© UnknownA Boeing 757 is supposed to have squeezed through that hole then vaporized
It was stated recently on Facebook that investigating 911 is a waste of time, that nothing was 'likely to be proven'. That's obvious! It is the purpose of a cover up to make of 'investigations' a 'waste of time'. On this point, whomever perpetrated 911 won when Bush made of the pursuit of justice a 'waste of time'.

The lesson learned is that if you are sufficiently rich and/or powerful, you can subvert justice, the rule of law, the truth! Our nation is lost if truth is abandoned because the pursuit of it is a 'waste of time'. In such a society, no one is free; everything is based upon a lie and, based upon a lie, is unjust. Such a society is a police state, at best a tyranny of an uninformed 'majority'! The 'establishment' is not appalled by widespread ignorance; it depends upon it and promotes it. Such a society is finished! The U.S. will fall ignominiously as did Rome of its folly, arrogance and incompetence.

Only the guilty are sufficiently motivated to cover up a crime. Just as obvious is the corollary: the innocent have nothing to cover up! If Bush covered up and/or obstructed in any way the investigation of the crime of 911, then he is guilty of acts of obstruction of justice intended to hide the truth in ways that would protect him or his 'friends' or both! 'Obstruction of justice' was one of several serious allegations against Richard Nixon, leading to articles of impeachment, eventually his ignominious resignation.

Bush personally and his administration, under his orders, covered up the crime of 911, warning 'free' Americans that they must not inquire beyond his official statements, that they must not indulge 'outrageous conspiracy theories' even as he rolled out the most outrageous, the most absurd, the most ludicrous conspiracy theory of them all. It is the pernicious legacy of 911 that it was exploited by Bush, the GOP, the U.S. right wing to justify the silencing of dissent, the silencing of America.

Certainly, the crime of 911 should have been investigated while the trail was still warm; a legitimate President would have ordered it, insisted upon it. The trail has grown cold, an outcome desired by an administration that opposed the creation of a 911 commission and put limits on it as a condition of its creation!
The evidence includes the unprecedented nature of what happened that day, the eyewitness testimonies of people present at the site, and the physical evidence demonstrated by photographs and videos.1,2 Evidence for explosives is also given through proof by contradiction in that seven years of ever-changing government reports could not provide a non-explosive story for destruction of the WTC buildings.3,4,5 More recently, peer-reviewed scientific papers show that energetic materials were present at the WTC, as indicated by the environmental data and the dust from Ground Zero.6,7,8

The forensic investigation of explosions typically aims to determine who had the means, opportunity and motive to accomplish the explosive event.9 When that approach is taken with the WTC, we can see that those who had the greatest means and opportunity also had the greatest motive. For example, we've seen that certain tenant companies that occupied the WTC towers not only had the opportunity, but they also had the means in terms of access and expertise, to place explosives in the buildings.10 We also know that the security companies that were responsible for planning and implementing the security plan for the towers, after the 1993 bombing, appeared to have benefited from the attacks.11 Additionally, the companies reviewed were connected to each other through certain powerful people and organizations, and had all done major work for the Saudi Arabian government.

--Kevin Ryan, 'Demolition Access to the WTC Towers: Part Four - Cleanup'
In the days and weeks following 911, Bush ordered the destruction of 911 evidence --on its face, obstruction of justice!
Other than subsection 1512(c), there are three federal statutes which expressly outlaw the destruction of evidence in order to obstruct justice: 18 U.S.C. 1519 prohibits destruction of evidence in connection with federal investigation or bankruptcy proceedings, 18 U.S.C. 1520 prohibits destruction of corporate audit records, and 18 U.S.C. 2232(a) prohibits the destruction of property to prevent the government from searching or seizing it.

None of the three are RICO or money laundering predicate offenses.334 There are no explicit statements of extraterritorial jurisdiction for any of them, but the courts are likely to conclude that overseas violation of their provisions are subject to prosecution in this country. None of them feature an individual conspiracy component, but all of them are subject to general federal law governing conspiracy, principals, accessories after the fact, and misprision.335 Obstruction of Investigations by Destruction of Evidence (18 U.S.C. 1519). Where subsection 1512(c) condemns obstruction of federal proceedings by destruction of evidence, Section 1519 outlaws obstruction of federal investigations or bankruptcy proceedings by such means. Section 1519's language suggests that it reaches only executive branch investigations and does not extend to Congressional investigations or judicial investigations such as those conducted by a federal grand jury. It declares:
Whoever knowingly alters, destroys, mutilates, conceals, covers up, falsifies, or makes a false entry in any record, document, or tangible object with the intent to impede, obstruct, or influence the investigation or proper administration of any matter within the jurisdiction of any department or agency of the United States or any case filed under title 11, or in relation to or

