People in the southern Peruvian city of Tacna jammed radio broadcasts and emergency phone lines when a pair of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) appeared over the skies of this border city in South America.

The two shiny objects were videotaped flying over the city which is located near the country's southern border with Chile.

One witness called the popular Radioprogramas del Perú (RPP) radio station and said that the UFOs were following an erratic trajectory, describing how the objects in the sky were moving from one side to the other.

People went into the streets and onto balconies to see the phenomena that occurred this Friday, lasting for about an hour over the slied of this city of more than 200,000 people.

An employee at the local airport, Carlos Ciriani, indicated that there were no scheduled flights programmed for that hour of the morning.

The Peruvian Air Force also reported that they didn't have any confirmation of unauthorized flights over the Tacna's skies.

The local weather services said they did not send out any meteorologic globes that morning, devices which are used to measure atmospheric activity.

Some local astronomers explained that the shiny objects could be the planet Jupiter and one of its moons as during this time of the year the planet and its moons are closest to the Sun and Earth.

But for Roosevelt Guillén, a self - proclaimed expert in UFO's this type of phenomena is not the first that is observed on the border between Peru and Chile. He said that normally "you can observe flying oval objects at night that emit an intense orange light".