Black triangle
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In the last few hours reports are coming in via 'Twitter' as well as local Television broadcasts that a Triangular UFO has been observed by hundreds if not thousands of people in Tucson, Arizona this evening. News agencies are being overwhelmed with calls related to the sighting. A video of what's being said on television can be seen below. A similar sighting was reported by no less than 5 Police Officers in Lebanon USA not so long ago and a video pertaining to this can be seen too. Should you have any video footage of the object, photographs of the object or just witnessed it this evening - we'd love to hear from you - please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Update - We're delighted to say that video footage of the craft has been located - it is the third video to be seen below - the craft DOES NOT maneuver in ways traditionally associated with aircraft. It can be clearly seen that it is triangular in nature and surely represents extra-terrestrial technology or a Military design and capability kept secret from the public. But why then would it be in such a built up area? A forum discussion on this event can be found by clicking here

PS - Since publishing this article several reputable sources have come forward to suggest what was being witnessed was the TR-3B aircraft. A highly secret aircraft designed at the Skunk works in the USA. It is reputed to be the first nuclear powered aircraft in the world.

PPS Yet another thoroughly reliable source has forwarded me this information...
Over two years ago, in one of my lectures I revealed this alleged "U.F.O." as being one of the united States Air Force advanced flying machines. It is called the TR-3B. There are at least five of these machines in operation today. It was manufactured in the mid-1980's at 'Skunk' works' in California. It is a dual powered (one source nuclear) advanced flying machine that can obtain a speed of over 5,000 miles per hour in our atmosphere. I have at least 7 pages of information in my files, including many pictures of this triangle flying craft. It is in the shape of a triangle, is 600' long down its sides and over 400' feet across the exhaust baffles in the back. The united States Air Force has been flying this machine (compliments of the U.S. taxpayers) for over 20 years.

For years, the united States military has been into areas of Electra-magnetic Tesla technology that far exceeds the mindset of the average citizen. They have even conquered in their quest, to reduce gravity in the crew department/cockpit of up to 90% less in gravity pull. This enables this massive war machine to make maneuvers at almost direct 90 degree angles without any distress to the crew occupants of the craft. This craft can also hover over any given area for up to two hours without making a sound.

I am sharing this information with you, as for you to be able to understand that this is an earth made flying craft, owned by the United States and last known by my person, to be under the command of the United States Air Force Space Command. Apparently those in power in Washington, D.C. feel it is time for the masses to see this 20 year old advanced flying craft.