contemplation of any such matter or case, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.
Although its "relation to or contemplation of" clause may admit to more than one construction, the section's elements might be displayed as follows:
I. Whoever II. knowingly III. A. alters, B.destroys, C. Mutilates
-- 'Obstruction of Justice: an Overview of Some of the Federal Statutes that Prohibit Interference with Judicial, Executive, or Legislative Activities'
By the time I saw 'ground zero' for myself, every scrap had been carted off! I peered into a deep and pristine hole! An individual cannot cover up his/her crimes on this scale. But Bushco --his administration of fellow crooks like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld --covered up the crime of 911 in 'full view of the world'. The American 'sheeple' bought it!

The only time in history in which such a heinous crime was perpetrated so openly was the Holocaust about which Hitler boasted "I waged war on the Jew in full view of the world!" The lesson Bush learned from Hitler was this: commit mass murder in broad daylight, order the destruction of all physical evidence, tar the opposition with a label: conspiracy theorist, and, for good measure, accuse them of being un-patriotic! How dare that cretinous murderer impugn my patriotism?! My ancestors had been on this continent for thousands of years before the likes of Bush-scum would would ever see and invade these shores.

I am of the opinion that only those guilty of crimes are sufficiently motivated to cover them up as did Bush with regard to 911. I would have entertained an innocent explanation but for the fact that the destruction itself is a crime and those ordering and complying are criminals by definition, by law!

The Bush conspiracy theory of 911 is literally shot-through with holes, unexplained anomalies and outright lies. Certainly, a definitive list of every falsehood, every distortion, every misstatement is beyond the scope of any article I might put on this blog. What may be done, however, is to categorize them --the three most obvious and fatal holes, the three legs without which the tripod will not stand...
  1. A 757 did NOT crash into the Pentagon!

    The wings and tail are huge surfaces areas --certainly bigger than the tiny hole said by official conspiracy theorists to have been the impact point! The hole would not have accommodated the fuselage, let alone the wings and tail which might have broken off to be found on the lawn. Nor was there any significant damage that might have been attributed to either wings or tail section or both. Neither was there evidence of wings or tail section! There was a 'punch out' hole in the inner ring but could not have been made by a 757!

    Even if the plane had 'shredded' --as some have claimed --'80 tons of plane is still 80 tons of debris'.
    "Wings that should have been sheared off by the impact are entirely absent. There is also substantial evidence of debris from a much smaller jet-powered aircraft inside the building. We conclude with a high degree of certainty that no Boeing 757 struck the building. We also conclude with a substantial degree of certainty that a smaller, single-engined aircraft, roughly the size and shape of an F-16, did, in fact, strike the building."


    Detailed analysis of the debris field, physical damage, and other factors in the alleged impact of a Boeing 757 on the Pentagon building on the morning of September 11, 2001 reveals an almost complete absence of debris expected from such an event. (Elliott 2003) The initial (pre-collapse) hole made by the alleged impact on the ground floor of Wedge One of the building is too small to admit an entire Boeing 757. In order to decide whether or not a Boeing 757 (or aircraft of comparable size) struck the Pentagon on the morning in question, a comprehensive review of all the debris and other physical evidence is hardly necessary. It turns out that a study of the wings alone suffices for the purpose.


    The analysis presented here is based entirely on standard and/or official sources, such as the engineering report issued under the auspices of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), as directed by an army engineering officer as chair. (ASCE 2003)

    --'The Missing Wings, A Comparison of actual and expected wing debris resulting from the impact of a Boeing 757 on the Pentagon building' (revised Dec 19, 2004), A. K. Dewdney, G. W. Longspaugh

    We are lead to believe that not only did the 757 penetrate the outer wall, but continued on to penetrate separate internal walls totaling 9 feet of reinforced concrete. The final breach of concrete was a nearly perfectly cut circular hole (see left) in a reinforced concrete wall, with no subsequent damage to the rest of the wall. (If we are to believe that somehow this aluminum aircraft did in fact reach this sixth final wall.)

    --'A Boeing 757 did not hit the Pentagon', Michael Meyer, Mechanical Engineer
    Johnny Cochran said: "If it does not fit, you must acquit!" Likewise, if there is no wreckage, the Bush cover story falls apart.

