Gulf Stream
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If we hoped for a soft winter, a warning from Polish meteorologists gives us creeps. They believe this winter will be the coldest in the last 1000 years.

In the 2010-2011 we can freeze more than ever.

All this because the change of oceanic current Gulfstream, that keeps a climatic equilibrum on Earth. Soon, the hot waters transported by Gulf Stream won't fight the cold air from the Arctic Ocean. The first signs of the phenomena can already be seen in the Scandinavian Peninsula, the specialists say.

Gulf Stream or Gulf's Current works as a 'radiator' for the north part of Europe, and this disappearance or even a slight diminish can have as a consequence a new Ice Age.

Such a catastrophe might be hurried by the explosion of the petrol platform from Gulf of Mexico, just the place were Gulf Stream is formed. Then over 700k tons of petrol were discharged into the Ocean. The situation can change dramatically. A part of the petrol passed from Caribean Sea into the Atlantic Ocean, reducing the speed of Gulfstream, that transports less warm water.