Richmond Metro - Did you hear it - A loud boom, a thud or something sounding like an explosion?

We've received several messages on our CBS 6 Facebook fan page. Reports from people hearing a loud noise between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. We tried to pinpoint the exact location, but the reports were widespread. We got reports from south east Powhatan to Midlothian, Chester, Hanover County and even Nottoway County.

We contacted Virginia Tech's Seismological Society who said it was not an earthquake, but they did record an "acoustic" boom.

CBS 6 also made calls to Dominion Virginia Power to see if a transformer or other power equipment had exploded, but a DOM spokesman said they had very few if any outages at that time or even later in the day.

We are waiting on calls back to find out if it could have been a sonic boom or some type of military training.