An elderly couple were left bewildered by mysterious orange lights in the night sky above West Wales.

They believe the hovering lights - spotted in the distance over trees from their home in Llandissilo, near Narbeth - could be a UFO.

Ninety-year-old Henry Thomas was going to bed at around 11pm on Saturday, September 12, when he saw the strange phenomenon through a window. He said: "I looked out and saw a light was coming from the sky.

"It was a large thing, all lit up and fairly low."

He said it looked like a "cruise ship" lit up with a line of orange lights. The object appeared to be hovering to the south of their house, in the direction of Narbeth.

Mr Thomas quickly called his wife, Muriel Thomas, aged 84, who had already gone to bed.

She said: "I was half asleep but when I looked, I saw a light. I saw it going away. It looked yellow.

"It was a clear night and there was no one else around."

Mr Thomas added: "We didn't imagine it and we enjoy looking at the stars.

"It was too big to be a helicopter and as it was hovering, I knew it wasn't a plane.

"It was a UFO, no question about it."

The couple now want to see if anyone else saw the strange lights that night.

"I don't go making up stories," Mr Thomas said.

The couple remain baffled by their strange experience.