    When all other contingencies - official theories and cover stories -fail to hold up under scrutiny, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. The truth is: Bushco lied about the events of 911. They did so deliberately, knowing that all was false. [See also: The Missing Wings]
  2. Airliners could not and did not bring down the towers of the WTC!

    Fires, presumably caused by airliner crashes at the Twin Towers of WTC did not melt the steel core and could not have caused the towers' collapse let alone a symmetrical collapse into the building footprint ala a controlled demolition. The fires simply were not hot enough even to have weakened steel.
    The temperatures generated by a hydrocarbon-fuelled office compartment fire are not capable of melting steel. A stoichiometric combustion of kerosene, generally regarded as dodecane, for example...

    C12H26 + 18.5O2 +69.595N2 ===> 12CO2 + 13H2O + 69.595N2 + 7518 kJ

    ...would have at best the above 7,518 kJ locked into 2.712 kg of combustion products to yield an adiabatic flame temperature (AFT) of some 2,398 K or 2,125 C (it is about 130 K less after including the inevitable endothermic dissociation reactions at these temperatures in order to reach an equilibrium state). At standard temperature and pressure, one mole of an ideal gas occupies 22.4 liters; at 2,398 K the volume would have expanded by a factor of 2398/273, i.e. nearly 9 times, to 196.8 liters/mol. The 7.518 MJ is spread amongst 94.595 moles or 18.62 cubic meters of hot gaseous products. At some 0.146 kg/m^3, these are much lighter than air at STP. In order to melt a mere 1 kg of steel that would take up a volume of only 0.127 liters, at least 1 MJ would be required. If 1/7.518 of the enthalpy (heat) in the products was directed at the kilogram of steel, the temperature rise would be reduced from 2,105 K to a little above 1,825 K which would result in a temperature of a little over 1,845 C and still potentially hot enough to melt some steel. But in real-world conditions, flame and upper layer hot gas temperatures are well below the AFT, typically barely reaching 1,000 C and certainly well below the melting point of steel.

    --WTC Molten Steel: The 911 Smoking Gun
    Following is a video from a TV program that I used to avoid like the plague --The View. Rose O'Donnel redeems it in the following video.

    Also see: Muslims Suspend Laws of Physics!
  3. There is no evidence that there were Arabs on Flight 77

    If there were no Arabs on Flight 77, then the official theory must be completely discarded. At last, some 184 un-identified remains were buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
    A five-sided granite marker bearing the 184 names will be placed over a shared grave at Arlington National Cemetery - the nation's most prestigious burial ground - holding the unidentified remains. [emphasis mine, LH]

    --Arlington National Cemetery
    Of the 184, sixty-four were said to have been passengers of Flight 77, the flight which is said to have crashed into the Pentagon.
    A list of names on a piece of paper is not evidence, but an autopsy by a pathologist, is. I undertook by FOIA request, to obtain that autopsy list and you are invited to view it below. Guess what? Still no Arabs on the list. In my opinion the monsters who planned this crime made a mistake by not including Arabic names on the original list to make the ruse seem more believable.

    When airline disasters occur, airlines will routinely provide a manifest list for anxious families. You may have noticed that even before Sep 11th, airlines are pretty meticulous about getting an accurate headcount before takeoff. It seems very unlikely to me, that five Arabs sneaked onto a flight with weapons. This is the list provided by American [Airlines] of the 56 passengers. On September 27th, the FBI published photos of the "hijackers" of Flight 77.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP), does a miraculous job and identifies nearly all the bodies on November 16th 2001.

    The AFIP suggest these numbers; 189 killed, 125 worked at the Pentagon and 64 were "passengers" on the plane. The AA list only had 56 and the list just obtained has 58. They did not explain how they were able to tell "victims" bodies from "hijacker" bodies. In fact, from the beginning NO explanation has been given for the extra five suggested in news reports except that the FBI showed us the pictures to make up the difference, and that makes it so.

    --Thomas R. Olmsted, M.D, 'Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77'
    The numbers will never add up. Arlington National Cemetary says it interred 184. But AFIP says there were a total of 189 bodies --125 worked at the Pentagon and 64 were "passengers" on flight 77. Arlington claims that the unidentified remains of 184 victims share a grave at Arlington National Cemetery.

    A five-sided granite marker bearing the 184 names will be placed over a shared grave at Arlington National Cemetery - the nation's most prestigious burial ground - holding the unidentified remains.

    --Arlington National Cemetery

    I interpret that to mean that this "shared grave" is the final resting place for unidentified victims from both the Pentagon and Flight 77.

