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Urumqi, Xinjiang
Are the CIA and its friends trying to break up China?

On 6 June 2009, we learn that about 140 people have been killed and more than 800 injured in violence in the city of Urumqi in China's Xinjiang region. (China's Xinjiang hit by violence)

Relations between the Han Chinese community and the minority Muslim Uyghurs are tense.

The Uyghurs, a Muslim minority from the autonomous region Xinjiang (Western China), are seeking the secession of their region "East Turkestan" from the People's Republic of China.

In 2007, had an article about China.

From this we learn:
  1. German foreign policy makers have held talks with Chinese separatists.

    The Munich based "World Uyghur Congress (WUC)" announced its president, US-based Rebiya Kadeer, was received by the German foreign ministry.

    Berlin has been escalating its anti-Beijing secessionist offensive.

    Germany - and intelligence circles - have been cultivating relations with Uyghur exiled politicians.

    'Current transatlantic activities promoting anti-Chinese separatism and weakening Beijing, are based on decades of German-US cooperation.'
  2. Erkin Alptekin, a Uyghur living in exile, is one of the main players and he has CIA links.

    Erkin Alptekin moved to Munich in 1971, where he became "Senior Policy Advisor" to the director of the US station "Radio Liberty".

    It was at that time that the CIA began to establish contacts to Uyghurs seeking secession.

    "Some, like Erkin Alptekin, who have worked for the CIA's Radio Liberty, are - in the meantime - on the forefront of the secessionist movement" writes analyst B. Raman, the former Indian government's cabinet secretary.
  3. In Munich, Alptekin founded the "East Turkestan Union in Europe" in 1991; and in April 2004 he founded the "World Uyghur Congress" and became its founding president.

    'From German territory, the congress is steering numerous Uyghur exile organizations around the world, of which some must be classified as being in the terrorist milieu, according to Chinese government information.'
  4. The Munich based exile movement seeks to merge the Uyghur secessionist movement with the Tibetan and the Mongolian movements.

    It seeks to break up China.

    In 1985, former CIA advisor Alptekin participated in the foundation of the "Allied Committee of the Peoples of East Turkestan, Tibet and Inner Mongolia".
  5. Rebiya Kadeer is continuing Alptekin's activities - and is also receiving German-US American support.

    Her husband works for Radio Free Asia, the Asian counterpart to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, also said to have close links to the CIA.
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