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The sun has arrived two days early in Greenland according to KNR Radio. It usually rises on January 13th but for some reason rose on 1/11/11 this year.

Inhabitants from the area appeared worried when witnessing the strange phenomenon. "The sun is not supposed to be here until January 13th, something isn't right" a 74 year old local reported to KBR radio. [1]

Some scientist believe the melting of ice sheets is what caused the phenomenon. "The constellation of the stars has not changed and if it did the data of Earth's axis and rotation would be monitored minute by minute all over the world," said Wolfgang Lenhardt, head of the geophysics department at the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG).

Thomas Posch from the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Vienna suggested the observation was due to a change in the local horizon and was accelerated by melting ice sheets. Lenhardt also stated it could be an atmospheric phenomenon.

One thing is certain, the event continues to baffle scientists who have struggled to come up with an explanation.

In my eyes, we simply don't know enough about this story yet. Until more information is available, I think it's safe to say all explanations should be considered theories.

Let's end this article by laying out a list of theories.

1. Is it melting ice sheets being caused by global waming?
2. Does it have something to do with 2012 and the earths magnetic field?
3. Is it connected to the recent "mass bird death" phenomenom?
4. Was the sun just reflecting off the ice and water?

1. Verfrühter Sonnenaufgang verunsichert Grönländer
2. The sun rises two days early in Greenland
3. RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service