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New dead bird and dead fish reports today with odd twist

Dead birds and dead fish events are happening again today. Dead birds are found along the highway in California and thousands of dead fish are surfacing along Chicago's lakefront.

The birds were found along Highway 101 in California, according to the Huffington Post, the birds were intact with no sign of being shot. In Chicago, thousands of Gizzard Shad, a member of the herring family, are floating in Chicago's harbors.

A strange twist to the dead fish in Chicago is that the Canadian Geese and mallard ducks are feeding off these dead fish, which is not a normal part of these bird's diet.

This brings the dead birds and dead fish events to 17 in the last week from around the globe. The dead bird and dead fish events have other abnormalities reported along with them, such as many of the dead fish that washed ashore in New Zealand were missing their eyes.

The dead birds, collared doves, in Italy were found to have killed themselves by overeating sunflower seeds. The dead doves in Italy had a blue hue to their beaks, coloring that would normally point to lack of oxygen. Birds do not normally kill themselves in numbers by overeating?

Scientists are not sure why the dead birds and dead fish are becoming frequent events. They cannot explain why the Italian birds killed themselves by overeating, they cannot explain the missing eyes of the fish in New Zealand. Today brings another mystery of not only what killed the fish in Chicago, but why are the mallards and geese eating them?

The dead bird and dead fish incidents are not unheard of, in fact the State of Connecticut has a phone number to call if residents of the state spot any dead birds. This is to help the State officials keep track of any bird flu and has nothing to do with the dead bird and dead fish incidents in the last week. If any birds were to fall in the Nutmeg State, the officials would hear about them. This number has been intact for some time.

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