Meteor in Santiago, Chile
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Meteor in Santiago, Chile?
A long white trail that appeared to be the fall of a meteorite was seen in the morning over the mountains.

However, after several inquiries the meteorite hypothesis was dismissed against the hipothesis of a meteorological effect.

According to sources of the Bureau of Aeronautics, it was an aircraft that was headed for Argentina and that, by the effects of temperature difference and contact of the turbine with the cooler air, generated a bright trail that remained in the sky.

Esteban Hermosilla captured this phenomenon in the morning when droving to work from Lo Barnechea to Huechuraba.

"I was going down the Costanera highway and you could clearly see the marked trail, so I took a picture with my cellphone. I didn't know what it was, I was astonished, I thought it was a plane but it was very strange"said Esteban Hermosilla.

See video here (in Spanish)