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George Orwell -
"We may find in the long run that tinned (canned) food is a deadlier weapon than the machine-gun."
Michelle Jurkovich (George Washington University) -
"If starvation is cheap and requires low levels of technology, why not always use it?"
Food and its production has been a principle concern since the beginning of time. Governments monitor the food supply very carefully for the sake of national security. The fluctuation in the price of core goods can make life very hard for everyone. The poorest people in Haiti resorted to eating mud cookies and in Ireland the government is handing out free cheese as their economy crumbles under the burden of debt. Give us our daily bread because a hungry citizenry can bring a nation to ruin.

The Herald -
"The aim of Operation Vegetarian was to wipe out the German beef and dairy herds and then see the bacterium spread to the human population. With people then having no access to antibiotics, this would have caused many thousands - perhaps even millions - of German men, women and children to suffer awful deaths."
The Herald -
"The anthrax cakes were tested on Gruinard Island, off Wester Ross, which was finally cleared of contamination in 1990. Operation VEGETARIAN was planned for the summer of 1944 but, in the event, it was abandoned as the Allies' Normandy invasion progressed successfully."
It is not a secret that many nations and paramilitary groups have used food as a weapon. What could be more formidable? Hitler, Stalin, Herbert Hoover and many others have used this tactic. Researchers and university professors have written on the subject incessantly. They prattle on about the best ways to wipe out populations and the most cost-efficient way. Why waste bullets when you can bring a nation to its knees by starvation and disease?

The Imperial Strategy of Food -
"A basic weapon of the capitalists in their struggle for life as a social class will be the control of food. American - and to a degree British - capitalists will brandish this weapon over Europe, Asia and Africa. The famished and starved revolutionary masses, the capitalists hope, are to be brought to their knees by the weapon of food."
The Imperial Strategy of Food -
"They will also attempt to use food to secure from the governing regime of the USSR ever greater economic and political concessions aiming at the eventual restoration of capitalism in the Soviet Union. The USSR is considered by the imperialists to be in the category of "unfinished business."
Food: A Weapon -
"At Home & Abroad. Both Stalin and Hitler use food to destroy internal opposition, reward accomplishment, punish failure, establish the class distinctions of their "new orders." In Germany the "warrior caste" of the armed forces gets the fattest ration cards, skilled and essential workmen the next. Down at the bottom come prisoners, the insane, the Jews. Ration cards giving the owner right to more food are used to give workmen incentives to seek promotion, to increase their output. Supplies are suddenly cut down (regardless of the amount stored) to scare the population into believing the situation serious, or extra rations are suddenly granted to boost morale in a bad time. Food statistics are guarded like bomber planes. To the Nazis, food is "a beautiful instrument . . . for maneuvering and disciplining the masses."
Most people don't even know who is responsible for their food supply. They don't know the names of the companies who put food on their table. The steak was bought at Walmart and that is all that is needed to know. The supply chains and the global cartels who run them are never mentioned. Companies like Cargill, ConAgra, Tyson, Kraft, DuPont and Monsanto want to rob you of the ability to grow and/or sell you're own food. Legislation like S.510 , the 'food safety' bill have been crafted by former Monsanto employees and lobbyists to ensure that you get your food from their sources and not from any local small farmers, friends and neighbors who may offer cheaper and better products. Resource monopolization is taking place at this very moment in time!

Brave New Food: Biotech Vaccines in Our Corn and Greens -
"Anyone for a hepatitis B banana, some cholera Aalfalfa sprouts? Biotech corporations have expanded on their scientific experiments with our fund by creating edible vaccines and pharmaceutical crops, Over 400 genetically altered "functional foods" are in development by twenty biotech corporations from around the world. These scored generation biotech crops are the biotech industry's hope for public acceptance of biotech foods by offering more consumer benefits, such as edible vaccinations and low cost medicinal drugs."
Brave New Food: Biotech Vaccines in Our Corn and Greens -
"Other food crops are being used to grow pharmaceutical drugs for diseases from diabetes to heart disease. Common genetically engineered pharmaceutical crops include corn, rice, wheat, and barley A French biotech corporation has contracted with a cooperative of 76 Iowa farmers to grow pharmaceutical corn. Several thousand acres will be needed to grow genetically engineered pharmaceutical corn for a drug to treat cystic fibrosis. Dow AgroSciences will also be genetically engineering corn to grow drugs for cancer, cardiovascular diseases its well as infections and autoimmune diseases."
Speaking of food as a weapon, consider the genetic experimentation on our food supply. Recently many biotech start up groups had been putting Cholera vaccines in rice and using Africans as lab rats. Who wants to eat a t-bone steak when the cow is cloned or genetically modified to give you your yearly vaccinations? I won't delve into the details of this as others have done a great job in bringing this information to daylight.

Food supply at risk from speculation, warns experts -
"The world food market is still "seriously exposed" to speculators artificially driving up prices and worsening the risks of malnutrition, according to one of the world's leading agricultural researchers."
Food supply at risk from speculation, warns experts -
"When food supply is at risk, speculators are attracted, especially when trade barriers are put in place," he warned. Exchanges in India and China were closed down to prevent similar speculative attacks."
The United Nations Must Manage A Global Food Reserve -
"Owing to the limitations of the ASEAN, East Asia and SAARC food security reserves, we recommend that a global food reserve be established. Unlike the three existing reserve schemes, which focused on the use of reserves exclusively for emergency responses and humanitarian assistance but failed to include price stabilization as one of its major objectives, the proposed global food reserve would have a two-pronged objective. First, to stabilize food prices, especially rice, in the world market by using the stockpile to defend a price band (i.e. lower and upper limits); and second, to provide immediate assistance to countries encountering calamities. When prices are falling, the low end of the price band would serve as a safety net for farmers in exporting countries. Conversely, the high end would protect consumers in food-deficit or importing countries from the adverse effects of high food prices in the world market."
Agenda 21 -
"Achieving the goals of environmental quality and sustainable development will require efficiency in production and changes in consumption patterns in order to emphasize optimization of resource use and minimization of waste. In many instances, this will require reorientation of existing production and consumption patterns that have developed in industrial societies and are in turn emulated in much of the world."
Maurice Strong, Rio Earth Summit -
"Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class - involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, air-conditioning, and suburban housing - are not sustainable."
Because of speculators and humanitarian needs the UN wants to create a global food reserve, this has a nasty Hegelian rationale to it. It is true that speculators are driving up the price of food and oil. This is merely a tool by the global elite to force us on 'sustainable' consumption patterns. It is hypocritical to tell us to change the way we live for the sake of Mother Gaia and at the same time witness resource wars and monopolies run by the same people.

Paul Ehrlich, The Population Bomb -
"A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people. We must shift our efforts from the treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions."
Don't forget that weaponized genetically engineered food and food without nutrients are both weapons for a silent war. We are all being judged as either useless eaters or useful idiots. Do you want to live as a cog in the wheel or a thorn in their side? I choose to live as I see fit and I will ensure my survival and you should as well.