Stargazer Jason Goldthorpe could not believe his eyes when he saw a cluster of "UFOs" flying in formation "higher than a plane". Astonished Jason, 37, caught the phenomenon on camera above his house.

He said: "The objects were shining gold in the sky, too high to be balloons, and looking just like I would imagine UFOs to look. It was around teatime, the sky was clear, and they lingered in the sky for an hour or so, like they were watching us."

Delivery driver Jason, of St Helens, Lancs, said he has spotted the strange objects many times before, but this time decided to film what happened.

The dad-of-two added: "I've seen these objects in the sky for the past four years. They always appear at teatime and just on one day, either at the beginning or end of the month. Friends have also seen them and I thought it was time the world knew that something is out there."

Jason, who has posted his footage on YouTube, added: "It's as though these objects are watching and studying us. It's all quite eerie really."