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The first snow of winter fell in Scotland at the weekend - still August - forecasters have revealed.

Temperatures on the highest peaks of the Cairngorms began dropping below freezing on Saturday night into Sunday morning and mountains more than 1100 metres high in the area saw a light powder of snow.

Geoff Monk of Mountain Weather Info Service, which produces forecast for eight different mountain areas of the UK, said that very cold winds had given the Munros a wintry feel.

He added that he would not be surprised to see snow on the top of Ben Nevis this weekend.

Mr Monk said: "There were snow showers across the Cairngorms. They lasted a couple of hours, it was almost ongoing. On some places the snow remained on the ground.

"Most of it was gone after a few hours, but some fresh patches remained there until Monday morning.

"It is something that very occasionally happens in Scotland. Northerly winds from the Arctic cause them. It's very unlikely more snow will fall in the next 10 days.

"It is something that happens about once every two decades. There can be snow in the Cairngorms any time of year, even July can have a snow shower. But it is very unusual.

"People who were up there really had to be wearing their winter clothes. It was very cold."

However, Mr Monk does not advise skiing fans to get their equipment ready yet. He added: "The fresh snow has already gone. There are some patches left from last winter - which is normal - but these are very small."

Mr Monk said he could not say if the August snow showers are an indication of a good winter for Scottish ski resorts.

Heavy falls of snow and prolonged spells of freezing temperatures were a feature of the winter just past as sub-zero temperatures and snow blew into the UK from mid-December.