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Not of this earth, apparently: Teachers
Finding proof of extra-terrestrial life is a no-brainer for children - because they see aliens every day at school.

A third of all children aged five to 16 are convinced that the body of one of their teachers has been taken over by an extra-terrestrial being.

And even if they do not think aliens are by the blackboard, three-quarters of youngsters believe the little green monsters exist somewhere in the universe.

Aliens regularly feature in children's books, films and TV series and so the results do not surprise child psychologist and TV presenter Laverne Antrobus. 'Children have many fantasies and love to escape into a world of make- believe that they can imagine for themselves,' she said.

Comment: Most adults never escape their world of make-believe.

Pupils also believe that if there is an alien invasion it is likely be a friendly one - 72 per cent of the 1,000 polled said they expected the extra-terrestrials to be peaceful.

Comment: Now that is the result of brainwashing through children's books, films and TV series.

However, more than nine in ten of 16-year-old's could not name all eight planets in the solar system.

Comment: Hardly surprising as the adults keep changing the goalposts:

Pluto loses status as a planet

The survey was commissioned by 20th Century Fox to coincide with the release of Aliens In the Attic on DVD.