Jakarta -- Forensics from the Indonesian police force gathered samples of sand-like specimens that fell from the sky on three houses in Duren Sawit here yesterday, believed to be meteor.

Head of the Indonesian police force's Forensic lab, Commissioner Amri Kamil told Antara news agency that there was reason to believe that the hot specimens had fallen from the sky.

However, police could not immediately say whether it was meteor or not as tests would be conducted on samples collected at the site where the specimens had fallen.

Police would also work closely with the Indonesian Space Observation Board to find out if the mystery substances contained chemicals from outer space.

During the 4pm incident, three houses were damaged while the residents were in a state of shock, fearing an earth quake had occurred.

One the residents, Aci, 30 told online detik.com that he was puzzled after hearing thunder-like noises and things falling on the roof of his house.

"We thought it was an earth quake as the house roof shook and there was a lot of debris and a loud noise," said Aci.