© UnknownNobel Obama: Prince of Peace
Right after Christmas, my nephew is leaving for another tour in Afghanistan. My Sister's heart and my heart are broken. The chances are good that this time he's coming back in a box with a flag on top of it.

But in many ways, he's dead already. Like many soldiers who've come back from the middle east, he's wired on self-destruct. My Sister has told me that she can't count the times she's taken guns away from him when he was threatening suicide because those times have been so many.

When I was a child, I was highly idealistic. I wanted to swim the English Channel. I wanted to live an exceptional life. I wanted to graduate from the university and perform work that would improve the lives of others. I wanted to be a peace maker and I wanted to earn a Nobel Peace Prize.

Back then, I didn't know about the dirty money connected with the prizes; that they came from money made from munitions or that the principal of the endowment was invested in more implements of war and/or of human oppression like capitalism that rapes the world for cheap natural resources and cheap human labor.

My childhood idealism about the Nobel Peace Prize waned a long time ago. It took awhile, but I learned that it was awarded by elites to politically 'frame the culture' of 'peace' and/or use the awardee as propaganda for the elite. It seemed to me that too many of the real peace makers are never awarded any prizes for their work and that too many heads of states are awarded it instead.

In the book 1984 by George Orwell, 'War is Peace' and 'Peace is War'. Orwell's book paints a psychopathic universe where reality is the opposite of what it really is. In Oceana, the place where the book takes place, Lies Rule: they Become the Truth. The whole place is built upon the lies of the 'party' or the ruling elite.

When I saw that Obama had 'won' the Nobel Peace Prize, I almost fell out of my chair. He's only nine months into his presidency and he has done nothing to stop any of the American wars. Contrarily, he's escalated the war in Afghanistan and spread it to Pakistan. Obama wants to add 40,000 more troops in Afghanistan. Last I heard, the war in Iraq is still continuing. More, the opaque and unwinnable war against 'terrorism' is still going on as well while the definition of a 'terrorist' keeps expanding to include anyone who opposes tyranny, including war.

What about torture? Obama hasn't done anything to stop it. That status quo merry-go-round of violence and the violence of lies goes on and on.

In lieu of the lack of bringing peace, Obama should have won the Nobel Peace Prize for Economics as more people are out of work now than when he was given the mantel of presidency. This is how great the hypocrisy is.

So what does all of this mean? A group of five elites chose Obama to market lies and deception; to sell an Orwellian world where people are programmed to believe that a war monger, a false messiah of peace, is the ideal peace bringer when in a real reality, he is the farthest from it.

And Obama's nomination in the swill world of the Orwell Peace Prize is in good company. Although they didn't get the prize, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Joseph Stalin were nominated. History has proven what kind of 'peace makers' they were and history will prove that Obama is of the same ilk.

People see through this ruse and sham. They know that Obama hasn't kept his campaign promises of stopping war and promoting peace. They know that he's being controlled by the powerful and wealthy military industrial complex who stand to lose enormous profits if Obama pursues peace.

This will be my nephew's third tour of duty. For a year (if he stays alive that long), we will live on pins and needles. Every day, we will hope that bad news doesn't arrive at the front door, brought by a well-dressed soldier messenger. Every day, we will hear about new war casualties and worry if he is one of them. We will live in a limbic hell and wait.

And during this time, Obama will escalate the wars, support Israel's illegal wars, while wearing the official Nobel Crown as the 'New Prince of Peace'.