    Five are unaccounted for --presumably the "terrorist" hijackers. But that does not account for the discrepancy for several reasons. Both Arlington and AFIP claim that there were 64 Pentagon workers. AFIP provided a list of 56 passengers of Flight 77. That''s only 120! If you exclude 5 terrorists from the AFIP's total of 189, you are still left with 64 "people" completely unaccounted for. Who the hell are they?
    No Arabs wound up on the morgue slab; however, three ADDITIONAL people not listed by American Airlines sneaked in. I have seen no explanation for these extras. I did give American [Airlines] the opportunity to "revise" their original list, but they have not responded. The new names are: Robert Ploger, Zandra Ploger, and Sandra Teague. The AFIP claims that the only "passenger" body that they were not able to identify is the toddler, Dana Falkenberg, whose parents and young sister are on the list of those identified.

    --Thomas R. Olmsted, M.D, 'Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77'
    These are just a tiny few of the myriad of facts that Bush loyalists cannot explain away or rationalize with the official conspiracy theory. The silver bullet is this: there were no arabs on the flight manifests when "officialdom" maintains that all the said hijackers were Arab.

    Johnny Cochran won a famous murder trial with a single phrase which summed up his defense: "If it does not fit, you must acquit!" I rather think that a guilty party might be indicted just as simply: "No Arabs on flight! You must indict!"
These are fatal discrepancies in Bush's official conspiracy theory of 911. Any one of these glaring faults is enough to collapse the official 'theory', the official bald-faced lie.

Show me the wreckage!

'Wreckage' was carted off under a blue tarpaulin. Hardly 200 tons of airliner wreckage. I doubt that white shirted government goons could have lifted 200 pounds let alone 200 tons! Those believing that some 200 tons of wreckage was recovered must prove their assertion but obviously cannot. If the wreckage of an airliner had been recovered, it is reasonable to expect that with a proper investigation, the aircraft would be re-assembled.

When an airliner blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland in the 1980s, leaving debris over the township and surrounding countryside, every scrap was gathered, the aircraft re-assembled in a hangar. Likewise the Space Shuttle Columbia, which left wreckage over 3 states.

Why was flight 911 an exception? Why was it not re-assembled? Why was the crime of mass murder not investigated? Why was 911, in fact, covered up and justice subverted?

It was widely believed and disseminated via the internet that the fuselage of Flight 77 vaporized in the intense heat! What intense heat? Kerosene (jet fuel) fires are relatively 'cool'! I looked up the temperature at which Aluminum vaporizes. It is 11000 degrees F which NASA says is almost 1000 degrees hotter than the surface of the sun.
The part of the sun that we see has a temperature of about 5500 degrees C (10,000 degrees F). Astronomers measure star temperatures in a metric unit called the Kelvin (abbreviated K). One Kelvin equals exactly 1 Celsius degree (1.8 Fahrenheit degree), but the Kelvin and Celsius scales begin at different points. The Kelvin scale starts at absolute zero, which is -273.15 degrees C (- 459.67 degrees F). Thus, the temperature of the solar surface is about 5800 K. Temperatures in the sun's core reach over 15 million K.

--The Sun, NASA
Other facts are easily verified if one is courageous enough to be honest. Most notably: Aluminum will not penetrate steel at any speed! That fact alone will rule out the many 'animations' and/or cartoons that you will see on YouTube, the most egregious was produced by Perdue University which dishonestly presumed to call 'accurate'. It was so 'accurate' that it entirely omitted a dense, steel core that is clearly depicted in construction photos.

© Unknown
That does not work. Kinetic energy is absorbed by the softer body. Don't take my word for it. Just try hurling a marshmallow wad with a Trebouchet against either a brick wall or metal garage door. Guess which object gets 'smushed-up" into a 'splat'. Not the brick wall; NOT the garage door. Hurl the marshmallow at either at Mach 1, 2, 3 or even higher. It won't make any difference. The additional kinetic energy is absorbed by the softer body. In this 'thought experiment', the softer body is the marshamallow. In the real world, the softer body is the largely hollow, aluminum fuselage that did not and could not have penetrated the outer steel cladding, let alone the dense steel core depicted at right during construction.

A 757 has two engines each containing a Titanium-Steel alloy rotor with a diameter of about 12 feet. Titanium-steel alloy is chosen so that it won't melt inside the engine. But this elementary fact is utterly lost upon those intent upon perverting, distorting or lying about the laws of physics in order to cover up the crimes of mass murder and high treason! Those defending the Bush theory must prove their assertions that these rotors were recovered. Where are they?

