'coincidental' military "drills" simulating hijacked airliners that were underway on 9/11 - at precisely the same time the actual 'hijackings' were underway - that caused all the confusion with Air Traffic Controllers, there were three similar "drills" taking place in London. These drills entailed the mock detonation of explosives at the three exact subway stations involved in the actual bombings, at exactly the times the bombs went off. It's been estimated the odds of this being a coincidence are the same odds as picking two people at random from anywhere on the planet, sending them each out to get three grains of sand, and them each picking the same grains of sand - literally trillions to one against. Needless to add, the London bombers' plastic ID cards, too, survived the explosion and were all found in pristine condition.

Open Challenge to any Architect, Engineer, or Scientist in the World

While there may be many details we do not know about 9/11, this we do know with absolute certainty: What we have been told happened that day is impossible. It makes a mockery of science, reason, logic, and simple common sense. It is an insult to human intelligence. The official story is impossible. Not improbable, impossible.

That said, what is irrefutably provable is this: All three World Trade Center towers were destroyed with explosives.

Any person who doubts this fact only need watch the inarguably convincing two-hour video presentation produced by the 1,500 architects and engineers of AE911Truth. It is available free on YouTube, or on DVDs that may be purchased at the A&E site (see below). 60- and 30-minute versions are also available for convenient 'lunch-break' presentations.

For years I've thrown out an open challenge that has yet to be met: I challenge any scientist, architect, or engineer in the world (indeed, anyone with an IQ of over, say, 70) to watch the A&E presentation - even the 30-min version. Then, attempt to refute its conclusion that the three buildings were destroyed with pre-positioned explosives.

It cannot be done - at least not by any rational, clear-thinking human being.

For those who claim they haven't the time to watch a presentation, I would suggest a 10-second primer that is guaranteed to convince them beyond a doubt. What follows is a link to a ten-second clip that shows the little-known third tower, Building 7, crumbling to earth in a 6.6-second freefall in a classic, textbook example of a controlled demolition: see here.

If this ten-second clip doesn't cause people to snap out of their slumber - or at least get them thinking - nothing will. Move on.

The peaceful dissemination of information, in a way that inspires people to overcome denial and understand the truth, is the raison d'être and singular mission of the 9/11 Truth movement. Mass awareness of the 9/11 cover-up is our only hope if we are to stem this tyrannical tide.

The Truth about 9/11 needs to be aired and acknowledged so that victims can regain their dignity and society can be rebuilt. I feel infused with a desire to contribute, in whatever little way I can, something meaningful that would contribute to this process. I feel that while I still possess a functioning brain I have a duty - nay, a responsibility - to put it to use if only by helping open a few eyes, unclog a few ears, fire a few synapses.

I would surely be shirking in my responsibility as a citizen of this planet if I did any less.
"It is natural for man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth ... For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it."

- Patrick Henry
[Original graphics layout by Zen Gardner]


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Any offense caused Muslim readers through the irreverent use of the word "Allah" is regrettable. The intent was purely to convey sarcasm and illustrate the absurdity of the common characterization of these ongoing illegal occupations of foreign lands as a "war against Muslim terrorism".

For the benefit of non-Muslim readers who may not be aware of this fact, it is necessary (and useful) to know that "Allah" is in fact the Arabic word for God, and NOT the name of some "proprietary" Islamic deity, as our media lead us to believe. It often shocks Westerners to discover that Arab Christians and Jews refer to God as Allah. Allah simply means God - not "Muslim God". Our media know that to reveal this truth would only serve to soften the face of the "enemy" and thereby weaken our war cries. This predatory Military-Industrial monster cannot survive, much less profit, without a symbolic enemy. Yesterday, it was Communism. Today, it is Islam.