3,000 babies a year could have condition that puts them at risk from jab, says expert.

Fresh fears for the safety of MMR vaccinations will be raised this week with a claim that more than 3,000 British babies could be at risk of autism and even death each year.

The claim centers on a condition that affects one in 200 people.

In a new edition of his book, The Truth About Vaccines, Dr Richard Halvorsen collects the latest studies that suggest children with the condition have developed autism after jabs.

The London-based doctor, who offers parents single jabs as an alternative to MMR, said: "If we could find susceptible children we could prevent them from being damaged by vaccines. At the moment we don't know how many children are at risk...It seems to me the establishment are just scared to utter any breath that vaccines can be a problem."

The condition, mitochondrial dysfunction, describes the failure of parts of the victim's cells which produce energy. A recent Newcastle University study found at least one in 200 people harbors a mitochondrial mutation.

Those affected may not know they have the condition. However, research has found that vaccines can have a devastating impact on sufferers. Last year, the US Government agreed compensation for 10-year-old Hannah Poling, having conceded out of court that her autism was linked to a series of jabs in July 2000 at 19 months.

Her father, a leading neurologist, later discovered that she had mitochondrial dysfunction.

Hannah's case is part of a 5000-case multi-party action before the US Vaccines Court, a body funded by a 75 cent levy on vaccines in the US.

Hannah's lawyer Jim Moody said: "For the Government to concede the vaccine was to blame should be a call to urgent action on behalf of both our governments to fund research."

In another case, British toddler Harriet Moore suffered fits, became clingy and eventually died in the arms of parents Sarah and Pat Moore six weeks after receiving an MMR jab in 1998. They discovered she had mitochondrial dysfunction.

Mrs Moore, of Peasedown St John, near Bath, said: "Either children should be tested for this or the Government should bring back the option they once had of single vaccines." In a third case, Jodie Marchant from Southamptom was given the MMR jab with the diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough vaccines at 14 months. She became ill, stopped eating and lost all speech.

Jodie, now 17, has severe learning difficulties and life-threatening convulsions. This year it was found she has mitochondrial dysfunction.

Joshua Edwards, 16, from Gosport, Hants, developed autism and bowel disease after the MMR jab. Earlier this year he too was found to have the mitochondrial disorder.

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization, the government body that decides vaccine policy has said it "considered it highly unlikely that vaccination was the cause of autism," for any children.


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