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Screenshot of Baidu (China's most popular internet search engine) after it was hacked by ... ahem, "Iranian Cyber Terrorists"
Baidu is suddenly unavailable, with sources all over China confirming this.

It seems that China's most popular search engine, with a market share of over 77% has been hacked by Iranian hackers.

At present, the website is unavailable, but we have found a screenshot from Twitter user .

It seems that the website has had its DNS hacked by the "Iranian cyber Army", the same guys that hacked Twitter a few weeks ago. The process, called DNS cache poisoning, is the corruption of an Internet server's domain name system (DNS) table by replacing an Internet address with that of another, rogue address, in this case what the Iranian Cyber Army want you to see.

Exactly why The Iranian Cyber Army has decided to target is unknown but sources say it might be in relation to Iran's nuclear ambitions, although no one is certain.

Can someone read Persian and translate this?