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I find this to be truly diabolical. I'm reminded of someone I know who grew up in the eastern bloc, telling me that if you didn't join the right party-sponsored organizations as a young student, then you'd find yourself having trouble getting into college, getting a decent job, etc. You had to be on the "inside" and "vetted" by the state to really get anywhere in society. In America, this TWIC and SWAC stuff smacks of exactly that sovietization, and, as usual, is already creeping incrementally. And the TSA is involved in it, extending their reach way beyond what we might have expected.

DHS is leaning on NYC unions, via a "directive," to encourage member construction workers to get TWIC (transportation worker identity credential), a biometric ID, that requires you submit to a government background check and give the government your DNA! You know the rest of the story -- either get vetted by the TSA or you don't work (shall be able neither to buy nor sell).

SWAC is a consortium attempting to create a "trusted contractor community." Again, you're either with us or against us. Workers who refuse to submit risk unemployment and being ostracized. NYC is just the vanguard. It will spread across the country, then to other lines of work. It's all without a law, without due process, a total end run. And the unions, who'd normally protest such a thing, are caving because they'll save the expense of having to do background checks and drug tests themselves -- fiendishly clever, this is.
This site has been created in an effort to keep the membership of Ironworkers Local 40 & 361 aware and informed about recent changes within our jurisdiction. The Department of Homeland Security along with The Transportation Security Administration has issued a directive titled: Transportation Worker Identification Credential or "TWIC"., It is a biometric credential that ensures only vetted workers are eligible to enter a secure construction site, unescorted. It is believed that several very large upcoming projects within Local 40 & 361's jurisdiction will be requiring workers on these projects to have TWIC credentials. Before issuing a TWIC, TSA must conduct a security threat assessment on the TWIC applicant. An applicant who, as a result of the assessment, is determined to not pose a security threat, will be issued a TWIC card. The fee for a TWIC card will be $132.50 and the credential is valid for five years....

Secure Worker Access Consortium or "SWAC"

Secure Worker Access Consortium (S.W.A.C.), a large-scale collaborative effort among public and private authorities, facility owners, contractors, and labor organizations who are partnering to prevent terrorist activity by creating a trusted contractor community. Over 500 organizations, including the Port Authority of NY and NJ, which manages and maintains the bridges, tunnels, bus terminals, airports, PATH, and seaports that are essential to the bi-state region's trade and transportation capabilities, have joined this effort.

The Secure Worker Access Consortium is very similar to the Federal TWIC program.

At present it is now used by The New York and New Jersey Port Authority for all of their upcoming projects. The background investigation is similar to the TWIC program. By acquiring the TWIC credential first the process for the SWAC credential is greatly reduced.

The cost for the SWAC credential is approximatly $200.00
Notice that the workers pay for the privilege of submitting to their own oppression.