Rooters News Wire - A shocking development today in the global climate change pandemic occurred when an undisclosed source close to the Greatest Most Awesomest President Barack 'da Pimp' Obama told WSS News correspondent Ignatius O'Reilley that the Obama Administration is frantically trying to conceal the true source of green house gas: Al Gore and his cadre of climate change scientists.

As this official Whitehouse memo chart indicates, Al Gore, and his climate change scientists are the real source of the elevated levels of green house gases.

Leaked chart from the Whitehouse
© Sott.netThis chart adds credibility to this information because no one would create a chart for false information...ever.
The source, close to the President, (which means he's definitely real and we didn't make him up at all), said that Obama is furious at having to deal with Al Gore's gas problem. Apparently, the entire global climate change and global warming topic that has been spewed all over the media was simply a white wash to conceal Al Gore's gas issue. No one has had the heart to tell him, and he refuses to claim responsibility. Whitehouse staff are calling the situation WindGate, and they hope that now that it has been found out, Al Gore's gas problem will soon blow over, after this revelation, not many people in Washington will be willing to get behind Al Gore, and his cadre of climate change scientists.

The whole thing stinks to high heaven.