Flocks of starlings are renowned for forming a variety of shapes in the sky.

But on this occasion they must have been overcome by vanity - and created a giant starling for us ground-dwellers to admire.

The countless creatures created the awesome display by using the winter breeze as the low-setting sun caused the sky to glow red.


Birdwatching: The giant starling formation over the setting sun was spotted in Taunton, Somerset
The amazing spectacle was spotted over Taunton, Somerset.

Elsewhere, starlings created a bizarre image of a rubber duck in the sky as they flew in formation across Britain.

Animal experts have been stunned by the sight, which was spotted above home in Tolladine, Worcestershire.

Couple Thelma and Fred Stamp were amazed when they saw the feathered thousands mass above their house.

They had been racking up hours watching the skies over the past few weeks, hoping to catch a glimpse of them.


Is it bathtime? Thousands of birds create a bizarre image of a rubber duck over Tolladine, Worcestershire
Mrs Stamp: 'We have been watching them for two weeks now and it is so lovely to see.

'It starts with four or five of them at first but then they start coming from all around.

'It's been truly incredible to witness.

'When you watch it on TV you don't see how the birds come from different directions, at least half a dozen places - It is quite a sight.'

Starlings form a tight sphere-like formation in flight, expanding and contracting and changing shapes in what is known as a Moot.

These large flocks forage together, in a practice called roller-feeding where the birds at the back of the flock continually fly to the front to forage for food.


Shell-shocked: Starlings create the shape of a gliding turtle over the skies of Taunton
The organised technique means every bird has a turn to lead and also allows them to keep watch for predators at the same time, Alexis Johnson from the RSPB said such a massive flock of birds was a rare sight to see.

He said: 'Seeing starlings fly in these incredible formations truly is an amazing sight.

'The birds flying together like a school of fish, all their movements in sync.

'Because of their recent decline, it is unfortunately becoming more and more rare to see.'