Posted: February 23, 2010

Location of Sighting: Central Bristol
Date of Sighting: 140210
Time: 4AM

Witness Statement: My husband woke me in the early hours and called me to the large uncurtained skylight window in our bedroom from which we have an unobstructed view over a fair bit of the city and surrounding countryside. In the thinly clouded night sky were four areas of light, each consisting of points of light forming two concentric rings which moved clockwise then anti-clockwise. However, the points of light were not clear, but misty and refracted as if seen through could. Also, every few seconds, each set of lights moved to the place of the next, in a diamond shape...., we thought they could be some sort of laser display, if rather a strange time to be happening. We could see no beams coming from anywhere on the ground.

They were certainly nothing to do with the normal aircraft that regularly fly over the house. Of course, we tried to get photographs, but as they were rather pale and misty, failed miserable. We watched for some considerable time, eventually giving up and returning to bed. However, we remain extremely curious. I have had other experiences in the past, but never anything like this. I would love to know more, even if ti is only that we weren't the only observers of this oddity.