Sinkhole in Pool
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A Cheektowaga, New York family was surprised to see their pool water completely drained when a sinkhole formed just below them as they were swimming. Watch the interview with the family and see footage of the sinkhole.
As the family swam, the water in their family pool rushed out filling the yard and into a sinkhole right beneath their pool.

The family managed to get out safely, but now misses their pool. The town where the family resides has sent out an engineer, a pool code enforcer and a sewer inspector. The sinkhole is believed to be an abandoned well or septic tank.

Sinkholes have received tons of news coverage in the recent months. Barely a few weeks ago, several Louisiana teens drowned in the Red River when an 18-foot sinkhole formed below them. In Milwaukee, a man was driving when his Escalade was swallowed by a sinkhole. Also, in Guatemala a massive sinkhole collapsed part of the city leaving the world in shock.

What do you think of the scary sinkholes forming throughout the world? Are the numbers of sinkholes increasing or just the media coverage?