Colorado ufo
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Witness illustration.
A Colorado couple had an odd encounter with a disc-shaped UFO as they witnessed the same object from different vehicles and one of them had a memory lapse until reminded of the event by their spouse 30 minutes later, according to a witness report from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

The two were driving west along Dillon Road in Bloomfield at 5:20 a.m. on August 31 in different vehicles when they noticed a brightly lit object close to the ground.

The silent object positioned itself approximately 100 feet directly over the roadway. They estimate "the diameter of this round object 100-150 feet across as it was wider than the road.

The husband claims he lost interest in the sighting and continued to drive to work, and only recalled the event after his wife telephoned 30 minutes later from her workplace and reminded him of what they saw.

Following are the unedited witness accounts from MUFON.

Colorado, August 31, 2009 - UFO Flew along road directly over our cars about 100-125 feet high. MUFON Case # 19005.

At approximately 5:20am on Monday August 31, 2009 while driving west on Dillon Road through Broomfield Colorado my wife and I noticed a large brightly lit object low to the ground. I was in my car headed to work and she was right behind in her car. For about 5 miles we take the same way to work and she turns off while I keep going another 14 miles to my job.

When I first saw this object it had just made a slow sweeping right turn to position itself directly over the road heading our direction. It was so bright I immediately knew it was no aircraft I have ever witnessed.

As I looked I realized there were no wings on this flying object. It appeared to me to be just a large roundish mass but I could not make out any particular details with the bright light. I noticed some red lights and blue lights but was not certain of the position of the lights on the craft.

At 5:20am this time of year it was still quite dark outside and this round object was very brightly lit with an intense white light. The white light was so intense it drowned out the smaller lights on the sides and top of the craft.

I slowed down to take a look and rolled my window down. By this time it was about 2 or 3 blocks ahead of me coming directly towards us.

This craft made no sound at all and I was expecting to hear an engine. I would estimate the diameter of this round object 100-150 feet across as it was wider than the road and it could not have been more than 100 feet above the road.

All of a sudden I lost interest, rolled up window and got back to the speed limit on the road. I had no thoughts of UFOs or objects coming down the road at a low altitude. I looked in my mirror and saw my wife had slowed way down and I had gotten ahead of her several blocks.

I wondered why she was so far behind so I slowed down to let her catch up. I continued to work and did not know about any UFO or having seen one.

My wife had waited and watched with her head out the window as this craft slowly moved over her car going the opposite direction at a low altitude and slow speed.

She describes it as perfectly round with a domed top and several different lights on different parts of the craft. I had her draw a picture of this craft and the locations of the lights and she clearly remembers one red light on each the widest points of the craft and a blue light along the domed top on each side.

After the craft passed over her she increased her speed to catch up to me. We did not see each other but she called me at work about 30 minutes later to tell me about the round UFO that passed over her car while she watched it outside the window.

I told her it was a plane; we did not see a UFO. She repeated the size and shape and all of a sudden I remembered seeing it and I knew it was not an ordinary aircraft.

Aircraft can't fly that slowly. Aircraft can't fly in silence as engines make noise when under power.

Aircraft have wings, this object had no wings. Aircraft don't usually fly down a road in the city low like this. Too many things don't add up for this to be any normal aircraft. And if our government has round domed top aircraft it's new to me. Not to mention completely being completely silent and able to defy gravity.

Aircraft have stall speeds, (except helicopters) the speed at which the object will fall like a rock. I'm glad it did not fall like a rock with us under it. It certainly defied gravity whatever it was.

The strangest part of this to me is after seeing this object and knowing full well it was no aircraft that flies at such a slow speed and this close to the ground and with no noise at all that I just forgot about it.

I can't figure out why as soon as I was about 2 blocks from it and we were closing speed that my memory lapsed and I forgot about it until my wife called me at work and reminded me.

At first I was very excited as I had not seen a UFO this close to the ground since about 1963 in Washington DC. But as I got closer to it my memory just disappeared and I completely forgot about it until 30 minutes later. Had my wife not called and reminded me I may not have recalled it at all.

Another strange part of this is I take my camera with me all the time and it was laying on the seat next to me and the thought to take it out and get a photograph never entered my mind.