Chicago - Sightings of a bright orange and green light moving slowly across the skies early Monday morning has people in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana talking about a possible meteor.

The National Weather Service confirmed they received calls from residents in Wisconsin early Monday.

Callers to WGN radio describing the light hailed from Mokena, Orland Park, Matteson, Michigan City, Belvidere, Peoria and Wisconsin. The callers said around 4 or 4:10 a.m., they saw the big orange and green light streak across the sky.

Witnesses described it as looking like a Roman candle. One said it was moving west to east.

Some residents in Bolingbrook said the light woke them up.

FOX Chicago contacted NASA to see if they had any information about the event, but they had no conclusive answers at the time. The Geological Society said even if there was a meteor, if it was too small to register on their measures, they wouldn't be able to confirm it.

A recent MSNBC article reported remnants of Halley's Comet could be visible this year, 24 years after it last moved through the solar system. Sightings of the remnant should have peaked last Thursday, but could be seen three to four days before or after that day.

Three weeks ago, a meteor lit up the night skies over several Midwestern states, including Illinois. Pieces of that meteorite have been found in Wisconsin.