A Bosbury man who witnessed a strange light in the sky on Saturday night is wondering if anyone else saw the same thing.

Mark Beard saw the orange glow at around 9.45pm to 10pm as he was standing outside his rural home.

He said: "I was at my back door looking east, and to my left, appearing above the tops of houses was a large fireball, a tenth the size of the moon."

He said it was orange and moved through the sky for about two or three minutes in a north-south direction. It then slowly started to fade and then disappear, fading out before it had reached the horizon in the south.

He said he had found news reports on the Internet of similar object being seen in Essex at about the same time on the same night.

"I've seen shooting stars and it didn't have the trail you see with them, but it was very, very bright," he said.