The latest independent analysis of world climate data by acclaimed skeptic blogger 'Chiefio' (aka E. M. Smith) and his blog contributors confirm that the Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN) has cynically dumped the world's second oldest and reliable climate record at Prague in the Czech Republic for no scientific reason.

Climate skeptics claim the censoring of the Czech's raw data has been perpetrated by climate scientists because the Prague records prove there has been no warming in Europe for over two hundred years.

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Bloggers found that GHCN, based at Arizona State University, also cut out Prague's warm 1940's as it would make recent warming look unexceptional. This process of adjusting raw data by climatologists (almost always upwards) is known as 'homogenization.' Skeptics then found that climatologists had replaced the original Prague dataset from 1949 with a homogenized warmer series from another weather station in Praha/Ruzyne even though Prague had never stopped taking temperature readings.

Skeptic analysts are outraged because, after the Central England Temperature Record, the Czech records are the second oldest continous and reliable temperature record in the world and are known as the Central European Temperature Record. The data set has been kept uninterrupted since 1775 in Praha-Klementinum (Prague).

Interested readers looking to verify for themselves this outrageous deceit can check the records here, then search for "Praha/Ruzyne." The real Praha/Klementinum data may be found for the period 1770 to 2009 here.

From plain reading of the Czech data we see that for the past 200 years the temperature in this part of central Europe has warmed by a statistically insignificant 0.25° Centigrade per century.

The Prague raw temperatures correlate perfectly with those of the world's oldest climate data set, found in the Central England Temperature Record (CET) that has been running continuously for 351 years.

Thus, the two oldest and most reliable raw thermometer records in the world are telling us there is not a shred of real world evidence to show any significant global warming. Rather, it the homogenized or faked data created artificially by climatologists in their laboratories that is consistently being shown as the source of such 'warming.'

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