Posted: January 28, 2010

Location of Sighting: Boothville, Northampton.
Date of Sighting: 28th January 2010
Time: Approx 6.30pm and 9pm'ish

Witness Statement: Had two odd sightings tonight, which because my mind was distracted, I really didn't register too deeply, just came back to mind, so thought i'd share, in case anyone else saw them too.

Talking on the phone to my brother, half aware, I watched without thinking about it, a white pulsating light from my kitchen window, which made it directly East. It sort of 'appeared' and hovered in one place, then, blinked off, then reappeared some miles from where it first appeared in the east, then, seemed to dance from side to side, then, it was gone.

I watched it as I chatted, but was more concentrated on our conversation, and it was only when I put the phone down, walked back into the living room, it reran itself through my mind, and I could have kicked myself, I registered it completely, I have this 'picture' facility inside my head, once in, it sticks.

Then later, I went outside with my dog and as she did her usual toilet, and decied to sniff every blade of grass for interlopers, or foxes (we get a lot) I glanced up to the sky, directly North, and saw what looked like a long, thin lasar beam, it shot straight down (not up) toward the ground, just once, so fast, i only just clocked it, but it was there, and I wondered, down, not up? Weird!

And I wasn't even looking tonight!