A motorist travelling towards Lynn was amazed when he saw a flame-spewing UFO shoot across the sky and then disappear before his eyes.

Jimmy Greenwood (45) is convinced the flying object, about the size of a football, was a meteorite, but is appealing to Lynn News readers to help him find out for sure.

Mr Greenwood was driving along the A47, just outside of Wisbech, at around 12:45pm on Saturday when he saw a bright white light travel across the sky with flames coming out behind it.

He said: "I was on my way to see my daughter. It was snowing and I was driving around 35 to 40mph. I saw this really bright light over the fields to my right for about two to three seconds and then it just burned away. It looked like a firework rocket and was moving really quickly.

"The people in the car behind definitely saw it too, they were pointing towards it and you couldn't really miss it. I've never really seen anything like it and I think it was definitely a meteorite."

Mr Greenwood, of Townley Close, Upwell, immediately phoned his daughter and brother to tell them what he saw.

"I've rung lots of people, but they just laughed!" he added.