In fact, there is no such evidence, no such proof. Had Bush been innocent of 911, he would have made that evidence public! It would have been a priority. It might have legitimized a 'war on terror' which is, in fact, an act of imperial terrorism. Had Bush been a legitimate President he would have made this information available immediately. Had he been 'innocent', above suspicion, he would have made public the evidence; he would have insisted upon it! Instead, he ordered 'evidence' covered up in a blue tarpaulin, hauled off, to be destroyed! An innocent man does not destroy the evidence that would exonerate him! Bush's orders and actions in the wake of 911 are the actions of a culprit, a perpetrator, a mass murderer!

Now --there was wreckage at the Pentagon but not wreckage traceable to a 757 nor was it ever even attempted. The scant wreckage left behind is evidence of a much smaller craft --a missile --striking the Pentagon. Only one engine rotor was found; it was about one third the size of two much larger rotors that would have been found had a 757 done the damage. If an airliner of some 200 tons had crashed and burned at any temp less than that of a nuclear explosion, it will leave behind 200 tons of wreckage. Those are the laws of physics, specifically, the Law of the Conservation of Matter and Energy.

I doubt that the 'white-shirted' office schmucks who carted the wreckage off under a blue tarpaulin were capable of lifting upon their wimpy shoulders some 200 tons. But even more importantly, why was the wreckage not re-assembled. Was the Bush administration afraid of revealing by re-assembly what it was that actually struck the Pentagon? I am sure of it. They dare not re-assemble the meager wreckage as was, in fact, done when an airliner exploded over Lockebie, Scotland in the 1980s. In the case of Lockerbie and, much later, the Space Shuttle Columbia the wreckage, the evidence was gathered.

Only one engine rotor was found among the few scraps at the Pentagon. About one third the diameter of a 757 engine, it was most certainly left behind by the U.S. Global Hawk which uses a Rolls-Royce engine with specs consistent with what can be learned from the only photograph showing any sort of rotor on the Pentagon lawn whatsoever. The bad news for Bush partisans is that the single rotor that was found is but about one-third the size of the rotors such rotors that would have been found had a 757 crashed the pent. But the ONLY rotors that was found is about the right size of the SINGLE rotor that is used in the U.S. Global Hawk, evidence of an inside job.

Conan Doyle by way of his character Sherlock Holmes said:
When you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains however implausible must be the truth!
Today, the truth is reviled. At least since GWB, possibly since Ronald Reagan, the government has been controlled by a nexus of liars and self-interested opportunists and militarists. There is money to be made killing people abroad, 'death and destruction' have become America's biggest exports! The Military-Industrial Complex is the fancy name given to the venal cooperation between Pentagon Brass and the makers of killing machines --automated drones, robots, and de-humanized 'soldiers'. The deals are cut on K-street, that on-going auction in which the 'empire' is sold or more properly pimped! The most powerful lobby is the so-called Jewish Lobby, called thus because the 'foreign' government of Israel is, we are told, prohibited by law to lobby the government of the United States. Subterfuge! The results are what counts. As long as money buys souls the government of the U.S. is 'owned' by the the state of Israel. What was that I read about Israelis 'dancing' on 911?

Adieu, Daniel Schorr, a real journalist, a CBS legend.

Most people listening to NPR the last twenty years have come to know the name Daniel Schorr as the commentator who gave sage advice and observations of an increasingly shrinking world. But if you grew up in the 1950's and 60's, Schorr was the correspondent who had first hand knowledge of the Cold War, was the first to do a live on-air interview with Nikita Khruschev and who ran afoul of Richard Nixon's White House during the Watergate era.

Schorr, like all the correspondents during that great age of reporting at CBS News, was the cool observer who reported and never spun, sought answers and shared a vast amount of knowledge. His was one of the many voices that came to be trusted in times of uncertainty.

And it was during the Cold War that Schorr had some of his greatest moments. In 1962, when tensions between the West and the Soviet Union were at their highest, Daniel Schorr reported on the newly constructed Berlin Wall, taking a crew to East Berlin in search of answers.

The result was the CBS Reports documentary Berlin: Wall of Shame, which aired on January 4, 1962. A vivid picture of just how bad relations had become between East and West.

It is doubtful we'll see or hear his kind again anytime soon. It is a tragedy that no heir apparent is on the horizon to take his place. More tragic that CBS News has become a lifeless shell of its former self. It is probably the time his words of calm and his keen observations are the most needed.

But all we can do at the moment is be reminded and perhaps strive.

RIP - Daniel Schorr.

--Daniel Schorr - 1916-2010