What's your take on the Bilderbergers? Cabal of megalomaniacal monsters? Or clique of myopic muppets? Whatever your opinion, based on the subjects they claim to tackle at their annual meetings, they clearly believe themselves to be big-time 'movers and shakers' in this world.

This year,as usual, the Presidents and CEOs of major banks and corporations, esteemed academics and politicians, not to mention the foreign ministers of major Western nations (to name but a few) all coagulated in June in Sitges, Spain.

As I scanned the outline of their agenda however, something very strange jumped out of the page at me, something that forced me rub my eyes and do a 'double take' and then to conclude that either this gathering of the 'great and the good' are seriously misinformed, or one of the major points that has been pushing over the past few years had just received some official corroboration. See if you can spot it:
Bilderberg Meetings

The 58th Bilderberg Meeting will be held in Sitges, Spain 3 - 6 June 2010. The Conference will deal mainly with Financial Reform, Security, Cyber Technology, Energy, Pakistan, Afghanistan, World Food Problem, Global Cooling, Social Networking, Medical Science, EU-US relations. Approximately 130 participants will attend of whom about two-thirds come from Europe and the balance from North America. About one-third is from government and politics, and two-thirds are from finance, industry, labor, education, and communications. The meeting is private in order to encourage frank and open discussion.
Unsurprisingly, Al Gore wasn't there. Oh, and all those extra 'carbon taxes' you've paid for 'retooling' industry to cut down on CO2? Just pick a Bilderberger and send them the bill.

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